The Gun

I do not know if I dreamed it, or I was told. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kidney Foundation has to say. but leaving no doubt, judging by the results, which history tells the truth .- says the same, that God still pondering after seeing his work, he came to create man, and so on., etc., but what is not reported what happened later, and I will tell. The man, once established, spoke to his father with his eyes and said _parent, What I want the life you gave me, if I can not move, and explore the wonderful world that you did for me .- And the Creator, realizing that his son was right, and the justice of your claim, gave legs to _Pero father moved again told the man with the look, what I want the legs and travel the world, if I can not touch things in it, or provide food. And God willing everything to satisfy his son, gave him arms and hands to grab the elements of the world, adding, before his son’s request, a companion to not be alone, with fruit trees, a thousand flowers colors, and animals that populated the seas and land . I was about to retire, and let your child enjoy all that was cast for him, when he again felt the eyes of his son to claim something, turned around and said why

I’ve given everything I’ve asked and more, not exhaust my patience, but infinite is a limit to what else you want now! Father said the man with the look more appealing than ever. I appreciate everything you have given me, but do not retire, leaving me helpless in the world to give me a gun! God .- He was meditating in silence on the request of his son, and after a moment, noting the man said _A Now give you the most powerful weapon, but also the baddest ,then said this retired.