Centracon And Matrix42

Cooperation of consultancy and Software House is based on the same vision slim and fast-to-implement solutions for integrated workplace management in preparation Leverkusen/Neu-Isenburg, 07.12.2010 – Centracon management consultancy specialising in the management of the workplace and the Software House Matrix42 have agreed a strategic cooperation for the design of future-oriented IT – related jobs, because they have similar objectives and complementary skills. “While Centracon with their smart virtual workplace” Matrix42 focuses on the conceptual planning and holistic implementation brings the necessary products for a comprehensive management of the workplace in the cooperation. Together, they want to address medium-sized companies and corporations in the order of 1,000 to 10,000 IT jobs. Both companies expect that the IT jobs in the near future get a completely new face. You are a location-independent access, modular services and characterize task-specific performance profiles, include also a new freedom in the end devices, as well as the automated deployment services.

Desktop virtualization plays an important role in the technical implementation. We provide the solutions for dynamic workplaces and Matrix42 provides the necessary techniques”, describes Centracon CEO of Robert Gallant the basic idea of cooperation. Thus a perfect portfolio supplement, as it is probably unique in the market at the moment is,”he points out potential is created through the merger of the two strengths. The partner product platform are easily implementable”our visions for the middle class, he outlined the significant benefits of cooperation and in this context refers to a technical feature: Matrix42 solutions according to our market research as only the possibility, from a single console out both physical as well as virtual data and services to access wherever.” Thus, the company could grow flexibly in the future requirements of workplace management into. Also for Jurgen Seiwerth, COO of Matrix42, new accents on the partnership. The close interweaving of our skills produces a unique added value to the benefit of our customers”, he sees broad prospects in the market for the cooperation.