Justaloud.com Launches Beta Version

Music discover moods and related songs. Stuttgart, March 18, 2008. Justaloud.com this week after five months of alpha phase, launches the new version. In addition to a further development of the design, there are innovative ways to discover new music. With a new search users based on their mood and the theme of a song, as well as musical relationship to other titles can browse the existing repertoire. The page is complemented by an editorial music magazine run by the community. Give with the further development of Justaloud.com wants the answer to the question how I find new music that suits me”. York City. If we get fancy on new music, mostly a feeling, event, or a vague idea is about at the beginning.

A pure catalogue sorted by genre or similar little is useful in this case because this looks rather like a phone book and you’ll find we know only what you already knew. A suitable selection of matching songs can be generated with the new search now on the basis of descriptions. The selection represents that the user searches or the like could. See more detailed opinions by reading what Dr. Neal Barnard offers on the topic.. We get the data from the artist himself. He knows his music to the best. “, explains Eyser, founder of the platform, the search technology.

“” “The user can, for example, by specifying a mood as aggressive”, cheerful”or funky” a choice for creating effects. Is something else you can also combine the various filters, aggressive under the mood”in the hip hop genre as in the folk music. Another filter is the phonetic relationship to other artists. “” So, Justaloud provides a similar-sounding artists like Depeche Mode “or radio head” selection. “Attributes such as subject of the song” and language “complete the search results entirely. Through the introduction of a social graph”, users will also receive recommendations from their network of contacts. Is a song bought from a fellow user, this will appear on the home page of the user. This can now listen to the song itself and buy favor. So, each user generates high-quality buying recommendations alone due to its activity on the platform for his friends. With the newly launched music magazine, Justaloud creates a more user-driven recommendation functionality. Ambitious Community users have the possibility to write about artists and their music. Every written article is associated with a genre and will serve the user as a recommendation. Our goal is to highlight particular artists or recordings together with our community. So we can give a meaningful orientation other members in our growing community, since now more than 11,000 songs at Justaloud uploaded”, Eyser summarizes the new function.

1.5 Million Brilliant Works Of Art For Children In Need

Little artists attacked a world child pen and paper Nuremberg time day, 23 September also this year the world child time day was a huge success on May 6. More than 900,000 children created under the motto of most ingenious invention sought! small works of art. At Dr. Neal Barnard you will find additional information. Thus arose around 1.5 million imaginative inventions, which were exchanged for parents, relatives and friends for a small donation for children in need. In Germany were the donations to the organization SOS – Kinderdorf e.V. With lots of fun and creativity, Leo Vonhoegen from Wurselen painted a picture of a lucky donor machine. The jury agreed, officially the young inventor Prize to reward this ingenious invention.

As a winner he is pleased now about the title of the young inventor”, as well as a joint weekend with his family in Nuremberg. The sunshine daycare”in bad Kosen has also convinced the jury with its artwork and could decide as a group to the competition. On May 6, many great inventions to children arose in throughout Germany to help, which is not so good. So, attacked in numerous German cities children to pen and paper and showed how much creativity inside them. In Mettlach, so spaceships, ingenious cooking machines or even pens were built. In Hattingen Mortimer English club a huge children’s Festival, held to celebrate the world child time day. The world child time day was a success the day of action worldwide, not just in Germany.

In a total of 20 countries, including Thailand, Korea, North America, and Macedonia, around a million little artists were creative. 58,000 children for the earthquake victims in Japan, painted in Italy. 2,500 creative boys and girls supported in the UK the charity of the Princess Royal Trust for carers”, which is under the patronage of Princess Anne. Again many disadvantaged children could be helped by the support of young artists on this year’s world child time day. About STAEDTLER the STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & co. KG with its headquarters in Nuremberg belongs to the World’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, painting, drawing and creative products. When developing its products has always been, STAEDTLER relies on innovation and a high user benefit. founded by Johann Sebastian Staedtler in 1835, the company employs more than 2,200 employees and operates in over 150 countries. With the size and global nature of the company also its social responsibility grows all over the world: for its employees, but also for environmental and economic sustainability. STAEDTLER is committed to current and future generations and this aligns itself for years on the content of the Social Charter. This means: the company against forced labour and discrimination, as well as for fair and socially acceptable working conditions in all international offices and manufacturing facilities committed. Worldwide, STAEDTLER is actively engaged in social and cultural matters, cross-border helps people in need and children with increased training needs, for example the day of the world child time. There are all information about companies STAEDTLER and the world child time day under.

