Personnel Selection With Tsunami Effect

Risk of short-term innocents you go to employees through the Office District of an economic metropolis such as, for example, Frankfurt am Main, so the impression of a compliant type crowds there often. This may be perhaps the Bank World dominant in this city. Still you will not rid the thought perhaps backing unit schema. Looking in the newspapers on the there connected personal computers, these show a pattern of recurring, almost congruent formulation. For executives, the hoped-for ability to the short-term profit maximization seems to apply as a main selection criterion.

The formula of for short-term profit maximization contains several dangers of false or incorrect assessment. In short, i.e. it should be done everything as quickly as possible, the best right now. Even if human life is short, so it takes usually but more than a few quarter – or season results. How to work an economic life in the long term, if the acting in it and charge a time horizon by just 3-6 months to follow once, remains a mystery. Profit: whose achievement is the driving force behind economic action, but remains as a top or maybe even only selection criterion for executives not only dubious, but clearly wrong with views on the financial crisis. The aim of maximising is alone considered to already already questionable enough. In connection with the two other elements of here of discussed selection criterion, namely the profit and the simultaneous short-termism, it becomes a time bomb.

When all managers in the selection are screened by the same template and then think with accordingly same properties in the same way, decide and Act (cf. Becker, Jorg: leadership without Klinsmann syndrome admit no new crises, 2010). If all people who sit on the levers of the economy, and thus at least indirectly also on those of the political system marching with the same time horizon in the same direction, you no longer need too much imagination, it can imagine arising consequences and dangers. The image of a tsunami wave is more rocking high is well known. We should leave therefore the personnel policy only in the short range of profit maximization and try us the tactical level to approach i.e. the more qualitative and strategic area. “” This is the transition of so-called hard “, i.e. measurable personal factors to the so-called soft”, i.e. supposedly not demonstrable factors flowing.

Cordura Elten

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