Compile General Contract

In order to construction work at each stage were performed according to the technology and with the right quality and the customer is not any question in the operation of the building, when you make mistakes of design documentation unacceptable. See American Diabetes Association for more details and insights. Sometimes in the process of building some of the specific activities may be delegated to a subcontractor company. In this case, the contractor you are working with the owner, is the general contractor. The subcontractor is usually drawn to the works that require any special permission. For example, the survey work is often carried out during the construction of buildings, and not every contractor is properly licensed for this activity.

The consent of the owner to the subcontractor for a particular activity, according to current legislation is not required. Full legal responsibility for the progress of construction always has always general contractor, regardless of whether this is reflected in the written contract or not. It does not matter in what part of the work he had worked, and on what – and its subcontractors. Professor of Internet Governance may find this interesting as well. Often there is a situation when any building construction works of SMR may be assigned to the contractor. And the entire fate of co-operation with the new owner of the contractor to carry out any work – in the hands of the general contractor: without it consent to conclude a new treaty will not succeed.

Plus, the general contractor is not responsible for that part of construction work performed by another contractor. Turnaround time – an important factor when entering into the contract agreement. Often, additional terms are specified in the schedule of works – the annex to the main text of the treaty. Of course, the most important component of the agreement on general contract for construction – the cost of work performed. The price of construction works is formed either as a final, specific amount, or calculated by the method of calculation. Initial indications are tariffs imposed by government agencies. Price for services general contractor for the construction of the sum of the remuneration and compensation of contractor costs, which he would incur in the performance of the contract. Also prepared cost estimates, called necessary justification for the cost of work-it lists the dates and types of work, materials used, etc. General Contract for construction without the cost estimate is impossible. Its compilation – part of the preparatory work. Estimates are divided into 'hard' and rough. The latter type of estimates made in the event that, for objective reasons at the time of signing the contract agreement pinpoint all of the required materials and labor are not possible.

Wiring An Apartment

Wiring in an apartment or house must be in accordance with the PES (Regulation of Electric), subject to the rules of electric safety. All expressed in this article, the recommendations correspond to the PES and are designed for covert and overt (external) wiring. First consider the case of hidden wiring, immured in the masonry (concrete) wall. For even more analysis, hear from Spm Llc. To begin with planning and approximate wiring diagrams, arrangement of furniture, fixtures, appliances, switches and sockets. Thus it is necessary to remember two things: – sockets in the house is never enough, they are never superfluous – the existence of a different house electrical extension cords, tees (except computer “pilots”) causes a lot of inconvenience and increases the risk of short-circuit wiring. The switches have room inside or outside at a distance of 15-20 cm from the door jamb of the door handle, or the height of the 90 cm from the floor, or 150 cm, who both prefer. By the height of outlets should be approached individually, a common height of 30 cm from the floor in the kitchen 10 cm above the tabletop. Wiring plan to carry out parallel to the ceiling at a distance of 15-20 cm away, downhill to the outlets and switches vertically, in places such outlets are planning to junction boxes.

All this is brought to a simple drawing wiring, indicating the distances from the wires to the floor, ceiling, angle, etc. This drawing will serve you in the future an invaluable service when you have to drill the walls or hammer nails into them. On the walls also be marked by which are routed to Stroebe and wiring holes are punched for the boxes, Escutcheon. Having a plan, electrical layout of the apartment, we expect their performance and determine the number of lines wiring.