Popular Gift Items

Books are still the first choice when searching for Christmas gifts. A study was initiated recently by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce has shown once again that books are still among the most popular Christmas gifts. Books even in the first place are at the question after choosing a gift. Also a survey of the customers of the HULLABALOO in November has revealed that one in two is planning to surprise with a book under the Christmas tree. Many justify this, that a book can be a very personal gift that also shows how close two people are and how well they know each other.

The book is not just only a gift but conveys a message from the giver to the receiver often, and partly also unconsciously. So everyone will find the right gift, HULLABALOO has expanded in time its online inventory before Christmas to 3,000 books. Thomas Basdera, proprietor of HULLABALOO, “some of our examples in our warehouse are certainly very nice presents, especially for book lovers and collectors, because we have a large selection of first editions and signed books. Just right for a successful Christmas surprise!” In addition, Thomas Basdera observed a countercurrent to the increasing mechanization, back to the “old fashioned” book. Demand especially classics and collectibles often by young customers. The good old bookcase is been replaced probably but not yet by flat-screen TVs and computer monitors from home.

Danube University Krems

The General management MBA Info session: March 15, 2011 to March 15, 2011 the continuing education center within the framework of an information session presented the postgraduate program in general management MBA. General management MBA with around 200 participants and participants and a successful re-accreditation 11 years speak for themselves. The quality of the programme is based on the experience of the Technical University of Vienna and the Danube University Krems in postgraduate education, as well as the expertise of renowned national and international speakers. This program starts in October 2011 for the twelfth time and offers the possibility of part-time to acquire economic, legal and social basis knowledge aspiring young managers. Univ. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg course Manager and the program managers like.

Sabine Schnetzinger (TU Wien) and Dr.in Andrea Holtl (Donau Universitat Krems) inform and answer both substantive and organizational questions. Alumni and students will report on their experiences in addition and then there are for discussions.

A New Logo Presents CONLEY

In addition to which, at the beginning of the year, started communication campaign MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE! Conley opts for s CONLEY’S a meaningful logo THE FASHION ONLINE STORE that Conley’s underlines its expertise in the field of online and opts for a reinforced sense as an online shop. Cult is the eponymous Gallery. Additional information is available at BSA. It attracts more and more customers and potential customers in the network. The Internet shop has numerous innovative tools and products that are offered exclusively online. Exclusively in the Internet area is the style of the stars shown. Conley’s Denimshop has Germany’s largest selection of high-quality designer jeans with a personal style guide and a jeans A to Z. The most recent project is an integrated store of the United States.

The American trends”, the favourite label of celebrities, Conley’s exclusive brings to Germany. For Conley’s has an own trend Scout. There are only at Conley’s Gwen Brice label L.A.M.B., surfer labels Rolland Berry and Warrious of radness, or the scarves by Leigh & Luca. Up close there! ” on the own Conley’s blog possible. Exclusive insight behind the scenes allow photographers, models and staff, who often live report on travel, photo shoots, Trendscoutings, and measurement. “Conley’s brand diversity is: we have the best mix of brands and the most famous brands.” Conley’s Cherry is: we are not 50 parts of a trade mark, but only 10 and are the best of the collection! “Conley’s outfits makes: we tell our customers not only what brands / parts IN” are, but how to best combine these.

Company portrait: Conley’s is a catalog with famous designer brands, high-quality private label and the Conley’s around the world discovered popular newcomer labels, and brings to Germany. The range of products like, fun and sometimes unusual. Conley’s knows no bounds. Anything the trend Scouts convinced, in the catalog.

