Video Camera

Because of what began as popular system of special surveillance? Each surveillance system has advantages over a simple alarm system. Alarm does not provide any specific information. Ip Camera CCTV can get some info about the th intruders (eg, number of people) and defender in a position to take appropriate decisions. In addition, videos that capture Ip video cameras are often the main evidence supporting the charge. So how CCTV is very useful and, perhaps, to today, the best way to preserve his good deeds. Wherever you need to protect property, whether enterprise or an apartment surveillance system – an indispensable tool.

This wide applicability only proves once again that the use of these surveillance systems – profitable and useful. Access control system – too good solution for enterprises, which present special places with a certain amount of permitted persons. The current monitoring and tracking devices give the opportunity to effectively limit the passage to closed sites. By the way, they allow us to trace the movements of the building of people with accessibility features. The main item of equipment to verify access – is a special lock that opens with the introduction of a cipher or using a special layer on a plastic card. Security – one of the most important needs of people. Therefore, instruments, video surveillance and monitoring systems do exist passage is much more convenient and enjoyable. For In order to find a good company that will provide security, search the tut.

By 'ip video camera', 'cameras', 'ACS', 'access control'. and today there are many different systems CCTV, as based on the capture card or as standalone video recorders. Most installers and trade organizations are already familiar with the products of the industry. Therefore, this article will not describe functionality of such systems and comparisons with independent computer systems DVRs. It is assumed that they both have a number of advantages and disadvantages of each type of product and a particular product is best suited for specific tasks and niches.

Russian Federation Goods

If you have questions regarding the services provided to customs clearance, then on our site you will find exactly the answers to your questions. As information on the goods declared? Answer: may be declared in one customs declaration under the same number of goods, or vice versa, under different numbers of goods, but with a trademark. Can – in the various customs declarations. Who are customs broker? Answer: A customs broker (agent) – a legal entity which produces customs clearance or an individual with a certificate of a customs clearance. What are the procedures of customs clearance You can call simplistic? A: The products that are under customs control are temporarily or declaration of goods in the warehouse of the applicant, with the filing, and may be preliminary declaration of goods to feed;

What products are subject to customs clearance with the use of simplified procedures? Answer: it’s the goods: foreign imported into the territory of the Russian Federation, including the Baltic customs of St. Petersburg; Russia exported over outside the Russian Federation in the absence of claims, according to Art. 68 Labour Code and does not require simplified procedures of customs clearance. What is the clearance and falls into the customs services? A very common term “Clearance”.

This means that the seller or the buyer are obligations that are associated with the passage of goods through the customs of the country, ie exports or imports. It includes: payment of fees and all charges, transmission and payment of any administrative action relating to the clearance of goods through customs. Customs clearance is organized party, which must be resident in a country where there is this cleaning. Exporter holds clearance for export and importer clears the goods for import. And accordingly, the seller for the export of responsibilities to clear the goods and goods for import – buyer.


Therefore taken in this authorities towards the objective measures can not be perceived as a valuable aid in solving the housing problem, especially in the whole country. It seems that the solution of vital "housing" can not considered in isolation from the problems of the vast untapped land resources. It is in this area should concentrate all efforts of political will. Our country holds a special place among other nations of the world by virtue of the fact that it has the most extensive natural and, above all, land in the world. As it has recently declared: "The endless expanse of Russia – a national property, our national pride. " However, in the present circumstances in connection with the adoption of some frankly unpopular policy decisions, this slogan has lost its original meaning.

Now vast expanses and rich natural resources become the property of individual masters. And because it is they have a big responsibility to the people for their rational use and development. Global systemic crisis of modernity, which blew all the scientists Peace is the result of including the lack of understanding by man of his actual role and place in the universe among the rest of the fauna and flora. Now is the time when the Russian state policy should be structured in such a way that any ordinary member of our society in harmony felt himself a part of the Earth's biosphere, all natural body. We are the real witnesses to how the prevailing technocratic conditions of society are most severe and intolerable conditions for human life. Everyone who lives in the metropolis, is feeling the most acute. Identity we have ceased to be independent and fell into a slavish dependence on the illusory life values.

