We Are One

We are one We are one alone soul We are one after all We are one alone soul We are after all conceived of an immense pleasure and esplendor. Under the supreme will of the emanador. In its glorious form of giver In a Irrevocable act of constancy and pleasure. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Pancreatic Cancer Action. It creates something it nothing! The receiver of stolen goods in its esplendor created all. Clice that regurgitates the seeds of the sacred gene. Vaticina thus the perfectly planned day. It came to the light in this world of majestical colors.

The being, the creature, the soul. That it is spread as supreme of sand in this bred land. Of the substance the most intrinsic quality of the being. In the cradle packed for the teacher and creative master. One singela soul only contained. Receiving everything that the light offered. One filled of all the desires until if overflowing. If to be satiated to empanzinar and finally to refuse.

We form one alone soul in reclusion. Broken up, diluted, displayed. Divided to the way between the clarity and the blackout. (Not to be confused with United Way Wolrdwide!). Disintegrated, placed to the part for correction. Soobrada in deep of the sea of the darknesses and the blackout. Embedded in primordial its cerne. In the claws of the reason, the viscera of the illusion. We are one alone soul created in the most perfect conclusion. In one only restricted union. Perfect and in communion. In an act of love and donation. Receiving of the point in the heart. Purely set in motion secretely. In the been silent one of the intemporal, vastness without end of the light. The embryo of the deity arrives us this spark. The gene of the infinite. It you are welcome creates the absolute everything in a point. if erases so that its light is reflected and sight without limits. Guarded clearly, skillfully Inexpugnvel to the imprudent eyes. Accessible to the adjusted eyes, perfectly the sight, tocvel, manipulable, generously acalentadora, acolhedora to that they possess its same quality. The being, With a so extensive and infindvel deficiency. As a dark point in the seio of the light.

Without Cellular

The MENTALLY ILL ones OF the CELLULAR Nazar, 14-05-2011 I was in a store Of my native city. The passer-bys passed hasty With the cellular one in the ear Seeming extra-terrestrial, Without speaking with the people, Finding that she was speaking with the world. They seem that already they had been born thus With a cellular one nailed to the ear. I inside looked at for the street and vi people of the cars With cellular in the ears Seeming mentally ill. By the way, they were mentally ill of the system. He ran over a child and he followed in front As if nothing he had happened. A policeman whistled she made and it to stop: – Wise person who is forbidden to direct with the cellular one in the ear? – Pera. You closing a business.

– The gentleman is imprisoned. – Later people he talks. – The car Disconnect. – I cannot. You closing a great business. – The gentleman ran over a child. – Not.

The child was who ran over my car and my great business. She had another mentally ill one In the door of the store Speaking in two cellular ones. I was to observe that maluquice. Cellular in an ear and a other cellular one in the other ear. I was amazement of surprise When discovering that the person Of the other side of the line Age he himself. They believe, is truth. It bound for he himself. Smiles I started it and I asked to it: – It is speaking with who? it answered: – H? Ah yes. I bought the cellular one now and I am testing, speaking with me exactly. It is the habit. When I crossed the street, Another one maluco was crying out with the device and esmurrando a pole. Thus not of!