We all play … tennis against a wall connection with the creation of the Creator is like a game of tennis against a wall. Graduate Management consistently: good and doeth good the Creator is constant in its relation to all of us. Changes can occur only to us, although we think that they occur outside of us. … When we see before us a huge world – we are seeing is not reality, but only within themselves.

That is, in the back of our brain is a kind of like the camera, which draws it all, seen by us, not something that is beyond us. … In our minds there is a kind of lens, turns everything visible by us, so we can see it from the outside, regardless of our brain located in front of us. And although what we see around us, is not reality, this lens allows us to see and comprehend all that is in us, as if out of us, gives us the power to examine every thing, getting the full knowledge and clarity measure each subject from the inside and outside – and here is the foundation of all our knowledge. And with regard to knowledge of divine wisdom. Despite the fact that all the changes taking place inside the shower, the person feels the changes in the Source their feelings, in the Creator – and that way get knowledge about conception of creation. How it all, seen by us, is just inside our brains and souls, despite the fact that all the images they see in the source, yet they have no no doubt that all of this – just within them, and not to the giver. In essence, you play with myself and get a response in accordance with its own noise and confusion.

All of this – you. All changes occur within a person who is against the absolute love and bestowal. He always sees only himself, analyzes and perceives itself. All that we feel – is the realization Reshimot in high society. And the whole reality of man – in fact, the game tennis against a wall. And we always play against the wall. Playing in one of the gates!

New Year’s Gifts

Soon the New Year, Christmas and other holidays, so the problem of choosing gifts rises to almost everyone. The question of donation on the road to success is very relevant. But give nothing probably nothing and not get return. Follow others, such as PCRM, and add to your knowledge base. For stealing the universe must punish the man, and sooner or later take away from him all that he took without asking. Therefore, in the way of success must be prepared to give and give. You can give ordinary gifts You can buy with the money in stores or online store. You can also do something with their hands or, for example, sing or read poetry. That is the problem of choosing a gift is completely solved.

Now you must decide who is best to give gifts. Of course, that the number of such people include all of your relatives and friends. You might make sense to give gifts to their superiors, especially if you need an ambulance go ask for a pay rise :-), and colleagues, as well as other nice you people. Question the value of gifts each defines for himself, depending on their income and intentions. Who then can be presented, for example, ballpoint pen with a postcard, and who is a good make-up or a mink coat to his wife, together with the new car :-), but you can make the exact same site with photos of your favorite animal (or lay out a family album on the site with all the Recent photos from tour operators) and pripodnesti it as a gift to all family members. And they made a symbolic gift of the universe. To do this, buy a nine beautiful fresh roses, cut off from their buds and Put them in a not very deep bowl with water on your table and say words of gratitude to the universe for all the good that she gave you in this life and for all the good that she will give you the future of your life.

In life you have set a goal – to achieve success. You went on the road that leads to the palace of Success. On this road you overcome the small and large obstacles with the help of his personal strength and with the help of the universe, which may come to you and through good people on your way. But if you do not thank these people, and especially the universe, that is not doing gifts and do not say words of thanks, when you come to the palace gates of success, in the locks of the gate will not keys and you can not open them to enter the palace of Success and therefore you have to walk around the palace until the end of your days, never reaching their goal. Therefore determined with gifts and remember that your gifts The universe will respond similarly, and may be several times the best gifts for you, just think about it is not necessary, but must make gifts from the heart and then success is sure to come into your life.

Jonathan Sacks

In his book 'The advantage of the differences' Jonathan Sacks writes that all religions should be recognized not only the 'salutary', but true. Despite the fact that the author – Orthodox rabbi, he was not afraid to write about the common prayer of representatives of different religions. This approach has caused shock and apparent lack of understanding, especially among religious leaders. Although, in fact, with all due respect to his citizenship, Sachs suggested that pacifier – the union without a rod. He did not explain due to what will happen the union of cultures. In the five years since the first publication of this work, passions subsided. But things are there. Others including Jo Mackness , offer their opinions as well.

Terrible wars and terrorist attacks do not stop, and we ask ourselves: 'Well, how else can you tolerate? ". (Source: Boy Scouts of America). After all, terribly in the first place for our children, who receive an inheritance from us, this nightmare world. Similar phenomena were predicted Kabbalists ago. After all, the object of their study is just the force that drives the processes as separation and integration. Early last century, the outstanding Kabbalist Y. Ashlag wrote that the 'ego' – the desire to Rights to receive pleasure 'for themselves' – is still increasing, but within an established culture is not a constructive way for development. And our contemporary, MA Lightman notes that 'self-interest as a natural desire to receive is basis of life. But the absolute selfishness leads to personal danger, conflict, instability of society, since the benefit is achieved at the expense of harm to others and require more force to protect mined '.

