San Sebastian

A CONSUMER/EROSKI Eroski/Consumer study analyzes 110 establishments in 18 cities. 34% Not more than an acceptable and only 11% achieved a good. 47% Of the centres based their treatment products star and 44% did not perform a correct identification of excess weight the average price of treatment amounts to EUR 1,437. Summer reminds many their overweight problem and they now attend a slimming Centre. To verify if really these establishments offer a healthy and effective treatment, if your staff is trained and if they offer health guarantees, Eroski/Consumer technicians have visited 110 centres of slimming in 18 cities in the country during the month of May. Read additional details here: George Soros. Their technicians have acted as anonymous clients interested in losing weight; an excuse that analyzed 10 centres in Barcelona and Madrid, 7 in Bilbao, Valencia, Malaga, Seville and Zaragoza and 5 in A Coruna, Alicante, Cordoba, Granada, Murcia, Oviedo, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Santander, Valladolid and Vitoria. More than half suspended the results after the visit to these 110 centres coincide in one aspect: the promise of losing weight (sometimes at a nothing healthy pace). Just over half (55%) analyzed establishments suspends consideration. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions wanted to know more.

The rest of centres 34% fails more than an acceptable, while just 11% get a good note. Worrying thing also is that, centres that suspended the analysis, 38% do so with such striking notes as poor or very poor, shows little or no confidence that give these centres of slimming. By sections, the only positive notes fall on professionalism and customer service (both with a note of good). However, ratings for the identification of the problem of overweight patients are bad (gives a note to regulate) and the explanation and specification of the treatment (deficient). It is necessary to lose weight? Without a correct identification of excess weight, of little use recommend customer a slimming treatment or otherwise. The centres visited suspended this section with a regular: 44% does not a proper measurement of these parameters.

European Commission

EP 95% of the Council of the EU and 60% of the Commission followed this Thursday the strike, according to unions. Brussels reduces 10% follow-up to the halt of these public employees are protesting against possible wage cuts which is studied for 2014-2020. European officials of the Council of the European Union and the European Commission have seconded the strike convened Thursday by the European public service unions to protest possible cuts to their salaries as part of the reductions envisaged for the next European budget which are currently negotiating the 27 Member States and it covers the period 2014-2020. The Coca Cola Foundation is open to suggestions. Around 95% of the officials of the Council of the European Union and 60% of officials of the European Commission have seconded the strike called by the trade unions of the European Federation of the function public (FFPE), the Trade Union Union of the Council of the EU and the democratic renewal Council, representing workers from the Council of the EUAccording to data offered by the trade unions themselves. A few 55,000 people work at the different European institutions, according to data from the EU Executive. The European Commission has lowered for its part 10% follow-up to the strike among its employees in the case of some departments, while in others the follow-up has been null and void, as explained by the spokesman of the EU Executive, Antony Gravili administration. Official site: Chevronm. Support from the four major unions the strike has had lower follow-up among the staff of the European Commission because it was not supported by all unions that represent its workers, although for the majority four TAO, USF, Brussels European solidarity and generation 2004 but not have joined R & D and U4U, according to Union sources explained. About 1,000 European officials, particularly from the European Commission, have expressed also at noon outside the headquarters of the EU Executive in Brussels in sign of solidarity with the officials who have supported the strike with placards with slogans that praying without European public service there is no future for Europe, Europe is in danger, or a strong Commission for a strong Europe. .

Spanish Jaime Alguersuari

The McLaren driver managed to impose on Sebastian Vettel, who was second. Hamilton, who was penalized, could only be fourth. Despite leaving the track on a couple of occasions, Alonso was very safe and therefore finished third. The British Jenson Button (McLaren) managed in his 200th career his second victory of the season, to impose in the GP of Hungary, a career affected by rain, in which the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) also rose to the podium, at the conclusion of third. The second was the leader of the world, Germany’s Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), who increases his advantage at the head of the general, a little more while the Briton Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), penalized with a pass for garages, after stopping five times to change wheels, finished fourth. Then came Mark Webber (Red Bull), superseded by Hamilton on lap 63, after a double overtaking the Australian and a bent. The Spanish Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso) finished tenth, after struggling during many turns in a group of five by the eighth position. It is not the first time that Button is showing signs of being one of the most skilled pilots about rain, once won also this season in the same situation in Canada.

