Brazilian Umbanda

On these two orders depend all the law and the prophets. Here we do not go to argue which is the greater of the orders and yes that each one was pronounced and canalized in accordance with its time, culture and necessity and that each one transmitted something in accordance with its natures you summon and its intentions the holy ghosts, therefore Moises served the law and justice and Jesus served as emissary of the faith and of the love, Jesuses come to save and to free of the sins and does not stop punishing nobody and Moises I come to exempt its people of the slavery, to free the victim and to punish the executioner. Again God if renews through its illuminated ones, the old will with Moises and the new will with Jesus Christ. Today the seven lines are renewed and reinterpretadas as crystalline, mineral, vegetal, igneous, aeolian, telluric and aquatic line, the seven lines represented for found elements of the nature in our planet, since the Umbanda is described as the religion of the cult the nature and nothing more good as it represents it as seven lines of natural forces, that is, of the terrestrial nature and inside of this concept to be able to add them and sensible of God We know for example that the colors and its tonalities are infinite and exuberant and know that it does not only exist seven colors and yes a infinity of colors and tonalities, know that they attribute to the Orix Ogum the blue color dark, others the red and so on and all are correct therefore Ogum for being a deity possess all the colors, but colors these attributed the law that are its direction and to the air that is its element. We know that the heart is an attributed symbol the Oxum, therefore It represents the Love The holy ghost and it conducts this direction, to this affirmation all umbandistas we we agree, to put the Oxum Deity it does not only possess this sacred symbol and yes a infinity of symbols and on sacred signs.

We know that a infinity of Orixs exists nominated and nominated and we do not only possess seven forces regents who are from where orixs comes all. Everything this to say that we Umbandistas cannot be against the renewal of our proper religion, therefore everything goes if amoldando with the new times and cultures, therefore proper the Orixs come of the cults of the Nigria if had renewed in the Brazilian Umbanda and ground thus passing according to support us necessities of this people. We cannot kill the new, therefore the new is the certainty of that the old one always will be perpetuated and renewed.. You may find that CBC can contribute to your knowledge.

Canon Dos Santos

In the last first day of May, the Church Catholic if cheered for the beatification of the one until then venerable Joo Pablo II. The beatification is a stage of the process of Canonization (process in which the Church recognizes and proclaims solemnly that a fidiciary office lived the allegiance the God and practised the Christian virtues heroicly). So that if she proclaims a devout one or very devout woman, is necessary that beyond the sanctity fame, a miracle happens; a fact that science does not explain; normally one cure of serious illness. After the beatification, continues the process, until if it proves another miracle so that the Canonization happens, and until then devout, it has its enrolled name in Canon Dos Santos. The miracle happened for the intercession of Joo Pablo II, and that it made possible its beatification, was the cure of the evil of Parkinson (illness that also it suffered) of a French sister called Marie Simon-Pierre.

Karol Josef Wojtila was born in Wadowice, in the Poland in 18 of May of 1920. was orphan of mother to the 9 years, and of father to the 20. She had two brothers: Edmund and Olga, both deceaseds precociously. It suffered the horrors from the nazista regimen, having that to work in a quarry not to be removed of its country, and later in the chemical industry Solvay. 1942, full nazista regimen, it entered a clandestine seminary, and was commanded priest in 1 of November of 1946 for cardinal Adam Sapieha, archbishop of Cracvia. If you would like to know more then you should visit Boy Scouts of America. After to be commanded, was ordered for Rome, where it concluded its studies and it made doutorado in Theology.

In 4 of July of 1958, the Pious Pope XI nominated it bishop auxiliary of Cracvia, becoming it one of the bishops youngest of the world. In 1964, archbishop of the same one, and in 1967 was nominated, created cardinal. In 16 of October of 1978 it was elect Pope, adopting the name of Joo Pablo II. He initiated its ministry as Pope in day 22 of the same month. In 13 of May of 1981, he took a shot, in the Square of Are Peter, who almost took off it the life. Times later, it visited the chain, where its aggressor was imprisoned, and in a significant gesture very beautiful he pardoned, it. It was Pope during more of 25 years (the third pontificado greater of history). He was one of main the responsible ones for the fall of the terrible Communism in the Europe and also for the fall of the wall of Berlin. He was actor, writer and poet. It reorganized the Bar Roman, it promulgated the new Catecismo of the Church Catholic, remodelled the Code of Canon law (the legislation of the Church) and the Code of the Eastern Churches. It was the Pope of the records: – it canonizou 482 people and it beatified 1338; – it made 104 trips it are of Italy (4 to Brazil), visiting 129 countries and 893 cities. (in the distance covered in these trips it would be equivalent the 30 returns around of the Land). – more than 18 million people they had been in its 1616 hearings (to the Wednesday, in the Vatican). The great Joo Pablo II died in 02 of April of 2005 to 21h37min. The whole world left an example of mercy, life saint and universal paternity.