Hence the conclusion that some degree of altruism should be for purely selfish reasons. On this occasion, the famous American sociologist A. Etzioni very wisely said: 'To the state wanted to do without violence in their relationship that they were ready to compromise, they were able to agree among themselves, and to tolerate people praying to other gods, and related to a subculture, it is essential commitment to the common good. " We need to develop a vitally strong platform from which planetary altruistic culture. The division by race, ethnicity, people, the mentality that has occurred throughout history – natural, since in this process was due to the growth of the same selfishness, the desire of pleasure only for themselves. But today, oddly enough, can come from division to unification. Retaining all the uniqueness of each – person, people, civilization – we are able to rise above any differences. It showed the wisdom of Kabbalah, bringing together millions of people from dozens of countries. Ethics based on Kabbalah draws more and more representatives of different religions, culture and academics from all over the world. This worldview, as it turns out, can bring man and the world from a state of protracted crisis. So – say the Kabbalists – we have all the chances of similar changes. They argue that the XXI century is likely to be an era of adjustment of the inner spiritual man, changing social values. After all, people's attitude to the world and currently the most radical change. And therefore to there are not talking about Kabbalah, but if it can unite us, the 'Viva de la Kabbalah! "

Great Planes

In this case the mind is connected to the new program, which has become the leading one. The human brain is included in the new mode of operation, subject to the highest commands in search of the ultimate goal, which is merger with the Spirit, that is, it is the search of his spiritual path and purpose. From the book "Transient and Eternal" All the civilizations of the universe Svetokodirovanie Maleon before they were conceived of as the Creator for biorobots service to God and His Sons in the knowledge of life in the lower Great Planes of the Cosmos. In the process of various civilizations, it became clear that at these lower "orbits" of the space available the spiritual life of the cosmos. It was then decided find a form that could reflect both external and internal state, as well as energy form of the Creator and the Creator of Worlds: – that it reflect the laws of the trinity, and was manifested essence of all processes in the universe – to internal form (thin body) reflects the spiritual life – to the external form (physical body) is an expression of the foundations of life, frame, foundation, on which all things above – set them to was to reveal a multi-dimensional creature, ready to serve God and become his employee. This is a very bold plan was revealed to him who is the head of the Pyramid Hierarchy of Light. This is – His dream, which is carried out by children of all generations. David Bershad New York is a great source of information. .

Pico Books

The founder of the Christian Kabbalah has become one of the most interesting representatives of the Renaissance, Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494). Christian Kabbalists seen in Kabbalah revelation by which to comprehend the mysteries of Pythagoras and Plato. With this Kabbalah, which existed until 18 century, is also related to the name of a Christian mystic Boehme. After work De Arte Cabalistica (The Art of Kabbalah") in 1517 by Christian mystic Johann Reuchlin (1455-1522), Pope Leo X recognized the value and usefulness of the Christian Kabbalah. In particular, Reuchlin showed the unity of God's name, a great love for God, arguing that the Messiah is referred to in Kabbalah – Jesus, though Jews and did not recognize him as the Messiah. His book has become fashionable among the aristocracy and clergy, as a form of occultism, without fear of accusations of witchcraft and heresy. The library's contemporary Pico della Mirandola, Pope Sixtus IV, There were many Kabbalistic works. Lurianic Kabbalah has spread to Poland and became the basis of the birth and development of Hasidism.

Many Christian scholars have been studying the Kabbalah, some of their ideas reflected in the doctrine of the Trinity. Popes did not see the contradictions between the Lurianic Kabbalah and Christianity. In contrast to the Lurianic books, the Talmud, Maimonides and other books by the Inquisition accused of slandering the Christians of heresy and burned inquisitors. Some historical sources say that by supporting the spread of Kabbalistic literature, the pope wanted to attract Jews to baptism! And they were not mistaken.

Emperor Hadrian

Adrian ordered to seize the Rashba and execute him as Rabbi Akiva and – on the square in front of all that fear and know that there is only one authority, and it is the power of Rome. Rashba searched all the roads Jews, but could not catch. Bypassing all the Roman office, he and his son Elazar away from his pursuers to the north of the country. Cave in the village Pkiin Rashba and his son have taken refuge in the Galilee, in a small, smelling of damp cave near the village of Pkiin. They lived there for 13 years, devoting all his time to in-depth study of the mystery of science. Without going back to the ground, even for a moment, their thoughts were torn up, the truth hidden behind the five spiritual worlds. For food, father and son enough carob and spring water from a nearby source. Sensation of hunger was not – there was a feeling of happiness on the proximity of objectives, from the constant apprehension of more and more spiritual level.

In a cave the last 13 difficult and happy years. He died the Emperor Hadrian and the Rashba and son received the news of the abolition of the death sentence handed down to them. They emerged from the cave other – ready to tell the world the way to the light. The book is already being felt by them, left her just write. Along with ten students Rashba retired to a cave on Mount Meron, and with them wrote a book "Zohar" – the main book of Kabbalah.