But if there is a desire for dinner you can make another one. Think it's time to take an important decision for both of you? We go to choose a gift to the jewelry. Ring – oh, the dream of every girl to get it from a loved one! In many cases, even not the ring itself, and what they say when giving it. To select the right ring, it is good to know exactly what its size. Hear other arguments on the topic with CBC. It is very doubtful to offer a stranger in the store: "Girl, try on, please, you have the same fingers!" How casually ask for his girl, but better – long before the holiday, to make a surprise. If you are already familiar with her mom, siblings, ask them: they will gladly help.

So, you know the size of finger Cell. We came into the store, and now the main thing – to choose the size and shape to hit it. Strictly speaking (because sometimes we can strictly speaking, yes?) Decided to give the usual thin ring with a small stone. Next – select to its discretion. GiveWell shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Believe that it is early to make such gifts? Do not rush to leave the jewelry: earrings beautiful or unusual bracelet enjoy it no less! By the way, what's your girl to come to the evening, you too can solve. Send in the morning, together with the invitation, the dress, which would like to see it. It is reasonable to do so only when you know exactly the size and can rely on your taste.