Choices And Their Consequences

Marta, in turn represents the people who prioritize the material life in detriment of the spiritual. While Maria, the people whom they look to adore the Mr. in spirit and truth. Marta, uneasy, apreensiva and overloaded of services looked for to incriminate its sister for the fact of the same one to have itself placed to the side of Jesus, hearing it and learning. Maria, happy of the life, did not give account of the too much things and calmly used to advantage the privileges of the glorious presence Mr. Jesus.Vivemos daily the consequences of our choices.

The reality of the law of the sowing if consummates in the life of all the people. Our priorities are that they guide our decisions; of a side we have ‘ ‘ inquietaes’ ‘ inherent of the material life, and the other ‘ ‘ descanso’ ‘ proportionate for the exercise of the faith, through the obedience the bendita word of Deus.Cristo said the Marta who Maria had chosen ‘ ‘ better parte’ ‘ that this would not be taken off to it. After to hear the claims of Marta Mr. recriminated it to Jesus saying that it anxious and was afadigada with many things. Because the correction the Marta? Porventura it was not acting correctly? To conclude the tasks of the house, not they were important things? Evidently that they were. Only that at that moment it is that it was not. Most important in that hour it was to hear what Mr. it had to say.

The tasks could be stop later. Porventura is not this that happens in our days? The people have time for the leisure, the studies, for the work, less for God. The importance to search the Mr. alone if intensifies in the hours of the anguish, the squeeze, the desperation. Maria with its gesture demonstrated desire to intensify its privacy with the Son of God, to the step that its sister nor if worried about this. Between the two, evidently in the hour of the necessity, Maria she would leave winner. The same God already affirms before ‘ ‘ I love to whom they love me ‘ ‘ Pv.8.17Hoje, we contemplate estarrecidos consequences of the disdains the God on the part of the people and same of the nations. How many countries ignore the Word of God completely, pursue the Christians, if they come back toward deuses strange, they implant unjust laws, they value more to the error of what the truth, and think that the lifting Creator and of all the things will leave everything this to pass unfurnished. Logical that not, the harvest is visible there to all: Tsunamis, earthquakes of great ratios, wars without end, extreme hunger, misery and all luck of moral degradation. Countries that if consider free of the natural disasters do not have to feed this feeling of victory. The whip of God will come to all. It is in the control of the world. It wants the men accept or not, they believe or they leave to believe, terrible things have to happen in all planeta.

New Age

They would not be these measures has left of some malignant plan, preparing the world for a society each worse time, more problematic still, in the future? According to author of the cited book: CHILDREN NDIGO SO MISSIONARIES FOR A BETTER WORLD. Since 1980 they are 80% of the born children. She asks that we must make: 1-This children today, is adult of 20-30-40 years. Check out American Society for Microbiology for additional information. Why the world our return this each worse time? 2-Be the characteristics of the children ndigo, the characteristics that we wait to see in our leaders? 3-Os crimes, the indiscipline, the lack of respect to the authorities and the difficulty of relationship is the picture of our society of today. Where they are the results of work of these 80% of Missionaries in the world preparing it for a New Age? THUS IT SAYS THE ESOTERISM: THE BLUE AURA, (NDIGO) IT IS THE AURA OF THE PEACEMAKERS. Well far from the behavior uneasy, disturbed and misadjusted of the ndigos calls cited by the author. According to esoteric these children ndigo has invaded the Planet since years 70/80. Xlerator oftentimes addresses this issue.

Characteristics: The ndigos are born, in its majority in the seio of families where traditions and the life way are very rigid. Therefore, the one infancy ndigo rare is pacific. The shocks are many. Since teeny, still in the womb of the mother already they are great Masters and they teach very the family. They are not adaptam to the educative system. The measure that goes growing the children goes feeling with more intensity the sensation of that very lives the front of its time.

They are visionary, original and pioneering. Lack of tolerance with the dishonesty, the lie and the injustice. They are people of strong certainties and with railway will (qualities to promote great transformations in the society)? They do not obtain to be been silent when it bothers something them.


