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1. Part the fantasy tetralogy by Laura spring has spring young author Laura on 01 September 2013 her debut work about the small world of Pablo and published their creation. The entry in the tetralogy is an unusual heroine, whose propensity for violence is not always in your control with the unorthodox romance, which itself revolves pulls Platinum between her and her supposed Savior. About the book: Humans, elves, and the legendary members of the kingdoms make Paxias population. But her harmonious life gets out of whack, as disaster haunt the world with death and destruction. Also the sky goes out.

Not willing to accept this fate embarks the cause of eerie happenings Saya popularly the star guard on the search. But before she can compete their way, she is wounded in a storm. Iain, who finds her unconscious, takes her into his Kingdom high in the clouds. Incensed over the kidnapping, demands her freedom. Iain, however, forfeited her at first glance and is not willing still able to go to. This clash of their wild, warlike nature with Iains of persistent diplomacy leads to a showdown of special nature. It comes to bloody clashes, tension-filled conversations and widerwilligem cease-fire – increasingly accompanied by the Crackle of opposing attraction.

Iains willpower is an equal SayAs. It seems that her remains only the escape. But how, if you are far above the surface of Paxias and is not powerful of flying? In addition, the reader learns a first meet with two other characters, which should be established in the upcoming sequel to the protagonists: ARN, are the teachers from the realm of fire, taking up the fight against the extinction of his people. And the young Kaeli from the Empire of the sea, which experienced their banishment.

Chinese Emperor

Reality that the poet searchs to subverter through the words. Dreaming ' ' to go of Brazil to China to cavalo' ' , Murilo Mendes discloses a cosmopolitismo that does not respect walls and borders, as in the poem Filiation, of Time and Eternity, writing in partnership with Jorge de Lima: FILIATION I am of the race of the Perpetual one. I was created in the unfolded principle and in many generations Through the space and of the time. I feel myself above of the flags, Stumbling at heads of heads. Way in the sea, the land and air.

I am of the race of the Perpetual one, Of the love that will join all the men: You come me, orphans of the poetry, Cry on the mutilated world. These multiplications that they aim at to be in all part, as we can see in verses 3 and 4, ' ' unfolded in many generations/Through the space and of tempo' ' , they send to the nomadismo of that they take an erratic life. In the verse 5, ' ' I feel myself above of bandeiras' ' , it can be interpreted as the natural condition of that it takes a nomadic life, that is, rambling of one has left to the other does not belong to no native land, then it is not submitted to no flag. To follow, in verses 6 and 7, ' ' Stumbling at heads of heads. /Way in the sea, the land and ar' ' , the insubordination of that, the spite of the authorities is transparent, not taking in consideration the borders, laws and the walls, it circulates for all part, despite it has that to embrenhar itself among the cracks of these walls, as the nomads who pierce, or skirt, the barriers imposed for the Chinese Emperor, in the assay ' ' To be able on the life, powers of vida' ' , of Peter the PAL Pelbart.

“New man Advisor with a money back guarantee the recent work womanizer: five steps to fulfilling sex and love life ‘ by Mathew Lovel offers as one man guides on the market a, if the readers do not increase his success with women should 100% money back guarantee. This is made possible by the contained in the book and completely new system, which was developed from the practice for the practice and can change the life of a man. It is based on five levels of maturity that the readers on the way a woman hero must pass through. At the same time working always on seven pillars of a successful man, that all should be improved as evenly as possible. Known through numerous radio and TV appearances author is Mathew Lovel over 13 years of experience as a coach, trainer and mentor in terms of personal development in the German-speaking world. This experience enabled him to develop of a universal system that can give any man a better sex and love life. “Womanizer: five steps to fulfilling sex and love life” is published by Mathew Lovels coaching Germany private publishing advanced personality.

For the preface of the troubleshooter Kolja Alexander Bonke won, his character author of success with women”. Mathew Lovels debut is now 278 pages strong paperback and published in an electronic version for Amazon Kindle. Also an audiobook is in planning. The first reviews womanizer”are already online, they turn out positive. Find more about the content of the book, as well as customer reviews and further information, for example, on Amazon: gp/product/300040099 Mathew Lovel head coach

Boris Krieger

You seem to be This session is suitable, since you seem to excuse me, an elk? – Yes? But the school said that all possibilities are equal. I tuned in to become a butterfly. All the youth tried to flutter. Did not work So the whole life with me and perekoverkalas Hate their work, though the horns take off. ” I’d like to believe that small Calves have read in my childhood “Maskina”, will be happy adult moose, and will not try to flit like moths. They will seek and will find its purpose in life, its place in the world.

