NZ-app – Frankisch Learning Made Easy!

For some, it is a disease, for others the most beautiful dialect: the Franconian. “Who wants to understand Frankisch, maybe even your own talk, now helps the the app NZ Franconian”. First for iPhone and iPad available this app offers 500 German terms with Franconian translation – of course also to listen. Bernd Handel, President of Mardi Gras in Franconia ensures that the correct pronunciation is”. In addition to the terms listed alphabetically and sorted by topic areas, there are specific phrases, jokes and a Franconian quiz. (Source: Professor of Internet Governance). The comic book character Gerchla”, which runs through the app, created by the Nuremberg artist Gymmick. Ted Hertle, author of the book Mittelfrankisch for Neigschmeggde controlled informed contributions to the peculiarities of the Franconian”, when – for example the six goledenen language rules, which also explain why yawning emptiness there is in a Franconian encyclopedia under the letter P or T. The greater is the selection for this Epithets or in the area of food and beverages.

Who during his next visit to Swiss franc don’t have to keep “excuse me?” (Franconian: “Huh?”) want to say, which should pick up as this app, like Franke, who knows maybe only two translations for “Mouth” (“NZ Frankisch” three supplies namely). The app (Franconian: abb) is available for 0.79 euros in the AppStore. It was realised by the Nurnberger Zeitung and FELDMANN media group. Gunter Feldmann

Social Intranet

Cologne Internet Agency of Robert Bosch shows the emergence of a social intranet at the example pietzpluswild Foundation the previous intranet of the Robert Bosch Foundation served the employees more than knowledge database because as an instrument of communication. With the new design of the intranet, the Cologne Internet Agency of pietzpluswild GmbH should improve knowledge access through user-oriented development. The expansion of the intranet to a full-fledged medium of internal communication took place in several steps. Recently Center For Responsible Lending sought to clarify these questions. In design workshops on-site, the Agency met the company with its values and its culture. A written employee survey gave insight into the needs of employees with regard to their day-to-day business.

The concept designer of the Agency captured Deputy of individual user groups using the so-called persona method to optimize the intranet through the prism of the employees. Obstacle for the relaunch of an intranet is the acceptance by the employee experience. Therefore the new Intranet was introduced gradually in addition to the previously considered involvement of employees with all social network features. An editorial concept distributes the editorial responsibility within the company. On the basis of the corporate design Michael Wild by Hohenborn, Creative Director of the agency created a new language of forms, with the sticky note appearance of the layout for the Foundation’s social intranet. Michael Pietz, diploma in computer science, advised the Foundation in selecting the Agency for the upcoming technical implementation of the project.

Those in charge of the Robert Bosch Foundation were very pleased about the concept and appearance of the new intranet. Stefan Schott, head of communications at the Robert Bosch Foundation: the new intranet has lifted the internal communication of the Foundation to a new level. It offers news, a clearly structured knowledge base and for the first time dialog functions. Colleagues have inspired immediately this tool adopted.”


Insignio presents an eMagazine with social functions which was eMagazine yesterday, today is SocialMag. Insignio corporate publishing presents a completely new medium allows companies and their target groups to communicate effectively. Bildstark and with social and multimedia elements to the SocialMag attracts even the most discerning reader from the reserve. Communication in all directions. “The Insignio team shows the advantages in a prerelease version: the own customer magazine selection” is incorporated in the SocialMag format. First implementations for customers are in work. With SocialMag, we aim at the heart of our readers and invite them to the dialog.

We are already looking forward to the first reactions,”says Christoph Elbern, Managing Director corporate publishing the Insignio group. The Insignio team combines the competencies editorial concept and technology. We know the issues of our customers and have developed the new format itself. Now, we develop solutions for this valuable new customer loyalty tool for customers. It is ideally suited for the communication with customers, employees, and distributors.” These features distinguish the SocialMag: extraordinary pictorial language: with impressive images, SocialMag clicks right in the heart of the target group: large, animated photo galleries, photo galleries and videos invite the reader to discover. The result is a completely new image and style. Optimally matched to virtually all digital channels.

Direct dialogue through social media: SocialMag opens up new channels of communication with selected target groups. Everywhere where it makes sense, invites the editor become active. So can, for example, comments, initiated a vote or provides recommendations on a particular topic. Readers can upload their own files and to provide to others. Can be used with mobile devices: SocialMag is not a native app! The magazine is shown in the browser. This has two advantages: the Publisher can update at any time and the user must provide no storage capacity. Sophisticated Staging, simple edit: Even if the SocialMag boasts a sophisticated magazine dramaturgy, the editorial staff is relatively easy and can be changed with just a few clicks. Thus updates or additions can be performed at any time. Agency and corporate communications to remotely create and edit pages. More information under:

Ralf Kleber Foundation

Campaign against animal torture products at Amazon is growing In 2009 that started Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment, constructive with Ralf Kleber, the Managing Director of Amazon Germany, about the termination of trade with particularly nasty products such as foie gras, to speak fur and lobster on Because these negotiations have led to no result, the Foundation created a protest action in the life a few weeks ago on, about the more than 5,000 people at Ralf Kleber due to its support of cruelty to animals complained. In addition, animal rights activists have distributed over 25,000 leaflets with a provocative subject against its publication Amazon although announced but has not initiated legal action. Support is now experiencing the campaign of the Vegetarier Bund in Germany, which joins the protests and has dissolved his Amazon partner shop. The production of animal products is generally critical from our point of view consider. That Amazon but make a profit with such nasty products such as furs, foie gras and lobster wants to is now socially just unacceptable “as Sebastian Zosch, Managing Director of the vegetarian Federal.

For animal lovers, the purchase at prohibits. Therefore we welcome the support of the Vegetarier Bund and many activists and activists who spread this message”, explains Wolfgang Schindler, President of the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment. The Albert Schweitzer campaigned Foundation for our environment for over a decade against the industrialized farming and other humane practices. More information on Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Mahi Klosterhalfen Saeed Park 5 10715 Berlin 030 86 39 16 59