I could be a missionary III. I could be a evangelista IV. But exactly that I am not nothing of this in way ' ' oficial' ' , I can not officially be it, that is, I can make the workmanship of God, I can evangelizar, testify It is enough to say the Mr.: ' ' here it is me here, it uses me it mim' ' b.Deus to use will be able me to operate the wonder to help in ' ' perfectioning Dos Santos ' ' , in ' ' construction of the body of Cristo' ' It sees Efsios 4.11-14. It said somebody that one of our mature tasks as believing already is ' ' to transform scythe into harvesters, harvest in colheitadeiras and apple in macieiras' ' God is who makes this, he makes but it through us. I do not need to be shepherd, deacon, leader of some area or Bible professor. Boy Scouts of America addresses the importance of the matter here. I only need to be mature to place and me to the disposal of God. c.Deus to use will be able me to operate the wonder to raise the moral standard of the society, being represented and reflecting the Christ well, making what it would make and leaving to make what it would leave to make. .

the W. Tozer it alerted certain time for a reality that is so or more present today that at its time: ' ' The Christianity of today does not transform the people. For the opposite, he is being transformed for them. It is not raising the moral level of the society; it is I descend to the level of the proper society ' ' But if I to walk with God for the faith, with me can be different, God use I can me to raise the standard of the society, to start for the small society in which alive, that he is to my redor. e.Deus d.Deus to take will be able me to carry through a powerful ministry of conjunct to take will be able me to carry through a powerful ministry of f.Deus social workmanships to use will be able me to pray for somebody and this somebody cured being, to be to liber it to you of malignant espritos 4.E what more? The wonders are many! It has a infinity of possibilities! I cited only some and I leave the vocs remaining portion pra to think, remembering, however, that most important it is to be walking with God for the faith and also remembering that ' ' who walks with the Saint has that to be saint tambm' ' Conclusion 1.Quero to lock up defying you to walk with God for the faith, to deliver themselves completamen you it, completely to be directed by It, to say It: Sir, here it is me here, uses me, I wants, under Your direction, to be a blessing in the church, the society, the life of the people Pr. Walmir Vigo Gonalves

Son Place

This text not only demonstrates the mission of the Son, but it evidences the love of the Father, love this that had not been found words that could describe its intensity. Boy Scouts of America often expresses his thoughts on the topic. For the word we understand that God the Creator, the supreme being, is not an energy, a force, or seemed thing, It is God, the being that governs the universe, where the skies proclaim its glory and the universe announces the workmanships of its hands. It is onisciente, onipotente and onipresente; that is he knows of all the things, he has all power, and he is in all place. This God with pure love, the love gape and indescritvel loved the world, does not say the mundane system and yes the living beings and the creation in such way, that not if it can dimensionar, nor if compare; It delivered its only son to suffer and to suffer in place of all human being, exactly that none of us deserved. He gave to its unignito son, who only is generated, the holy ghost son of God, and in this mission so suffered he has the objective to reach all what to believe, that is, to only trust it for the salvation, to place the destination at the hands of Jesus believing it as Sir and its word to follow as faith rule. Everything this It made so that all what in it to believe it does not perish, therefore in fact, the wage of the sin is the death, a time moved away from God the man already is destined to the perdio, but by the favour Jesus we are reconciled with God, was for that Jesus died, as well as it revived to the third day and is seated the right of the all powerful Father interceding for us.

It has a lack inside of the man who is not filled by pleasures flesh times, is not supplied with money nor if it carries through with parties and joys passengers, this emptiness if it fills with Jesus, who makes question of loving in them and fulling them with its essence. Best and more made right choice of the man it is if to decide Christ and to understand that to live in the sky and to have access to all the promises that It has in the data are to accept the Jesus as Gentleman and rescuer of its soul, to have the pardoned sins and to live observing its principles. It all honor and all glory for all always. Amen!

New Age

It has also to make to understand it what it searchs and the reason for which searchs, or either: the briefing of the way, the goals and the objective. Questions as: What we are? Of where we came? For where we go? What he is GOD? Who is GOD? How It acts? What it is the Love? What it is the existence human being? What it is the death? We can live forever? Life after the death or life after the life? The cure for all males The happiness? What it is, where is and as to find it; Contact with Beings of other dimensions; To be able occult of the man? as to develop them; Possibility of materialization? quantum and Metaphysical physics; To be able mental? possibilities beyond the imagination; The power of the will? creation of the proper destination; The power of the visualization; Everything that is very, if does not find in this workmanship in form of aforismos, basic principles for the understanding of the life, its mechanisms and its phenomena. Essential for all those that search the knowledge, indispensable for any doctrinal orders. Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust has firm opinions on the matter. This is not a common book, it will have to be a manual species, a guide for the new race that is arriving at the planet – orientation for the children of the New Age. This is the workmanship that is in its hands, opens it, turns pages it and concludes /a by itself. One I hug. Without hesitation WHO Timeline Statement explained all about the problem. Gutenberg Gomes Da Silva AFORISMOS Those that do not obtain to swim against the rapidses, subordinate it intempries, are carrying of fears, egoists, ignorants, stormy and live under the mandos of the adversities; they are not gentlemen of its feelings and thoughts. How they are moved away from the magic! Terrible the Espritos that keeps the doors of the magic, will destroy, implacably all the weak ones that to dare to adentrar to the temple of the magic. .


