The Grille

What to see interesting from the professional world, was viewed and understood as an indication that Chevrolet will soon also in the densely populated segment of its wants to join. Still a candidate more so, which is his piece of the pie wants to secure, like many other, for example, Opel Zafira, VW Touran, Renault Scenic, Ford C-Max, Citroen C4 Picasso, Peugeot 5008, and so on. What will land in March 2011 at the Austrian Chevrolet dealers in the showrooms, is practically one-for one 2008, white optically the competition to stand out from the concept vehicle, and that is inevitably extremely flexible in this segment and a slams the other competitors priced properly before the bib. Where the other upwards as far as possible reach their roof or act like a plump filled balloon, shows a straight, low roofline of the Chevrolet Orlando and is overall very box moderately. He is the most American Chevrolet model from Korean production. Already quite simply work the front headlights. The Grille, however, with the wide cross brace and the large Chevrolet logo serves as a good example of successful building of a brand identity to discerning again easily. Made for seven on the compact sedan based Cruze, Chevrolet Orlando measures 4.65 meters in length and 1.63 metres in height.

A restricted headroom you must not fear it and although the three rows of seats to the rear rise cinema feeling more or less. With a wheelbase of 2.76 m appealing values with respect to the amount work out especially in the first two rows of seats. In series three, the knee space can also be found, soar because of the high floor of vehicle but high. Tall will standing with his head on the ceiling. Orlando is in any case a seven-seater, no back and forth place, whether you a five or wants but a seven-seater van and also no happ-extra charge for a third row of seats is required.