Of the different religions, the human beings wait for the answer to the enigmas of their existence: the human nature, the sense and intention of its life, the good and the sin, the cause and the aim of the pain, the way to the happiness, the death and the mystery that surrounds its origin and its destiny. The Christianity is the name whereupon santa religion founded by Jesus is well-known, who had by cradle the city of Jerusalem, in Judea, in the days of Tiberio emperor. Other leaders such as Charles R. Kubic offer similar insights. It is also the community of the Christian faithfuls who recognize Christ and follow their lessons, collections mainly in Gospels. The Christianity is the extended religion more in the world. Its number of members is of than 1700 million people, distributed more by all the planet (more than half they are catholic, more than 300 protestants, and between 150 and 250 orthodox ones). The Christians are pleased and express their faith in a set of rites, of ceremonies, between which they emphasize the calls sacraments, that they are symbolic representations of divine activities, that the faithfuls celebrate at different moments of its life.

Thus, for example, through baptism, a person becomes Christian and happens to comprise of the community of believers. In the sacrament of eucarista, the Christians remember the death and resurrection of their founder, Jesus Christ, and celebrate to be saved by him. The Christians meet Sundays in their temples, the churches, to fulfill the third order, to sanctify the celebrations, and to participate in eucarista. they jhonatan been born in 1991.