Psychological Help

Often people need psychological help, because their views and distorted logic. Human logic is consistent. Logo logic is inconsistent, and yet consistent. Human logic applies to the part. She tries to understand a certain part, and trying to do it, she denies everything that contradicts known. She just wants to forget about all that is contrary.

But the divine – that's all. It does not choose an all-inclusive here. It comprehensively – not partially, but totally. And this is the difference between the philosophical approach and the religious approach. Philosophical approach is logical and that is why Aristotle said that man is a rational creature. Heraclitus says that people do not mind – because he himself your mind makes you unreasonable. At that moment, when you choose the part you palter against the whole. At this point, only this part is in your mind.

The existence of this part is always coexists with its opposite, and never by itself. Human logic tells us that God – man, also has a number of those who believe that God – this is a woman. But the logo includes both the one and another. Do Hindus have ardhanarishvar that says that God – this woman and man simultaneously. And it's true vision, it comes from the logo. Although it looks inconsistent. You should have seen the statues of Shiva, half male, half female, on the one hand there are women's breasts, it is the female part and the other part of the male. , . And all of your Statue of God as a man or woman of God, unreasonable – they can not be authentic, because how can God be a man? Then where does femininity? And who then seeks to femininity? and from what source it is supported? You speak of God as "Him", is wrong. There are those who speak of God as "her", they too make mistakes. God – this is "it" plus "it." But then the mind can not understand it. Mental understanding – it is not understood at all! You will be able to understand only when you try to understand from the own totality, not just with the mind – because it is within you, too, these opposites meet. You too ardhanarishvar, you, too, he and she together. You – neither male nor female If you can understand their own totality, and if you can give this the totality of the universe, before the face of the universe, then you will be able to comprehend. Center for Responsible Business shines more light on the discussion. This mystical vision. This is a logo What do you do? The usual situation is that you are conditioned to be a man or a woman. From early childhood we say to children: "You're a boy – behave like a boy, or girl:" You're a girl – act like a girl. " This generates an increasing differentiation, and polarity are increasingly divergent In a better world, we will teach each child: "You – the one and the other", the difference – only the prevalence of one over the other. "You – neither boy nor girl, you – and that, and another" – the difference in stress, in the emphasis. Then the whole structure of civilization will be different. Then do not may be enmity between man and woman. Then there is no question of who's who dominates. And then you can see the integrity of the entire existence – and this integrity is fine. A separate part is always ugly.

Charity Society

Equally it is admitted, in the moderate ways, a socratria construction, supported for four forts pillars: Education, Philosophy, Politics and Religion. Wild Pine Blacksmith congregated in its person, the life and the workmanship, those four dimensions of the man in society. In the religious scope, the author of a indication of which is the virtues that, in the Christian religion, the man must observe: Faith, Hope and Charity, whose characterization it looks for to make in accessible language. Center For Responsible Lending will not settle for partial explanations. The interest in if approaching the religion, any that it is, inhabits in the fact of this component of the human being, at least in the majority of the people, being part of universally recognized the human rights. With effect, Pine Blacksmith defending and giving to priority to the religion catholic, implicitly recognizes, for the natural law of the freedom, other religions, of remaining portion, as Christian that it was, certainly it practised the virtues that defended and through the charity it would have the obligation of being tolerant and to develop the love to the next one. Retaking, however, other aspects from which if it looks for to demonstrate that the Social Philosophy, Educational and Politics of Wild Pine Blacksmith have interest for the Human Rights in the actualidade, for what three are written down plus these sources: First: How much to the Social Philosophy, it is verified that the concept of social rights, in this author, drift of the established one for the social or positive laws that constitute decisions taken for the men, congregated in society. In this direction they point its projectos of construction of associations, of creation of banks, foundation of society of mutual socorros, establishments of industrial education. Thought and share for the resolution of the problems of the community. In the Silvestrina society all the citizens have right to the work or, in the lack of this, to the official supports for its survival, however, it is obligation of the individual to provide the ways of its subsistence, through the work, in a profession for which it has physical and moral capacity.