What is now proclaimed as signs of a successful person in society? Individualism, the rejection of family upbringing, insatiable consumption, neglect moral principles for the sake of achieving the goal – the so-called principle of "the end justifies the means" and other similar principles. This in turn causes a person to confine only to meet life-supporting material needs. We cease to think of existence, its mission, the company's continued spiritual development. At first glance, our little philosophical digression from the main theme of the article may seem inappropriate. But this is not the case. Because one of the major factors that influence the situation described, is the habitat and the first condition of the land and associated Housing the country. There is a well-founded fear that soon the planet will equal the rural population to urban population on. And as we know from the Russian saying, town village feed. All can expect situation of famine. Fortunately, in recent years, more and more people are starting ponimatobrechennost existing path of development and are willing to change their lives. Even now, without waiting for "manna" and the indulgence of the authorities, citizens to themselves take responsibility for changing their own lifestyle and social life, come together in groups and legal associations to solve pressing problems associated with land clearance, construction, planting perennial crops, furnishing of public places, etc. The most promising in this respect is the organization of ecological communities. Therefore, the main goal of any national project, and especially related to address the most pressing needs of citizens, should be to achieve a set of conditions dlyarazvitiya small forms of land through the establishment of ecological communities.

Civil Code

Article 10 of the Civil Code, as is known, along with the chicane contains a reference to abuse of right 'in other ways. Details can be found by clicking PCRM or emailing the administrator. " Hence the number of important issues. Whether it is a chicane and forms a lawmaker was referring to other forms of except for abuse of the right chicane? Whether there exists at all other forms, except chicane? Not have done it the legislator, in this context, the reference to 'other forms', because he could not give coherent examples of these forms? Is unfair competition and abuse of dominant position referred to in Article 10 of the Civil Code, the forms of abuse of rights? Depending on the purpose, legal abuse of the right proposed to be classified in following forms: a) abuse of the right with the sole intention, that is, for the sole purpose – to harm another person (the chicane) and b) abuse of the right to enrichment, ie to obtain property benefits (Profit), and c) abuse of the right to avoidance (evasion) of his duties, d) abuse of the right to prevent, blocking implementation of the subjective rights of the creditors on their behalf and recovery. Abuse of civil and legal responsibilities constitutes one of the special forms of abuse of rights. Perform their duties at the heart of someone else's rights (claims).

Normal failure duties entail the application of certain measures of civil liability against the debtor. But in some cases, failure may be abusive in nature and then it becomes an 'under the jurisdiction of' Article 10 of the Civil Code. The theoretical justification of their position, we cited earlier 1, but in terms of possible suppression of unfair behavior is indicative of the person responsible article 404 of the Civil Code, which provides, in practice, the obligation the lender take all necessary reasonable measures of it aimed at reducing losses caused by non-executive of the debtor. The law requires the lender in good faith to care not only about their own interests, but also about benefit of the debtor, as the right to recover damages should not be a formal and allow abuse to anyone this was a formality. Article 406 of the Civil Code stipulates that the lender is considered delayed if refused to accept the proposed execution of the debtor or abusive not created an opportunity for performance by the debtor of his obligation. 'Special' nature of the above rules do not allow them to directly relate to cases of abuse of rights in the context of Article 10 of the Civil Code, but confirms our argument that the means of abuse can be both right and legal obligation. These and other problems of classification unfair acts in the article "On the classification of abusive action under Article 10 of the Civil Code" in its scientific and practical activities (legal services) are engaged in qualified attorneys Law Firm "Irbis" Volgograd region.

Philosophical Limits

The development of any science, including the science of law, must go through a moral and philosophical comprehension of the actual legal events, to which more than once in his writings, called prominent Russian jurist. At the same time we should talk not about philosophical terminology 'disguise' of well-known concepts and research findings, and a truly scientific knowledge of the law, when we study not only its structural organization or form of expression outside, but its place in the philosophical ideas and principles of law in general. Immanuel Kant, who gave a lot of work and analysis of the glorification of reason in its positive aspects and manifestations, while at the same time it (the mind) binds to human self-will, rooted in 'the free' use of power of the mind, heart of our existence. The philosopher believed that serious trouble in society arise from the abuse of his own mind, 'is considered simply as a tool to meet different inclinations. " Moreover, 'the first use of them (man) of his mind was to abuse them (even against the direction of nature)' and that 'the history of nature, therefore, begins with the good, it is God's work; history of freedom – from the evil, for it – it human. " The root cause of relativity, ie, subjectivity of human evaluation, including lawyers, is at large. Or rather not so much freedom, how to abuse it. Moral blindness and mental abuse of freedom leads to some distortion of the hierarchy of values – theoretical or practical construction of values relative to the level of absolute values. One of the reasons for such purposes is geterogonii duality of human nature, expressed in the contradiction between the will and mind. These and other problems of abuse of rights in "legal and philosophical boundaries Freedom in the consciousness of man "in his scientific and practical activities (legal services) are engaged in qualified attorneys Law Firm" Irbis "Volgograd region.