Psychological Help

Often people need psychological help, because their views and distorted logic. Human logic is consistent. Logo logic is inconsistent, and yet consistent. Human logic applies to the part. She tries to understand a certain part, and trying to do it, she denies everything that contradicts known. She just wants to forget about all that is contrary.

But the divine – that's all. It does not choose an all-inclusive here. It comprehensively – not partially, but totally. And this is the difference between the philosophical approach and the religious approach. Philosophical approach is logical and that is why Aristotle said that man is a rational creature. Heraclitus says that people do not mind – because he himself your mind makes you unreasonable. At that moment, when you choose the part you palter against the whole. At this point, only this part is in your mind.

The existence of this part is always coexists with its opposite, and never by itself. Human logic tells us that God – man, also has a number of those who believe that God – this is a woman. But the logo includes both the one and another. Do Hindus have ardhanarishvar that says that God – this woman and man simultaneously. And it's true vision, it comes from the logo. Although it looks inconsistent. You should have seen the statues of Shiva, half male, half female, on the one hand there are women's breasts, it is the female part and the other part of the male. , . And all of your Statue of God as a man or woman of God, unreasonable – they can not be authentic, because how can God be a man? Then where does femininity? And who then seeks to femininity? and from what source it is supported? You speak of God as "Him", is wrong. There are those who speak of God as "her", they too make mistakes. God – this is "it" plus "it." But then the mind can not understand it. Mental understanding – it is not understood at all! You will be able to understand only when you try to understand from the own totality, not just with the mind – because it is within you, too, these opposites meet. You too ardhanarishvar, you, too, he and she together. You – neither male nor female If you can understand their own totality, and if you can give this the totality of the universe, before the face of the universe, then you will be able to comprehend. Center for Responsible Business shines more light on the discussion. This mystical vision. This is a logo What do you do? The usual situation is that you are conditioned to be a man or a woman. From early childhood we say to children: "You're a boy – behave like a boy, or girl:" You're a girl – act like a girl. " This generates an increasing differentiation, and polarity are increasingly divergent In a better world, we will teach each child: "You – the one and the other", the difference – only the prevalence of one over the other. "You – neither boy nor girl, you – and that, and another" – the difference in stress, in the emphasis. Then the whole structure of civilization will be different. Then do not may be enmity between man and woman. Then there is no question of who's who dominates. And then you can see the integrity of the entire existence – and this integrity is fine. A separate part is always ugly.

Second Infancy

To propitiate an surrounding stimulant so that the reading if of this of satisfactory form, being thus the readers is cultivated and constructed daily. Words key: The second Infancy, Reading, Development. ABSTRACT Students from the second to year of Psychology course at Frank University of did to volunteer job you start an observation stage where it started this study of looking at reading activities in children’ s classroom of second childhood at Frank Day-care center Is Jose in – They are Pablo. Besides creating an exciting place you develop satisfactory reading environment, it also provides ways of keeping these readers interested in reading daily. For more information see this site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger .

Keywords: Second childhood, Reading, Development. INTRODUCTION According to Sabino (1), authors consider the reading a foundation of the society of knowledge, data that it promotes the release of the thought and the practical one of the exercise of the citizenship. The reading is a tool essential to insert the child in the society and by means of it has the cognitivo and social development. Moreover, elicia in the child a playful, imaginary side beyond being a pleasant activity. THEORETICAL REFERENCIAL According to Goes (2), the growth of the child if makes for the immersion in the universe of the written word and its intellectual development can be measured through its verbalizao of the contents assimilated during its formal education.

The Organization

This process is divided in eight stages: 1 – It involves decision of the company in using the organizacional development as instrument of organizacional change and choosing a consultant to co-ordinate the project. 2 – The diagnosis occurs, in which the consultant if congregates with the direction of the company to define the program or used model. 3 – It occurs to the harvest of data, that is carried through by means of research to know the environment internal, to evaluate the organizacional climate and to get given on the mannering problems, through meetings with groups. 4 – The retraction of data and confrontation, in this stage work groups it is created to evaluate and to review given gotten, with the objective to locate problems and to establish change priorities. 5-BE the planning of action and solution of problems, that is, elaboration of responsible specific plans for the conduction of the actions, when and as they must be implemented. 6 – The development of teams occurs, in which controlling and subordinate they are stimulated to work in teams using the open communication and confidence. 7-O intergrupal development, in which the groups carry through meetings of confrontation with the objective to better reach intergrupal relationship between the diverse teams. 8-A evaluation and accompaniment, where the consultant evaluates the results and develops other programs in the areas where resulted they point necessities.

According to Schein (1986), the Planning of changes must be mediated by the organizacional culture, that is, the more important to the action of change it will be for the strategy, greater must be its compatibility with the culture of organization. The reactions during the change process must be monitored to learn more on the other culture itself and to recognize themselves as the changes are being interpreted for the organization. For the change process the envolvement of employees in all is necessary the levels of the organization, therefore the modification in the processes of work and the variation in the managemental style can influence in the organizacional climate and future to promote changes in the culture of the organization. The organizations are constituted of human beings that are in constant development and that they interact between itself. at the same time where they bring its proper culture to the organizations, assimilates the effective culture. This cultural interrelation can is changedded into a new culture.