Objective Setting

In regards to the achievement of objectives the hardest part is the constancy, kept working with spirit despite adversity, you need a very big morale and is where many people cede or succumb to pressure, since in some cases it is too hard to bear for some entrepreneurs at this point. Where is the secret to staying and defeat all kinds of obstacles? It is in our mind, note the moods, actions, decisions, optimism, motivation, etc. They are generated in our thinking, it means that the root of all events may be under our control, even facts that at first seem to have no relation with our life. Boy Scouts of America contributes greatly to this topic. If somehow we could wrap our mind with the idea of our goal then it would be possible to ensure results in what you are taking and if possible, the book changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar shows accurately the functioning of the power of our mind and techniques to achieve integrate all our conscious actions of an orderly and efficient manner, reading this book will be given the possibility to learn to discover their true capabilities, will be surprised by everything that you unconsciously controls and may now do so consciously. Perhaps you have experienced the power of a tornado or a swirl of water, or at least we have seen on television, we noticed that these natural phenomena act with enormous power, unfortunately that power does not benefit us, noteworthy here is noted as once an object is in the transit of a swirl then this affected or you simply cannot escape from themainly when it comes of small objects. The interesting thing about the comparison of swirl is that our mind can do the same with an idea, take it with such force that the only option that exists is to succeed, to make it happen is necessary to induce that State, equal in tornadoes, before that occur there are atmospheric conditions which are which lead to the event, if we know Some Secrets of the mind will then be possible to induce the necessary States that guarantee us some results.


The association enters this model of production in series, adopted tethers industries, and the professional corporations characterize the consumption society. Thus, this term more assigns to the current modern, urban and industrial, dedicated society to the increasing production and acquisition of good of diversified consumption each time. For other opinions and approaches, find out what BSA has to say. For the survival of this society it is essential that is created necessities of use of new products, therefore, as soon as a product appears in the market, it must be consumed intensely and after that substituted for another one. However, as we do not know such product nor we are accustomed the USA-Io, and many times not even we need it, is necessary that if it makes to create in each one of us the consumiz necessity it. To acquire a good, we need to find really important to possess it. In this process, the formation of the public opinion carried through by the medias, commanded for a small number of people who decide what we go to choose, to possess and to use, collaborates of vital form for the creation of necessities of use of new products.

This process of opinion formation occurs when the opinion – that each one possesss as exclusive and genuine thing, is induced, or influenced, for periodicals, tevs and other forms of mass communication. Mandel concludes its reflections saying that in the delayed capitalism, the expansion of the sector of services is preferable to the existence of excess capitals. However, the logic of the delayed capitalism consists of converting, necessarily, the idle capital in capital of services and at the same time to substitute services for merchandises. Thus, the society produces transformations in the relation social with the merchandise, with the images and also the proper individual suffers transformations, as we will see to follow in the reflections of Braudrillard. 3) THE TRANSFORMATIONS IN THE SOCIAL RELATION WITH THE MERCHANDISE ' ' We live the time of idias' ' , in Braudrillard says to them, where the men if find encircled more for objects, for merchandises, of what for other men.

Charity and Responsibility

At least a time per year if it can attend, in some television channels and some different styles, dedicated hours and hours to the captation of resources for altruistic ends, as: construction of asylums, fisioterpicos hospitals for deficient physicists, hospitals for physical deficient children, centers of I assist the devoid communities, etc. It is pretty, altruistic, generous and noble an action, and the senders inhabit have it always to try making in to perceive them this mounting a beautiful spectacle. E, such spectacle, are so pretty that it distracts in them of the fact of that all this action is enormous placebo. Later that an sender started, turned fashion. A great net of television cannot be considered ' ' grande' ' if it will not have an annual program that viza to benefit one definitive partner-beneficient entity.

He seems until a boy mimado with its mascote? mascote which it only feeds a time per year. Celebrities fight with nails and teeth for a vacant in a program of the sort, therefore if it cannot lose a chance to head a program that, normally, is shown in noble schedule, for more than one day and in national net, and still to leave with fame ' ' good humanitrio' '. Real millions are expenses in the infrastructure and sets of ten are collected. Financially speaking, projects of this way are functional and viable. Without forgetting them rostinhos smiling them criancinhas that, beyond making an enormous one for the conscience of certain individuals well that if feel carried through when making its annual act of charity completely, they help to pass the image of ' ' good programa' ' for the world. Of the one until will to all applaud of foot such initiative of the private capital if this ' ' bread and circo' ' who did not deviate the attention on really would have to arcar with this responsibility.