Feet Movement

Increased health awareness and numerous medical aid have made exercise and sports for modern senior citizens for granted. Mobility in the age has become the expression of a higher quality of life for many. Walking, hiking or even regular training for the sports badge, the “new old” keep today physically and mentally in movement. AIDS cure age-related restrictions of movement. Orthopedic injuries such as wear and tear on the joints and stress-related infections of the feet are the greatest obstacle to operate regular athletic. As support for Achy bones and joints and for fear of further injury, many older people like to fall to bandages for the feet.

In addition, the retailers offers rail for the feet, which are to wear overnight. They help to improve damage and pain. Both to sturdy tracks primary care both in shock-resilient pads, hypoallergenic materials provide comfort in any weather. For lifestyle, wellness and health, the online shop sanumvitalis offers over 3000 products. The entire product range is specially geared to the needs and desires of seniors.

Also the wide range of bandages, splints and heel cushion of the leading brands of ARCUS and BORT aimed particularly at customers who want to continue to actively participate in life despite advanced age. Using a specially designed evaluation system, specialised mail order sanumvitalis secures its product range. Customers of the company can evaluate products as also services the online shipping with a point system and leave comments as a guide for other customers. The success of corporate strategy, to assume only premium brands in the range is reflected on the example of the drums for the feet.

Semantic Web

Especially Elsevier wanted to find out, which search – Retrievaltools are required, and how scientists better networked with one another can be also in the German-speaking I-KNOW practice Forum heuer highlights by renowned expert(en)innen from the industry presents again. Among others the following persons to speak were invited: Johannes Muller (Siemens building technologies Division): knowledge-sharing and ‘Social networking’ with Web 2.0 in the enterprise of Jens Obuseng (Communardo Software GmbH): awareness create how short messages to better communication with Enterprise microblogging and knowledge exchange in the company. Click Professor of Internet Governance to learn more. Lars Lacanlale (Pumacy technologies): how much Web 2.0 helps in knowledge management? Tightrope walk between control and self-organization in the team collaboration Martin Wunderli (Trivadis): knowledge collection, distribution and management in a medium-sized IT consulting services provider Thomas Kutschi (Infonova): Experiences with Web 2.0 as a project management tool Benno Ackermann (Credit Suisse AG): an everyday method for efficient transfer of knowledge into Credit Suisse AG Stefanie learning mug and Clemens Pirker (Hyve): co-creation of value chain on the basis of Web 2.0 Timo Borst (German National Library of Economics Leibniz information centre economy): integration of standard data in library applications based on Web services with Semantic Web technology Waltraud Wiedermann (APA-defacto) and Wolfgang Kamal Reich (know-Center): Measurement of advertising effectiveness through image and logo recognition in media archives Volker Zimmermann (IMC): integrated learning and talent management: IT is company a decisive competitive advantage in the struggle for employee Michael Heiss (Siemens IT solutions and services): use cases derived key components for successful social enterprise 2.0 solutions Philipp Bodenbenner and Christian Severin (Detecon): Enterprise 2.0 case study “Introduction and use an enterprise wiki in the knowledge management environment more highlights in the Conference program of I-KNOW 2010 are two German-speaking panel discussions, as well as the SFG, ICS and EEN organized fourth international matchmaking event: Klaus Tochtermann (German National Library of Economics Leibniz information centre economic and Technical University Graz) as moderator of the Panel discussion on digital media revised” the subject of thematic information offered on the Internet for discussion. .


The organisers include AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA – auto glass replacement of safety standards, IGA – independent glass Association NGA – national glass Association and NWRA – national windshield repair Association. It is the organizers and organizers managed a total of 45 sponsors exclusively for the field of auto glass to win, including many big names of American auto glass market, including Pilkington, GlasWeld, Dow automotive, sika, Equalizer etc. The foil event is supported Association (IWFA) significantly by the international window film. Almost all auto glass sponsors and with their own stands on the sprawling venue will be present some well-known film companies will have information stands in the vicinity of the installation competition. Chase Koch spoke with conviction. All in all: the longest journey is worthwhile, because there will be world no other auto glass and foils trade event this year this Caliber type. Deadline for discounted registration is already September 02, 2011, registrations for the full fare are still up to the beginning of the events possible. Information about the events can be found under or tintoff/index.php auto.NET GLASinnovation gmbh will report in detail as exclusive European press events partners. About the provider of autoglaser.de, autoglasforum.de, Folie.de and Folieb2b.de, offers of the AUTO.net GLASinnovation gmbh, an Internet Fachdienstleister for the sectors of auto glass, window film and the other auto after sale market are Markus Heintz.