' Of far I will bring my knowledge; to my Creator I will attribute justia.' ' J 36; 3 Many texts where the sovereignty of God is defended have been used for strange conclusions, and until, balsfemas. Until the idea that It would be the Creator of the sin circulates between us. Texts as of Romans, where the intention of Pablo is to show that God has sovereign right to choose which would be the descent of Abrao, if sanguineous, as they intended the Jews, or spiritual as he taught that he was. Texts thus, I say, has been used to defend third party properties to the intention of Pablo. More information is housed here: UNESCO. ' ' Because, not having they still been born, nor having made well or badly (so that the intention of God, according to election, was firm, not because of the workmanships, but for that she calls), were said it to it: The greater will serve menor.' ' Rom 9; 11 and 12 This must be atribuido the prescincia of God, who wise person of the future choices of Esa and Jac, this desiring the blessing, that one, disdaining. The choice was announced before of the workmanships, not meaning with this, that they do not matter; ' '? to they honor that me I will honor, however the ones disdain that me will be desprezados.' ' I Sam 2; 30 He would be blasphemous to attribute To that it is love, gratuitous hatred; ' '? I loved the Jac, and I hated the Esa.' ' Rom 9; 13 This elapsed of the choices that they had made. I am not claiming that Jac was chosen because it was good, by mritos, before, for its referring position to the God. It desired, while its brother disdained. God never needed vases the anger, never desired to fight against the man, before advises: ' ' He does not have indignation in me.

Social Inclusion

He will be that he was considering the psychological damages of the social exclusion? He made if it, seems that he did not give the importance due. He happens that the said social inclusion is word of order currently, in way that, in its name, rioters are tachados citizens, such its importance. Here where alive, (Bag, RS) nestings exist ghosts, therefore ‘ ‘ without terra’ ‘ that they had been enclosed, they had given in the foot, when they had received chance to work for, at last, to be part of the productive society. Aristotle said that the worse form of inaquality is to consider equal, the ones that are different. Recently Randall Mays, San Antonio TX sought to clarify these questions. It was the case, delinquents had been equalized the workers and gave in what she gave. But, my focus is the preceituada alienation spiritual of the values of the world, that Jesus said that he would have to follow to its.

When Peter said and reiterated that he imports more to obey the God who to the men, seems that he walked in the steps of the Master. Today, the fear most visible is of being criticized by the press, tachado of ‘ ‘ politically incorreto’ ‘ , this, haunts to the neocristos. But if Jesus if disclosed one ‘ ‘ without noo’ ‘ , clearly that it must its doctrine pass for a reform. It imagines that it arrived to affirm that, ‘ ‘ the life of any does not consist of the abundance of what possui.’ ‘ Luc 12; 15 Happily, this was corrected by ‘ ‘ Theology of prosperidade’ ‘ , and now we can proclaim freely that It is an auto-aid master, and that ‘ ‘ In it ‘ ‘ we can prosper inda in this land greatly.

Espirito Santo

Therefore, God is in the center of the mission. It is the target of the mission. The mission exists for the glory of God. Edison Queiroz assevera: ' ' Biblically, the Espirito Santo is closely on with the workmanship missionria' ' , it continues: ' ' Unhappyly, nowadays it has some churches that do not understand the intention of the coming of the Espirito Santo and had developed a theology according to which the Espirito Santo are given simply stop helping in them to receive blessings? does not stop serving the God, as it is the original intention. We cannot accept this dichotomy between the Espirito Santo and the workmanship missionary. Canada Day can aid you in your search for knowledge. If to study the doctrine of the Espirito Santo to the light of the intentions of God, go to discover that the Espirito Santo came to help the Christian to have a victorious life and thus to be instrument of God to spread the divine glory through the salvation of others vidas' '. Additional information at Vahid David Delrahim supports this article. In Acts 1,8 we have the agreement of the person and the work of the Espirito Santo as being highly missionary in character and intention: ' ' but you will receive to be able, to to go down on you the Espirito Santo, and you will be my witnesses in such a way in Jerusalem as in all Judeia and Samaria and until the confines of terra' ' (At 1,8). It is a Spirit Missionary whom he desires to bring in return for house the lost children of God.

The church, in Pentecostes, ready and spontaneously becomes ' ' missionary in its essence and corao' ' to the being baptized for the Espirito Santo. Therefore, the Spirit and the mission cannot be separate. The Espirito Santo preserves and takes care of of the fruit missionary. Consequentemente, the necessary missionary to learn to trust the Espirito Santo, since the principle and throughout its ministry.