As you can see, Aesop language which uses Boris Kriger in “Maskine” can be compared with the language of Lewis Carroll. Only in “Maskine” everything is much funnier and closer to being present and Challenges of Modern Society. Educate yourself with thoughts from BSA. After all, “society is sitting at the tv and popnym-root-hrum hrum Then look within the eyes of society from the last best hope And there – oh God! Eyes a society completely insane “And in the Ukrainian translation this, pardon the expression, “food” had called more precisely: “popny feed. Just a few comments about the work of Boris Krieger. In each paragraph, literally in every line capacitance, expressive, and clearly comes through self-image author. It directly addresses the reader, giving the impression that he is talking to you, you just want to say something very, very important about the world and about you. And obviously, Boris Kriger – a person who makes the world a better and kinder. Your relationship with the world can, of course, differ from what is described Boris Krieger.

But the writer shows what to do with his world, where his “move” to end up being agreement with him. And if everyone will move their world in such a direction, you may soon find that the whole world as a whole has also changed for the better, closer to the ideal “Kreager world.” Serious ideas in the philosophy of Boris Krieger, interspersed with irony. And all this mass of clever ideas + light irony + + self-irony optimism of the author – the result is a very refreshing drink! I’m sure every reader can gain anything in their Philosophy of Boris Krieger, in his own way to understand its main ideas, and he will appear totally different ideas. And no doubt, once referring to the remarkable creativity of the writer and philosopher, will again and again back to his books – over and over again to make sense, again and again imbued with his ideas, and most importantly – that again and again to enjoy! And one more important impression on the creativity of Boris Krieger: his book leave a light in the soul.

Assistant Director

Novel Birgit diefenbach. Available in bookstores or directly from the Publisher. Description: Sarah in love with Paris in miles. She doesn’t know that these tortures an immense thirst for human blood. But with every life he takes, intensified his guilt, which he offset with the hunt for criminals and murderers.

Miles tells her of his vampire existence, that he has a curse. He hopes to find her a way to get rid of his curse. But the magician Magnus, however, is the long time before miles was born, was born in witchcraft and cruelly ruled the small village in England. As Sarah travels in miles past, and her ex-boyfriend Eric fighting for, she must determine that not only he is subject to a curse, but also it belongs to the heirs of the Mage. You can escape this exciting vampire novel hardly. He is full of frightening surprises and testifies to the extraordinary imagination of the young author. Birgit Diefenbach was short biography: Born on a Friday the 13th.

After her Secondary school leaving certificate, they moved it to Munich. There she made an internship in the workshops of the State Opera and the National Theatre as a theater student and stood for the first time away from home on his own two feet. The experiences and impressions that could collect them at this time in the workshops, quickened their imagination. Her apprenticeship brought back her home and she learned the trade of Justice employees in the District Court of Darmstadt. She then worked in the public prosecutor’s Office. In Pfungstadt, Birgit Diefenbach took her life by her husband and was mother of two children. With him she supervised the children fire volunteers. She remained always the art and theatre. For several years, is part of a group of amateur dramatics and is carried out there as a stage designer and Assistant Director. In addition, she is a big fan of vampire and finds it very interesting how much design potential these figures offer. It reads like and much and mostly collects vampire novels. The idea for her debut novel “witchcraft” had Birgit Diefenbach many years ago. Initially she expanded the history just for fun, but with the time she immersed himself more and more into the world of WITCHCRAFT and was curious about what happened with her protagonist of miles and how the whole thing would end. What happened after the completion of the manuscript and how it looks with other projects, she writes monthly in their blog. More

Presentation Of The Book: Not Every Child Gets

Book publishing gets not every child by the Publishing House of el Gato on 26 August 2013 in cooperation with the Berlin Club children guardian angel and the publishing house el Gato is the book, what it created. It tells of hopes, fears, of despair and happiness, that happens, patients, their parents and relatives. In 41 posts, report a wide variety of authors about their personal fate and bring organ donation from a different angle the reader the topic. But also many celebrities children guardian angel ambassadors were at the same time, as Wolfgang Bahro, Charles Rettinghaus, Kathy Weber, Verena Wried and others involved in the book. Let the readers of their motivation and willingness to participate, why they committed to the Club and the sick children. As of today, 2004, the book is available in bookstores everywhere. The publishing house is making a social contribution with this book project and donates 50% of the proceeds directly to the Association of children guardian angel.

