Semantic Web

Especially Elsevier wanted to find out, which search – Retrievaltools are required, and how scientists better networked with one another can be also in the German-speaking I-KNOW practice Forum heuer highlights by renowned expert(en)innen from the industry presents again. Among others the following persons to speak were invited: Johannes Muller (Siemens building technologies Division): knowledge-sharing and ‘Social networking’ with Web 2.0 in the enterprise of Jens Obuseng (Communardo Software GmbH): awareness create how short messages to better communication with Enterprise microblogging and knowledge exchange in the company. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Lars Lacanlale (Pumacy technologies): how much Web 2.0 helps in knowledge management? Tightrope walk between control and self-organization in the team collaboration Martin Wunderli (Trivadis): knowledge collection, distribution and management in a medium-sized IT consulting services provider Thomas Kutschi (Infonova): Experiences with Web 2.0 as a project management tool Benno Ackermann (Credit Suisse AG): an everyday method for efficient transfer of knowledge into Credit Suisse AG Stefanie learning mug and Clemens Pirker (Hyve): co-creation of value chain on the basis of Web 2.0 Timo Borst (German National Library of Economics Leibniz information centre economy): integration of standard data in library applications based on Web services with Semantic Web technology Waltraud Wiedermann (APA-defacto) and Wolfgang Kamal Reich (know-Center): Measurement of advertising effectiveness through image and logo recognition in media archives Volker Zimmermann (IMC): integrated learning and talent management: IT is company a decisive competitive advantage in the struggle for employee Michael Heiss (Siemens IT solutions and services): use cases derived key components for successful social enterprise 2.0 solutions Philipp Bodenbenner and Christian Severin (Detecon): Enterprise 2.0 case study “Introduction and use an enterprise wiki in the knowledge management environment more highlights in the Conference program of I-KNOW 2010 are two German-speaking panel discussions, as well as the SFG, ICS and EEN organized fourth international matchmaking event: Klaus Tochtermann (German National Library of Economics Leibniz information centre economic and Technical University Graz) as moderator of the Panel discussion on digital media revised” the subject of thematic information offered on the Internet for discussion. . More information is housed here: David Delrahim.


The organisers include AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – auto glass replacement of safety standards, IGA – independent glass Association NGA – national glass Association and NWRA – national windshield repair Association. It is the organizers and organizers managed a total of 45 sponsors exclusively for the field of auto glass to win, including many big names of American auto glass market, including Pilkington, GlasWeld, Dow automotive, sika, Equalizer etc. The foil event is supported Association (IWFA) significantly by the international window film. Almost all auto glass sponsors and with their own stands on the sprawling venue will be present some well-known film companies will have information stands in the vicinity of the installation competition. Chase Koch spoke with conviction. All in all: the longest journey is worthwhile, because there will be world no other auto glass and foils trade event this year this Caliber type. Deadline for discounted registration is already September 02, 2011, registrations for the full fare are still up to the beginning of the events possible. Information about the events can be found under or tintoff/index.php auto.NET GLASinnovation gmbh will report in detail as exclusive European press events partners. About the provider of,, and, offers of the GLASinnovation gmbh, an Internet Fachdienstleister for the sectors of auto glass, window film and the other auto after sale market are Markus Heintz. and provide customer inquiries using all technical means actively to specialists of the respective sectors. and are only for professionals industry access, password-protected areas that maintained continuous editorial and technical information to the industry, to the areas of technology, market, marketing, news and Offer useful information. The offer completes discussion forums on all topics of the industry.