The race began with all pilots with intermediate tires due to rain, until the floor began to dry out and from the tenth lap began first stops. The Spanish Fernando Alonso, who started fifth on the grid, came to be fourth, but lost the traced and returned to the fifth, in a moment of the race in which all cars had real problems to stand firm on the track. In fact, Alonso came out of track on a couple of occasions, the first in round 6, while the next could move to Felipe Massa. Hamilton with authority, followed by Button, Vettel, Webber and Alonso, commanded the race until on lap 52 Hamilton placed intermediate tyres before the risk of rain, just who did Webber. Alonso went on to more than the British, while Jenson Button had the lead, since the rain did not fall. Two laps later, Hamilton re-entered to rectify the mistake with the tyres and was subsequently penalized with a pass by the street of garages, while his countryman already flying toward the victory, while behind him, to about ten seconds, entered Germany’s Vettel, and third was Alonso, who at almost half a minute was in no man’s land, but keeping the third position without any problems. Source of the news: Button resists rain and gives the surprise win in Hungary, where Alonso came third

Katsikaris Bizkaia

Only Sergio Rodriguez (18) faked with rebel failure that came to his team on top. The clash began equaled in its first few minutes, in which the Madrid endured local ardor. But after the 6-7, the of Katsikaris, directed by some huge Jackson and Hervelle, chained a partial 13 – 0 that gave them 12 points of advantage (19-7) could not stop nor the first downtime Molin with 11-7 on the scoreboard. Whites recovered slightly with the departure of Sergio Rodriguez and a couple of plugs in zone (19-13), but the Bizkaia continued to theirs and ended the first quarter with a good advantage of 9 points (22-13). He kept her and even black team expanded it in the next ten minutes before an unfortunate Madrid who barely scored 4 points in 8 minutes and ended up completing a first time that wasn’t but the second party in the magic box because Bilbao team also ran aground in attack.

Even so, it reached up to 16 points of advantage (33-17) to two minutes for the rest. A couple of errors in attack of local and 4 consecutive points saved Madrid from view in the tessitura of makes two day, although this time in hostile terrain (33-21). Same holes, same points did not change things after the long break. (Similarly see: Save the Children). Unlike Sunday, white did not vary in attitude, premiosa and cold, without ideas. Thus, they barely totaled 3 points in five minutes and the Bizkaia, nor much scoreless, was again 16 of advantage (42-26). There reacted the Madrid, with the second appearance on the scene of Sergio Rodriguez, who got his team in the game with 8 points followed by a partial 3-14 which penalized the lack of annotation of black, fundamentally confident in its dnsa and white jam in attack (45-40).

However, a basket with additional shot almost on the Horn of Banic, the only one who scored in that negative stretch for his team, rescued his team in the face the last quarter reached 8 points up (48-40). That play was so important that the Bizkaia recovered breath and with a spectacular start already put impossible things to a rival already topped with a 59-42 after a battery of triples of the premises. A time Molin dead at that time already could do nothing before the rival Sprint from the hand of an audience that helped so much to win as the approach of Katsikaris and execution of their players. Up of 20 was to leave the Bizkaia (68-48) before his rival left things in the final 68-51. Factsheet 68 Bizkaia Bilbao Basket (22 + 11 + 15 + 20): Jackson (8), Blums (12), Mumbru (8), Banic (13) and Mavroeidis (5) – five initial-; Fisher (3), Warren (2), Vassiliadis (8), Hervelle (9) and Vazquez (-). 51. Real Madrid (13 + 8 + 19 + 11): Prigioni (-), Llull (7), Suarez (5), Reyes (3) and (6) – five initial-; Tomic Sergio Rodriguez (18), Tucker (2), Mirotic (4), Fisher (3) and Begic (3). Partial: 22-13, 33-21 (rest); 48-40 and 68-51 (final). Umpires: Amoros, Perez Perez y Jimenez. Disqualified by Sergio Rodriguez (min.40) personal. Incidences: Third game of semifinals of the qualifying rounds for the title of the ACB, witnessed by 8.510 spectators at a nearly full Arena Bilbao. Source of the news: Bizkaia Bilbao Basket takes advantage in the semi-finals before a Real Madrid without ideas

