Currently, e-books no longer a novelty, but not as common as the paper counterparts. It may affect different feeling. When the light hits the paper, he reflected, as if reading from the device display in this If the matrix of translucent light to form an image and creates a different feel to which many readers are not accustomed to, with the exception of the device with electronic paper. The first in a mass use the device came with monochrome LCD-screens that were released in 1998, and Softbook Press NuvoMedia. Later they were modified and there were devices with full-color screens and advanced functionality. The first devices are not widely used, despite the very good technical performance. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor of Internet Governance. The same can be said about other companies products to specialize in this area. If you would like to know more about Center For Responsible Lending, then click here.

Later, there were books on the basis of cholesteric liquid-crystal screens, but, despite a significant increase in resolution, and battery life proved to be little demand in connection with a long drawing of the screen and lack of illumination. In 2007 the market experienced a rise of e-books in connection with the appearance of screens with the technology of electronic paper. E-paper forms an image of reflected light, as plain paper, and can display text and graphics on indefinitely without consuming electrical energy and allowing you to change the image in the future. Such devices can operate for several weeks in active use. But while Readers are considerably inferior smartphones and PDAs. Advantages of electronic literature ochevidno.Zanimaet little place that allows you to have a PDA or laptop computer a lot of books. Compatibility various devices such as PC, PDA, cell phone, as well as specialized PocketBook, Sony Reader, lBook eReader.Poisk by text, hyperlinks, display time and discharge primechaniy.Elektronnaya book allows display animated pictures, media clips, or play software synthesizers audioknigiVstroennye speech enable voice tekstyPoisk e-books has significantly lower costs than paper Now analogues on the Internet you can find almost any literature from the artistic to the highly specialized.

Heat Consumption – Current Issue

The main disadvantages of activities in the field of heat consumption and heat, identified during the energy survey, are: 1) loss of warm air through the attic and windows, the system ventilation, leaks floors, walls, pipes and fittings, and 2) contamination of pipes and radiators heating system, and 3) lack of control of the services (such as those responsible for building maintenance, and power supply organization) for compliance with the required parameters of the system, and 4) low pressure drop across the heat entering the network, and 5) the lack of an automated supply of heat energy in thermal control units, and 6) unbalanced operation of heating systems. Obsolete equipment at the thermal nodes not take account of changes in ambient temperature during the day and night hours, working hours, in therefore, there is over-or lack of heat, which was confirmed during the survey instrument. But the main drawbacks are the heat losses and increased costs for heating. Center For Responsible Lending follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Existing heating system above objects are characterized by low efficiency boilers and high fuel consumption. Boiler equipment installed in the boiler, has long worked for the resource, often is in poor condition and in the heating season does not provide the desired indoor temperature schedule, in accordance with current regulations.

Huge losses occur during the transmission fluid in an underground heating mains. The city authorities have decided on the reconstruction of district heating utility projects through the decentralization of heating systems, as for reconstruction of the existing boiler and heating pipes should be funding that exceeds the city's budget. Install reliable automatic control devices, stop and control valves will provide input and output of the heating system required parameters coolant, but not solve the problem of uniform flow distribution within the system. Reconstruction of the control unit will provide reliability, compliance with all rules and regulations, the minimum cost in preparation for heating season. In the schools themselves are not modernized heating system from the time of commissioning and only repaired many times, often illiterate, which made it impossible to correct and work properly. In kindergarten heating system repaired and modernized several times, which eventually led to the fact that children in the heating season just in danger or get burned by recurring outbursts in some indoor or warm while sleeping in the other. Therefore there was need for a full system replacement with modern materials and technologies, making the system less water in combination with modern boiler equipment – will provide real fuel savings during the heating season due to the economical production of heat and its rational use.

Currently in school buildings and gardens have an old wooden windows do not meet modern requirements of energy saving – gapping, glass in one window, drafts, which are even attaching a fix is impossible. Replacing them will significantly reduce heat loss. All activities that are planned under the project, but economic benefits are also the social side. Implementation of all activities will achieve the necessary sanitary facilities indicators that have a positive impact on children's health, and in some cases even fully use some space for the heating season.