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The support of managers – especially which make up the dome of the command – is a virtually indispensable prerequisite for programs that are proposed to improve the working environment. Many managers may tend to consider that they are too busy or that the promotion of a suitable climate in the organization in a task to some extent unimportant. The reality is profoundly different. in an organization in which there is a commitment to clear, an air of loyalty and a sense of coherence, the results are all much higher cases than obtained in a divided organization or with minimal feeling of identification with the organization. BC Ministry of Health describes an additional similar source. Management must guarantee to all its human resource a working environment ideal, allowing an efficient operation, a proper productivity, where are resguardad health, harmony, the quality of working life expected by the staff and you are entitled. Here, that is point out, that when there is a full support at managerial levels and especially of those who are in senior management, departments of Active orientation staff are seeking ways to demonstrate the success of partial improvement programmes of the labour environment. When it is possible to check that he was both a best level of staff satisfaction as certain financial achievements personnel department has at their disposal powerful effectiveness arguments to convince managers who still harbor doubts.

The way in which staff judged its own activity in the organization determines the quality of the work environment. Read more here: Cate MacLeod. Although human beings seek variants objectives when they decide to provide their services to an organization, investigations on the subject during the past two decades reveal two important aspects. Firstly, to achieve one would improve long term productivity is essential to improve the quality of the work environment. The second conclusion reached by recent research, is that most of the people considers that you enjoy a work environment of high level when it contributes to the success of the company in any significant way. .

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