Katsikaris Bizkaia

Only Sergio Rodriguez (18) faked with rebel failure that came to his team on top. The clash began equaled in its first few minutes, in which the Madrid endured local ardor. But after the 6-7, the of Katsikaris, directed by some huge Jackson and Hervelle, chained a partial 13 – 0 that gave them 12 points of advantage (19-7) could not stop nor the first downtime Molin with 11-7 on the scoreboard. Whites recovered slightly with the departure of Sergio Rodriguez and a couple of plugs in zone (19-13), but the Bizkaia continued to theirs and ended the first quarter with a good advantage of 9 points (22-13). He kept her and even black team expanded it in the next ten minutes before an unfortunate Madrid who barely scored 4 points in 8 minutes and ended up completing a first time that wasn’t but the second party in the magic box because Bilbao team also ran aground in attack.

Even so, it reached up to 16 points of advantage (33-17) to two minutes for the rest. A couple of errors in attack of local and 4 consecutive points saved Madrid from view in the tessitura of makes two day, although this time in hostile terrain (33-21). Same holes, same points did not change things after the long break. (Similarly see: Save the Children). Unlike Sunday, white did not vary in attitude, premiosa and cold, without ideas. Thus, they barely totaled 3 points in five minutes and the Bizkaia, nor much scoreless, was again 16 of advantage (42-26). There reacted the Madrid, with the second appearance on the scene of Sergio Rodriguez, who got his team in the game with 8 points followed by a partial 3-14 which penalized the lack of annotation of black, fundamentally confident in its dnsa and white jam in attack (45-40).

However, a basket with additional shot almost on the Horn of Banic, the only one who scored in that negative stretch for his team, rescued his team in the face the last quarter reached 8 points up (48-40). That play was so important that the Bizkaia recovered breath and with a spectacular start already put impossible things to a rival already topped with a 59-42 after a battery of triples of the premises. A time Molin dead at that time already could do nothing before the rival Sprint from the hand of an audience that helped so much to win as the approach of Katsikaris and execution of their players. Up of 20 was to leave the Bizkaia (68-48) before his rival left things in the final 68-51. Factsheet 68 Bizkaia Bilbao Basket (22 + 11 + 15 + 20): Jackson (8), Blums (12), Mumbru (8), Banic (13) and Mavroeidis (5) – five initial-; Fisher (3), Warren (2), Vassiliadis (8), Hervelle (9) and Vazquez (-). 51. Real Madrid (13 + 8 + 19 + 11): Prigioni (-), Llull (7), Suarez (5), Reyes (3) and (6) – five initial-; Tomic Sergio Rodriguez (18), Tucker (2), Mirotic (4), Fisher (3) and Begic (3). Partial: 22-13, 33-21 (rest); 48-40 and 68-51 (final). Umpires: Amoros, Perez Perez y Jimenez. Disqualified by Sergio Rodriguez (min.40) personal. Incidences: Third game of semifinals of the qualifying rounds for the title of the ACB, witnessed by 8.510 spectators at a nearly full Arena Bilbao. Source of the news: Bizkaia Bilbao Basket takes advantage in the semi-finals before a Real Madrid without ideas