autoglaser.de and Folie.de provide customer inquiries using all technical means actively to specialists of the respective sectors. autoglasforum.de and Folieb2b.de are only for professionals industry access, password-protected areas that maintained continuous editorial and technical information to the industry, to the areas of technology, market, marketing, news and Offer useful information. The offer completes discussion forums on all topics of the industry.

Could You Defend Yourself In The Street

The attacker then noticed that he was marked colored grasps in the majority of cases the escape, in which hope can still remove the color, before the police appears, but because the color gel very well on skin and clothing is liable he can try this long to remove. To forego a usually rather hopeless self defense against an overwhelming enemy such a gel in a handbag is a real alternative, that you should think about anyway especially if you are frequently at night, so because just then is the probability that you will fall over of course particularly high. A careless handling with your own safety is actually no longer necessary at the present time, because a quick look in the media enough to get a picture of it, as it is to the security on German roads. Go to Dr. Neal Barnard for more information. Certainly, the rising crime rate has also their release, which should be resolved urgently so that it is again quieter and you must make no longer so worried about these things, however, this is a task that can not accept individual citizens. The currently dramatically tense of politics certainly will in Future make sure that young people want to well-off to acts of desperation or vent their anger on the world of other people. On the further deterioration of the situation you should reckon so. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Certainly there is nothing in, you make yourself crazy and constantly attacking anticipates, however, you should also just take the whole thing lightly, but be aware of how serious the dangers of the present time are to take and an offender, you can not put off, how quickly becomes perhaps even a serious threat. Dieter Wenger, Ulm. .

BGH Limits Evaluation And Disclosure Of Banks

November 26, 2008 the Supreme Court rules in favor of the banks: must not know these negative messages so called industry information services or not, Gottingen, the November 26, 2008 the Supreme Court decides in favor of the banks when the investment advice: they don’t need to know negative messages so called industry information services or investment advice do not consider in a judgment of XI. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. civil Senate of the 07.10.2008 (BGH XI ZR 89/07) the Supreme Court has differentiated between relevant trade press and the so-called industry information services Bank-friendly: Although must banks with investment advice note the serious business press (E.g. financial times Germany, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Handelsblatt Borsenzeitung) and where timely and heaped negative reports include in their consultation, i.e. customers indicate that this negative press. Not evaluated but need information services industry, whose Seriositat is not beyond doubt. Positive knowledge of negative reports of such industry information service is the Bank while tax, however, subject to a note to the customer unless the negative report already has prevailed in the professional public.

With this judgment, differentiated the BGH between press and industry information services and denying the latter the status as required reading. So the BGH turns against the view that banks make compulsory evaluation of negative reports in the relevant media, regardless of whether these reports are true and fair or not, what means an evaluation obligation on the relevant trade press limited the banks for the future and certainly also for other financial services will apply. Bernd & Didier Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Wilhelm-Weber-str. 39 D-37073 Gottingen phone: + 49 (0) 551 495 669 0 fax: + 49 (0) 551 495 669 19 E-Mail: Web: mbH supervised Bernd & Didier law firm which represents companies and financial service providers in all questions around the capital market. Here can you rely on a siebenundzwanzigjahrige experience in the capital markets and financial services law and has high level of specialisation in this field proven. The range of services offered by the firm focuses in particular in the selection, design and implementation of various measures of capital for medium-sized companies, the prospectus (for assets and securities), the legal review of existing sales literature, consulting and representation of companies and financial service providers to BFin, as well as courts in all adjoining areas of the law.