Title: Not every child gets, what it is Author wants: Jacqueline Boy Preis: 19.90 euros ISBN: 9783943596021 hardcover page number: 200 recommended age: from 6 years Publisher: Publishing House of el Gato website: Publishing House blurb this nonprofit project, in collaboration with the Association, should arouse people’s willingness to donate organs. Numerous small patients, whose parents or godparents also report their experiences, hopes, wishes. There are not always a Happy ending. About the Berlin children guardian angel Club children have guardian angel but what, if the invisible protector once fail, but accidents happen or long require serious disease hospitalizations? Then, there are still human children guardian angel, that help seriously ill children and their families with their commitment. We see our mission is to facilitate the hospital seriously ill and needy children and their families to take them the fear from operations, tests and medical equipment.Our specially formed for this work “Children guardian angel” may be psychologists, educators, chaplains family companion or even clowns.

Kurt Tucholsky

“Impressions of-soulful blasphemy of the European Kurt Tucholsky In the fall two years ago circulated for weeks a poem through the Internet, overwritten if stock prices fall”. As author Kurt Tucholsky was specified as the first edition the weekly world stage from 1930, therefore that time as a first big economic crisis the world falter brought. The poem impressed his critique of capitalism, with the clairvoyance as by the sharpness but above all by its relevance, which seemed tailored to the current financial disaster. These was the poem to friends weitergemailt and finally found its expression in numerous print media; even the Chancellor known otherwise not just for innocence recited it in a familiar circle. But proved himself the verses as a total fake, one was on a lyrical duck fell. Not only the widespread belief of the Internet, but especially the (fake) reader for the awareness documented on the fake is striking at the event sustained relevance of the texts of the columnists in 1935 in Swedish exile from the life.

You also in the issued by Peter Brambock and adequately spoken Lutz Schafer audiobook with TUCHOLSKY travel is reflected (1 CD, LangenMuller Verlag, 12.95, ISBN 978-3-7844-4193-1) impressions by travelling from Germany, England, Sweden and Paris. It is Tuchos”behind human facades, unabated fascinated as amused, formed in a light, lively and up to today, not in the least dusty German, in sometimes flirtatious casual and emphasizes fast, yes snotty diction” (Marcel Reich-Ranicki). But we find also wistful sentimental tones, as we know from GRIPSHOLM Castle and love. Written by the brilliant master of ceremonies of the epoch”(M. R. R.), are these travel pictures in succession to Heinrich Heines and Theodor Fontane and soulful blasphemy of a European of who sibyllinisch known: In addition you can see Germany best of outside.

Hiltrud Baier ISBN

An easy-to-read, fun children’s book, for children from 8 wants to go during the summer holidays to the nine year old Greta her mom, who lives in Sweden. But she’s afraid of flying. After a turbulent journey, Greta finally arrives in Mama’s small town and experienced with her, their friend Mike and holidays with the two Huskies exciting Kolja and Smilla. Smilla disappears, attacking a WSP swarm, Greta can go with four Huskies in dog sledding and even her best friend Sara comes to visit, nothing can go wrong – or…? A book about a tuffes girl, coming to a foreign country about naughty Huskies, who do what they want about a MOM who lives in a strange country where people eat smelly fish and Flummibrotchen; about a curious girlfriend, some on the head is target group: from 6 years to the read 8 years Greta in Sweden to read “by Hiltrud Baier ISBN: 978-3-8391-2523-6, 112 pages of books on demand, 2009 price: 9.90 euro Hiltrud Baier”.

The Same

The father, who never fishes had it as distraction, did not give satisfactions of its intention. Finally, one day, simply was said farewell to all, without expressing any feeling, entered in its canoe and left. The DEPARTURE the surprising one is that the departure did not occur in fact, the man left, but it was not even so of time, was motionless in the way it river. The conviviality in society left, abandoned the solidity of its daily it was placed the edge of its proper life. It is not gotten loose of the past, but also it does not advance for the stranger. But it contemplates, at a distance, the place that occupied until then. Its search was not for the new, was not of its interest to tame new horizontes, therefore it kept the firm look in the concrete, as it was tried to analyze it under another angle. Thus, becoming free themselves of the daily one, conquering its freedom in the current water, the man could pass the life the clean one.

Why to choose the river as shelter instead of the top of a mountain, for example? Of he could there sight the daily life where he was inserted keeping the same distanciamento that he got in the water. In an attempt to understand this choice he can yourself says be used it of Bachelard when he says that the water is a transitory element, the being directed toward the water is a being in vertigo. He dies to each minute, some thing of its substance pulls down constantly. The water always runs, always falls and always finishes in its horizontal death. In the solidity of a mountain it would be difficult to find malleability that the water offers for the transformations of the being. For being the river this transitory element, the man can glimpse the ticket of its life and be gone deep search of its proper substance.