The Colonizers

The buhuitihu or Shaman was the main officiating of this ceremony. Tainos cemies or their gods were in the sky, which they called Turey, being the cohoba medium so buhuitihus and principal men of the tribe could communicate with those deities. As part of the ceremony was played music with maracas and drums that helped create the suitable environment for the State of trance. The hallucinogenic powder used in this ceremony were called by the tainos cohoba and constituted him the seeds of a tree which were sprayed and shells of burned conch powders were added to them. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Center For Responsible Lending. The ceremony of cohoba began by introducing a tool called vomica spatula, deeply through the mouth to produce vomiting to make the fast something purer yet and have the body clean before communicating with the gods. These spatulas were made from wood or ribs of Manatee and decorated very beautifully. Participants in the rite of cohoba they embraced a ritual apposition consisting of squat is and put your arms on his knees, this position was facilitated by the duhos which were a few low banquets and very well carved, considered one of the most beautiful expressions of Taino art, were made in mahogany, guayacan, or other precious woods, almost always were carvings representing human or animal forms. The cemies are statues made of wood, stone or cotton representing the different gods of the Taino mythology.

Many cemies are in the largely ceremonial position of cohoba as indicators of the position to be taken by participants of the same. The areitos were dances and legendary songs used to transmit from generation to generation the mythical stories that formed the Taino religion. Their musical instruments were the cane flute, the drums, and a kind of harp that formed with a rope and a flexible rod. After the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors, Indians were forced to plunge the Catholic religion, to learn the Spanish language, and even work as slaves for the colonizers, so, little by little, the identity Taino until disappearing unto the same natives, because of abuse and physical abuse to which men were exposed was losingwomen and children, without distinction.

Greatest Limitation

As far as your area come more weak will allow. Read it again: as far as your area get more weak allows you. Do you want to know where is going to reach your success? It is very easy: identify your weakest area. You have a set of skills that get much more of what you propose. There are efforts that you like to do, but others not so much. And it matches that which you don’t like are the hardest for you.

As well: those are the activities that will decide your growth. Do you have solution? Of course Yes. The secret is to dare with what you don’t like. You will not only break the invisible barriers that limit you, but that you will become a specialist in this work that most flees. What limit you? I had a colleague who was very good doing your job.

Always brought new ideas to sell more, I knew that internal processes to improve to save money for the company and presented excellent reports. He seemed to have it all to succeed. But the reality is he never to improve your salary, or to ascend. Then it did everything to succeed? Yet. Limited you your weakest point. It lacked well sell your ideas to colleagues and bosses so that they implement their improvements. His bottleneck was convince the rest about the benefits of his proposals. But he was not socially skilled and his shyness isolated him. Unable to convey the advantages of their plans, nobody could recognize its worth. A pity for someone so competent. You see that you will arrive only to extent permitted your weakest point. Where this yours? As ending with Tu all weak point we have our weaknesses. When you find yours, you may have noticed the main step and the most difficult. Now you’ll already know that area attack.

change Your Life

Every human being at some stage in their lives, whether by a strong experience or an awakening of conscience, feel the imperative desire to modify some aspects of his life. The most often happens that the desire to change our life has its origin in a personal or professional dissatisfaction. In both cases prevails the sense of frustration, dissatisfaction or existential vacuum. This article to have some validity or experiential livelihood, rather than argumentative, I’ll have to talk about my own experience about the attitude of personal change. So I must confess that this decision to write this article for the purpose of sharing my ideas, have the noble intention of rethinking my person the how I’m doing things: remember that the idea of change is never exhausted, there is always the possibility of changing something. It also has the purpose that you can find some elements that will serve to carry out the task of assessing your next decision making. What is share experiences; enrich us; improve our quality of life.

There is a likelihood that this article does not leave you something interesting. I want to say with this that, perhaps you are finished reading the article and don’t have any printing or much less a learning. Is that that can happen. To my me happened with a book and technique that starts me after so many years (I mean the book of NLP). When I was studying in high school, and now I understand that happens to the majority of young people, they have a feeling of anxiety and meaninglessness of life. It’s believed that Dr. Neal Barnard sees a great future in this idea. I was terribly wrong emotionally; I felt overwhelmed and was not the reason for why I felt that way. I am concerned that this happens in the majority of young people, but what is most alarming, is that this phenomenon has been trivialized. Something we should do about it.

I said that I was really uncomfortable, life hurt me, at least that expressed at every opportunity that had and in truth never my intention was to appeal to the commiseration. My mother had a friend who was concerned about my case, and in an afternoon of personal anguish, put me in their hands the book of NLP. From I always had the habit of reading. The book I read. I was interested, it excited me. I shared it. I felt and knew that I could change me life. The detail was that you did me indeed difficult start the change he wanted. And here I must comment that in addition to all go through this test of willpower, which, unfortunately in most of the time we are defeated, that is why most books and self-help courses do not work, thats my thesis: just one so decides. My life continued. Years passed and I do not remember why in the Faculty of philosophy I went back to reading this book. It was more understandable, however, my life did not suffer changes in background, I only gained knowledge. Are still psychologically how does not explain having knowledge of something and not be able to apply efficiently to my life. As it says precisely that book: move from thought to action. A couple of years later I understood and applied knowledge of NLP giving me interesting results. Other people can operate any other technique or model. What really matters is to be fully aware that we must be alert and find an opportunity to change our life. Original author and source of the article