Solar Units

Important subject when one is Solar paddles or Heating Lots and Tanks for water. Where to locate them, to seat them and how to assure them. The systems of assembly of the structures that can be of iron galvanized with aluminum profiles are designed according to the place to settle. Mainly the positioning is on the ceilings of the houses, that is to say ceilings with slopes or against rains, snow-covered or granizos. All the slopes of the ceilings do not have the same rake with respect to the floor of the house or building. In addition, the material of which each ceiling is constructed can be very different one from the other ceiling by customs, aesthetic, quality of the house, in short, of all ways for case of evaluation each of them. The support structures must be made to the modules of photovoltaic panels or heating lots agreed.

That is to say, or hardly for a panel or an agreed set of them to the requirements according to necessity of the energy. On the other hand, the installation will have to be calculated on the basis of the direction of solar rays and to the maximized aesthetic aspect with rays Extreme Violet, also known like Individual Solar System or Multiplicates. For the ceilings of pending major the support structure metallic will be of typical design, with aluminum profiles support of electrostatic iron properly painted and complete frame; whereas for the ceilings of roofing tiles with slight slopes, it is necessary to adapt to the modules ray protectors UV, with polyester layer, resistant also to the snowed ones and hailing that they are easier in depositing itself by less pending. In the level land floors, the support structures greater and are falsified thinking about multipurpose modules and especially with following the facility to place of solar rays, with iron and profiles of alumnio for functions of multi-angles of pursuit to the fall of mentioned rays. For the roofs as much in buildings as houses of one or two floors, the structures and models of supports are different from the mentioned ones above. In anyone of the cases these structures are done thinking about expansions of the system or modular systems of easy expansion in the future. As far as their maintenance anticorrosive protectors and close fitting jackets of marks with guarantee are very little once installed with. Of all ways they recommend scheduled inspections and a maintenance programmed annually like minimum.