Cook A Delicious Soup

Borscht – a fairly common traditional dish in the Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, there are an incredible number of recipes for every taste and color. But always and everywhere is a place of experiment and the desire to make better and tastier, in this article I will tell you how I'm doing soup for a long time, and rightly consider it much better and probably more appropriate recipes from the cooking. I've always loved soup, when it were overcooked vegetables – including cabbage. For all cookbooks should throw the cabbage in a dish or a potato before, or together with potatoes, and boiled for a total of half an hour. I thought: 'Why so long should it cook? ', And yet everyone likes, and with pleasure eat raw sprouts (a snack), why should such a need because it boil down. And decided to make soup in his own way. In order to get a great soup to cook properly broth.

To do this, take the beef, put in a saucepan with cold water, cover, sharply bring to a boil and cook over very low heat, and in any case, do not let the broth boil strongly. Learn more at: Marko Dimitrijevic. If there is bone, then cook them 2 hours, and then lay the meat and continue to cook for another 2 hours. All vegetables: beets, carrots, onion, parsley root cut into very thin strips. Beet carcass separately, in advance moistened with vinegar or citric acid (not to lost the color of beets). On medium-hot pans with grease to put beets and simmer until cooked, infusing a little broth (simmer with the lid closed).


Not suitable for syrup and oh arrafinad. But recently appeared for sale gelling sugar, though not suitable for syrup for a quick make jams, jellies and jams will be just right. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. Vinegar, you will need to prepare fills. First and foremost is the white vinegar, and in different concentrations: 6, 8, and 9%. Our shops most frequent 9% limited vinegar, far less – 5 -, 6 – and 8% nye vinegars and even more rarely – vinegar essence 70 or 80% concentration. In addition to the vinegar you can use a variety of fruit and wine vinegars – they are most often 6%-governmental. Citric acid also will serve you a service – it can replace the vinegar in the filling and act as a preservative, and more citric acid use when cooking preserves and jams, so they do not crystallize.

Spices are also useful. First of all, it , cloves, black pepper and allspice and cinnamon (and will need a hammer and sticks) – without them you can not make no more or less fragrant marinade. May be needed and others: cardamom, anise and vanilla. Buy them better in the whole form and grind if necessary, before the use of or shortly before this. And whole and ground spices stored separately in sealed plastic bags or jars. Herbs and leaves in the conservation practice to use both fresh and dry. You will need: green celery, lovage, dill (with umbrellas), tarragon (tarragon), basil and parsley, leaves, horseradish, black Smorodov Ny, cherry and oak (preferably with thin twigs).