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Spontaneity and not torment themselves with laborious hotel reservations, book flights or study of last minute offers. Enjoy the most beautiful days in the year without trouble, through hotel beds or noisy room neighbors. “Wasting your precious time not with long queues at the airport gate or the laborious check in” at the hotel reception. Retrieve their freedom with a mobile home or a caravan and stay where you like it the best. No matter whether a romantic vacation for two or an adventure with the whole family, we have for everyone the right model “, promises David Niese, Managing Director of the specialist motorhome Saxony. Our range from the agile motorhome for a small purse on the exquisite luxury suite on wheels, to the space with plenty of space and storage space”, says the expert when it comes to mobile homes Dresden. Our customers have the opportunity themselves to make their vacation paradise on wheels.

This We take into account their preferences and adapt the equipment to their habits. We are your custom motorhome from Saxony as Advisor on your side create”insured Niese continued. Home to rediscover who says that holidays must be always long planned and especially far away. Can explore the area the motto true to here today, gone tomorrow and get to know new home. With a caravan, spontaneous Getaways or a weekend away are no longer a problem. So, take advantage of the public holidays in May and enjoy the newfound independence by caravan of Sachsen. Visit but also our distributor page under: home.mobile.de/NIESECARAVANKG#ses Company Description: Caravan Niese is as Familiengefuhrter trade operation since 1974. With a focus on vehicle sales and vehicle rentals has Niese caravan made a name as a specialist for motor homes in Dresden and caravan specialist in Saxony, Germany. In addition to the online shop, the company offers a maintenance service in all aspects of the caravan or camper Niese.