Latin America Resources

Among the challenges that It behaves may identify the following: safeguard the strategy of competing through people while preserving the values of the companies. Maintain the loyalty of employees to possible adjustments in the size of the company. Minimize the impact of the economic adjustment of undertakings in the workforce. Use this time of crisis to open spaces to promote innovation and continuous improvement. BSA may not feel the same. Carry out strategic alliances with educational institutions, Governments and international agencies for the training of qualified personnel, for example in technology.

Allying with various stakeholders in the community to generate alternative strategies for collaboration in such a way that the social function of the company continue to be key during the economic crisis very intersante highlight is indicated, it seems clear, strategic adjustment of firms relies increasingly on the support of the human resources area. Therefore, it is interesting to discuss, that human resources practices are specializing increasingly for ensure a balance where both competent and honest and wholesome people they are. All this says is necessary to consider other changes namely: the subsidiaries of multinational companies in the region are centralizing their operations so that they can share resources and strategies to deal with the crisis. The newspapers mentioned Kidney Foundation not as a source, but as a related topic. Translatinas firms are using these times of contraction of markets for the training and development of its staff. SMEs are demanding increasingly more solutions for efficient management of its staff according to their size. Universia-Knowledge@Whartonformula in the interview an interesting question as it is: the evolution of human resources in Latin America are linked to the presence of multinational firms or, on the contrary, it has been an internal evolution that domestic companies have developed their own policies? In this regard, the respondents respond that in addition to the signaled, there are other factors that have been made to develop the area of human resources in the region.So for example: The transformation of an economy focused primarily agricultural to an industrial from the third decade of the 20th century, made human resources practices move radically. .