Could You Defend Yourself In The Street

The attacker then noticed that he was marked colored grasps in the majority of cases the escape, in which hope can still remove the color, before the police appears, but because the color gel very well on skin and clothing is liable he can try this long to remove. To forego a usually rather hopeless self defense against an overwhelming enemy such a gel in a handbag is a real alternative, that you should think about anyway especially if you are frequently at night, so because just then is the probability that you will fall over of course particularly high. A careless handling with your own safety is actually no longer necessary at the present time, because a quick look in the media enough to get a picture of it, as it is to the security on German roads. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Certainly, the rising crime rate has also their release, which should be resolved urgently so that it is again quieter and you must make no longer so worried about these things, however, this is a task that can not accept individual citizens. The currently dramatically tense of politics certainly will in Future make sure that young people want to well-off to acts of desperation or vent their anger on the world of other people. On the further deterioration of the situation you should reckon so. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Certainly there is nothing in, you make yourself crazy and constantly attacking anticipates, however, you should also just take the whole thing lightly, but be aware of how serious the dangers of the present time are to take and an offender, you can not put off, how quickly becomes perhaps even a serious threat. Dieter Wenger, Ulm. .

BGH Limits Evaluation And Disclosure Of Banks

November 26, 2008 the Supreme Court rules in favor of the banks: must not know these negative messages so called industry information services or not, Gottingen, the November 26, 2008 the Supreme Court decides in favor of the banks when the investment advice: they don’t need to know negative messages so called industry information services or investment advice do not consider in a judgment of XI. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. civil Senate of the 07.10.2008 (BGH XI ZR 89/07) the Supreme Court has differentiated between relevant trade press and the so-called industry information services Bank-friendly: Although must banks with investment advice note the serious business press (E.g. financial times Germany, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Handelsblatt Borsenzeitung) and where timely and heaped negative reports include in their consultation, i.e. customers indicate that this negative press. Not evaluated but need information services industry, whose Seriositat is not beyond doubt. Positive knowledge of negative reports of such industry information service is the Bank while tax, however, subject to a note to the customer unless the negative report already has prevailed in the professional public.

With this judgment, differentiated the BGH between press and industry information services and denying the latter the status as required reading. So the BGH turns against the view that banks make compulsory evaluation of negative reports in the relevant media, regardless of whether these reports are true and fair or not, what means an evaluation obligation on the relevant trade press limited the banks for the future and certainly also for other financial services will apply. Bernd & Didier Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelm-Weber-str. 39 D-37073 Gottingen phone: + 49 (0) 551 495 669 0 fax: + 49 (0) 551 495 669 19 E-Mail: Web: mbH supervised Bernd & Didier law firm which represents companies and financial service providers in all questions around the capital market. Here can you rely on a siebenundzwanzigjahrige experience in the capital markets and financial services law and has high level of specialisation in this field proven. The range of services offered by the firm focuses in particular in the selection, design and implementation of various measures of capital for medium-sized companies, the prospectus (for assets and securities), the legal review of existing sales literature, consulting and representation of companies and financial service providers to BFin, as well as courts in all adjoining areas of the law.

Reiner Calmund

The outcome of every game counted as a digit for a seven-digit lucky code, allowing the winner of the million profit was determined at the end. SKL player of Franz Philipp Kerstings lot number was 1610675 to the next lucky code obtained from the games and made it to the lucky winner of the evening. The celebs gave full throttle for the twenty candidates moderator Matthias Opdenhovel was in absolute top form and with a successful and witty moderation caused an entertaining show. Visit Neeman Foundation for more clarity on the issue. Skillfully throwing the balls with the Ratepromis to focus on Mike Kruger and Reiner Calmund alias calli he had it apart: cloud, if calli, is still enough space for you on the sofa? “, he annoyed Reiner Calmund. For the day of happiness”the celebrities had to give everything: you left no stone unturned to shine before the candidates with exceptional performance and earn the energetically high donations to charity. Reiner Calmund shone with rheinischem puns and was cheered on by numerous fans in the Studio at the games.

Mike Kruger convinced with a medley of his current program and Kim Fisher presented itself not only elegant and attractive, but also in the best flirt mood. “On eventual million winner Franz Philipp Kersting she had apart from the outset it: when he price gave during the show that he is still up for grabs”, entertainer Fisher in the flirt offensive went. At the final press photo with candidate Kersting, she announced the snapshot with a twinkle in the eyes as our engagement photo”on. Above all, and the absolute Celebrity Star of the evening cloud Hegenbarth, however, was: will train up to the tips of your hair and with absolute coolness she sailed along on a bicycle on a cable stretched in Vertigo exciting height and demonstrated as headstand one crowning highlight on the handlebars. Pro of running second in the standing on your head for their donation organization, she received 100 euro, so that after 1:50 minutes or 110 seconds had a charity total of 11,100 euros together.