British Prime Minister

/ Advertise a deployment of 16,000 police to this Tuesday night. British Prime Minister has suspended his holiday to return to London. The conflict has spread to other cities in the country. It is the third night of violence in the British capital. Rev Starsky Wilson contains valuable tech resources. We will do everything necessary to restore order in our streets. This way of convincing the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has shown after meeting Tuesday with the crisis cabinet (known as Cobra) after a third night of violence in London, which has spread to other English cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds and Bristol.

Cameron has had an impact in increasing the security in the British capital: we need many more police on our streets, he said, why has announced that there will be 16,000 policemen guarding the streets of London on Tuesday night. This is pure and simple criminality to which we have to confront and defeat, added the British Prime Minister. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from BC Ministry of Health. Another important announcement is the meeting extraordinary to be held this Thursday in the British Parliament to discuss the wave of violence that has spread through the capital and spread to other cities. The j of the Executive strongly condemned the scenes in recent days, in which individuals ransacked, committed acts of vandalism, stole, attacked officers and even fire when they tried to placate fire. They addressed explicitly: if ye are enough adults to commit these offences, it also are tackling you full weight of the law, he stressed. Cameron showed their solidarity with those innocent people whose homes or premises have been destroyed in the riots and those who live in fear for these terrible scenes seen in the streets of their country. In his speech he also praised the courage shown by the police amid public unrest even if deemed necessary a greater police presence on the street.

ICU Days

The word most repeated by doctors to the family is the stability of the right-handed. There is no protocol of possible interventions for the next few days. The Bullfighter Jose Ortega Cano takes three days without fever, although continues in the ICU of the Hospital Virgen Macarena of Seville, awaiting that in the coming days to operate you ankle, which would confirm that their State has entered a phase of improvement, explained this Sunday a family member of the right-handed. The word most repeated by doctors family is stability after the fever is gone, said the source, specifying, however, what Miss one day more, or some of them, to see the evolution. The important thing is that, despite being very little by little, we can keep trusting that good evolution. The source referred to possible tracheotomy that some media have spoken without much Foundation, as saying that it will intervene again to that, it seems as if there worsened, and is not the case, he said. He insisted that he would to the Bullfighter tracheotomy if you still need a tube for breathing, and would only be to relieve that State, as forecasting that an vocal cord can hurt. Only that. But you have to wait for what they say the doctors, who incidentally nor have informed us of any possible interventions Protocol for the next few days, he concluded. Source of the news: Ortega Cano takes several days without fever and is waiting for an ankle operation

Fundacion Museo Picasso Malaga

Today Picasso is presented as a historic day for the Picasso Museum of Malaga (MPM), which featured for the first time in its seven years of life two temporary exhibitions at the same time establishing. Through the camera of David Douglas Duncan and bullets in front-, has finished as the Rosary of the aurora. Daughter-in-law of Picasso and President of honour of the Fundacion Museo Picasso Malaga, Christine Ruiz-Picasso, has refused to open the exhibition bullets to the front, which revolves around the series of etchings by the artist dream and lie of Franco (1937) two plates with artwork against the military uprising of July 1936, aimed at obtaining funds for the Republican cause with the sale of the prints in the Pavilion of the Republic at the international exhibition of Paris – and which comprise also other hundred of works by different artists that reflect the concern and commitment of these creators from violence arising from armed conflicts. Source of the news:: daughter-in-law of Picasso refuses to inaugurate a sample of the Civil War.