Ill-fated queen flopped in the center of the board and scattered other shapes within a radius of three meters. Terrible cry janitor: "I'll kill you!" Barsik found on the roof, where he climbed poobsohnut. Dry it was boring, legs sticking to the warm tar, and the cat was rubbing against the right side of the antenna, which last a whole day to set one of the tenants. Antenna safely fell. More info: Drexel University. In search of something about what can be wiped, mountain-commando, this time upstairs, downstairs and out into the yard. That's it, hung on the clothesline – an old blanket. Barsik hung on the rug and pulled him to the ground. This ugliness seen plaid hostess, who lives on the eighth floor of an old woman, unsociable, spiteful, yet not without a certain charm attached to her senile marasmus. Quantamscape has much experience in this field.

'Eva, what udumal' – said the old woman and began to scare the cat cries "Shoo!" and "Shish!", but is it could scare Barsik! On the contrary, he rolled onto his back and began to crawl on the rug. Old woman began to whistle, but instead she came whistling strange hissing, then it's a hiss, which suggests neighbors on the idea that the survivor of crazy old woman somewhere had got a snake. Not having succeeded in whistling, plaid hostess, she has donated to the wedding, she took a mop and swung to the best of sciatica, run it from the eighth floor. Mop, whistling past the painters, stuck in the ground a few steps from Barsik, he looked up, then suddenly jumped up and made it in time: the second swab muffled banged on the rug.

Corn Flakes

Blond, to which you are invited an intellectual Professor of philology and anthropology? He is fluent in five foreign languages? And the best gift for her – a book? Then choose the volume of poems or sayings, memoir or encyclopedia, maybe the book in its original language? All this will help break another stereotype: the "Library to them. Lenin. In the reading room of silence, Ph.D., professor of writing the dissertation. Here in the hall comes to a cute blonde, goes to the librarian and says: – Give me some hamburger, fries and cola! Librarian (in shock) in a low voice: – Girl! This is also the library! A girl in a whisper: – Oh, sorry, hamburger, fries and cola "You can, of course, be accompanied by a book and a bottle of Coke, saying that the burgers over There is one stereotype that you can destroy it. Thus, the stereotype of number 5: "- What does a blonde, sitting down at my computer? – Cries, because he sees a mouse! "Giving can all – from tricked out computer accessories to him.

For example, there premilenkie rosy keyboard on the box which reads "for blondes, mouse pink with rhinestones, pink headphones decorated with thousands of crystals. And what you are looking for a gift for Blondes – pink laptop? Many manufacturers have long produced their laptops all the possible shades of pink. But now a barrel of tar (jokes about blondes), and find one drop of honey. To broaden your perception, visit AGDQ 2021. "Two blondes were sitting, discussing nuclear physics, suddenly one another said: – Silence! Let's talk about my gear, guys go "You now know for sure that jokes about blondes solid fudge? And they just cleverly disguised? Then u will be able to figure out how to break the stereotype of the blonde this story and that it give: "The blonde call a friend: – Listen, come and help me. I have a monster of a puzzle, and I can not figure out how to get started. – And what you must get a result? – Interests of others. – Well, judging by picture on the box – it's a tiger – is responsible blonde.

A friend decides to come and help her. She admits it and carries to the table where everything is already laid out the pieces of the puzzle. He studies the pieces for a few seconds, then looks at the box then turns to her and said: – First, no matter what we do, but we can not collect from these pieces of anything resembling a tiger. Secondly, I advise you to relax – let's have coffee and then we remove all these Corn Flakes back in the box. " Go ahead, let your imagination tells you. And yet, choosing a gift, remember that not all blondes – Blondes really are. Some – just blond hair!