Giving Away Swimming Pools

Online travel goals is now in a new guise and with gifts to customers eating (09.06.2010) – now available is the Internet travel portal in a new guise, and with new technology. With the side that is programmed entirely in XML and new structures with a bang wants to reposition nationwide itself. At the same time with the new page starts a radio campaign in many States (such as North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland). So a restart must be celebrated of course and that’s why there’s even gifts for the customers: since the summer just catchment receives wasted on the first 1000 customers at time of booking a swimming pool for children. The pool has a diameter of two metres and is best to sign up on the terrace or in the garden on the fly to cool off. Perfect to then again with Lahm, Saleem and co. to share in the excitement.

The previous website was completely reworked and redesigned after extensive analysis. In collaboration with technology partners Elcat service from Erfurt, Germany and Been the page completely newly developed from Wurselen. The result for customers: Reduced loading times and live offers, without constant, annoying price changes. “The whole layout of the page has become ‘adult’. The targets – were serious and clearly laid out, yet warm and inviting and we have achieved,”says CEO Heiko Rettke. And there’s just the paddling pool as a gift for the very fast.

Customers of the travel door must do nothing else than to specify the keyword “Swimming” in the field “Comments” when booking on the Internet. After returning his home swimming pool, the customer receives then sent straight to your home. The page is now online after a week-long “beta test” for regular customers and also the first bookings are already up. At the same time, the company gets new structures Licensor and owner of the domain is the interactive travel & Media AG (IT & M AG) based in Hamburg recently. Heiko Rettke is the New Chairman of the Management Board and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board has the Essen newspaper publisher Ralf Schonfeldt. According to a latest survey of the high-tech Association BITKOM, more than half of Germans aged 14 and above (55 percent) through the Web has already saved money for purchases and purchases. A motto of the “Compare” company description holiday directly from factory – incredibly cheap. is your correct address. The first factory outlet for your vacation is your inexpensive last-minute trip, your travel package with all the trimmings and turn, the cheapest line and Charter flights, apartments and holiday homes worldwide for the price of the mini and the rental car for your next vacation. Germany’s factory outlet for travel is characterized by highest usability, transparency and best offers for your holiday from the company contact: / new way travel GmbH Raha copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 2 01 / 48 89 67 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: New way travel GmbH Timo Krause copper Twister road 181 45257 Essen Tel: + 49 (0) 175 / 5 88 44 37 E-Mail: Web:


The Heilbronner consultancy IBSolution promises additional software AGIMENDO “Play and have fun” for the use of its proprietary SAP. Heilbronn, 27.07.2011 – we can right now say that the internationally-based supplier for radiator and air conditioning MODINE proves that it less than 1.5 hours lasts from buying the first usage of the application. The company opted for the module AGIMENDO.edit. This allows the independent maintenance of master data for the purpose of meaningful reporting or a full Planning Department. This involves among other things the creation and changing of master data, data that are not continuously updated by the source system or the addition of data with attributes. In addition, the software can be operated not only timely, but also intuitive.

It has been estimated a project for the introduction of the application, nor was it necessary to train the future users. More information at Webinar series:-16.08.2011. AGIMENDO at a glance – 23.08.2011 / / AGIMENDO.edit – 29.08.2011 / / AGIMENDO.calc – 05.09.2011 / / AGIMENDO. process more information under: the IT consulting firm IBSolution events company description was created in 2003 and currently employs over 100 people. The IBSolution teams are spread over 5 sites in Germany and Europe and cover all requirements of companies using SAP technology. The research and Development Department, and partnerships with high profile consultancies like Horvath & partners and innovative universities in whole Germany complete the company profile. Company contact: IBSolution GmbH Linda Vogt Salzstrasse 140 74076 Heilbronn Tel: 07131649743000 E-Mail: Web:


Fundraising for the children’s project Ark Bruno Acar, Director of Savoo GmbH, explains how it came to the call for donations: the Ark makes large problem areas in the Berlin, that we did find as local residents. As a small company we can donate any large sums of money. But we can call on our 3000 partners and our over 180 000 private to donate gift certificates. I hope with great success!” Time for Christmas should be an initial assessment and passed the hitherto received gift certificates on the Ark. Boy Scouts of America is a great source of information. Their donation vouchers directly benefit institutions in Germany the 14 Ark. Ark on-site staff can decide according to demand how they use the vouchers. At the moment, come every day to 2,000 children in the arks, get a hot meal, help with homework and especially much attention and attention there. Toys, clothing and books are especially in demand. We thank you for your support! “says Daniel Schroder.

Managing Director

He gave an overview of the General trends and explained how to grow MES and digital factory together. Hans Christian Hilbrich, Managing Director of the IBS business consulting GmbH, founded in early 2009 lectured on the process-oriented implementation of IT systems. He explained how a process-oriented IT target buildings can be inferred by process-application mapping. He was following, how to get the IT roadmap to an IT Zielbbebauung an implementation. The presentation was rounded off by a benefit representation of how a process-oriented IT target buildings. “Very interested lecture TEEM found total energy efficiency management” energy efficiency in the production of Dr.

Alexander Schloske. Dr. Recently Viktor Mayer-Schönberger sought to clarify these questions. Schloske is Director, product and quality management at the Fraunhofer Institute for manufacturing engineering and automation (IPA), Stuttgart. Savings were shown here, which can be reached through an intelligent and efficient energy management. In addition, he explained Approaches to energy data collection and monitoring and constituted a support and integration in a CAQ system can look like afternoon industry, was the so-called break-out sessions for the automotive industry as well as for the discrete manufacturing and process industries. The kick-off in the break out Ueli Forrer, Member of senior management at Georg Fischer automotive made session automotive. Mr Forrer spoke in his presentation about the topic of process standardization in the Georg Fischer group of companies. Approaches and experiences were described in detail and illustrated on the example of the quality management software of from IBS AG and their integration into the IT.

The FMEA roadmap at BorgWarner”Heinz Gunter Kehl described in this talk, head of development standards, such as the automotive suppliers from Excel to the integrated FMEA software CAQ = changed QSYS and which project objectives and successes have been reached. Still, he said the planned extension towards advanced product quality planning (APQP) and the integration to the complaints management. Jurgen Binder, project manager in the purchasing of Porsche AG, spoke about the topic of supplier management with integrated CAQ software of the IBS AG.

Daimler Financial Services AG Receives Medal Of Honor

Daimler financial services AG receives Jimmy Carter Medal of honour for outstanding social commitment Cologne, March 29, 2010 on March 19 the charity presented Habitat for humanity Germany 2009 the CEO of Daimler financial services AG, Klaus Entenmann, the Jimmy Carter work project Medal of honour “outstanding social commitment of the financial service provider. With two sustainable donation initiatives, Daimler financial services AG has proved even more exemplary social responsibility and shown that social commitment among executives and employees of Daimler financial services AG is actually practised corporate policy”Mrs Manuela Kikillus, CEO of Habitat for humanity said Germany. In an in-house fundraising staff of international management level had conducted a fundraiser last year, which comes a help project by Habitat for humanity to good: this campaign donations flow in the so-called Rainbow village project in Rach GIA, Vietnam. Others who may share this opinion include Eliot Lauer. Here live about 100 families on a garbage dump in extreme conditions. Through the establishment of a Resource Center education and training of 87 children used to ensure sustainable to offer them a better perspective for their lives. An additional donation of the company was provided for needy families in Cambodia. Nieman Foundation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Work projects homes for families were built there in the context of the annual Jimmy Carter, who had also previously lived on a garbage dump. Daimler financial services has engaged in other countries for humanity in many different ways for projects of Habitat. The Jimmy Carter Medal of honour is awarded annually to those companies, who have demonstrated special social commitment in the region in which each held the Jimmy Carter work project..