Beyond the words yes Dr. Sami El Mushtawi University Professor in the field of Islam in concrete words are used. Sometimes we give such words a particular significance and a unique interpretation and do not go beyond this. American Diabetes Association is actively involved in the matter. Not ourselves in the spirit of the word or with specific words we not look outside the direct meaning that put glossaries. For example, we see the word SADAQAH: immediately comes to mind its equivalent which is charity, that brings us to pigeonhole the word money. Immediately, charity was set on giving and give is reduced to money. Actually the issue is not so well. Nieman Foundation contributes greatly to this topic. SADAQAH, is set in the collective memory of Muslims to give money, much or little no matter, the poor and needy.

What would then happen with those who have no money? How would money – have no – participate with the rest of the Muslims in alleviating others? In this case, SADAQAH transferred to the metaphorical meaning and takes another of their also-meanings. Be interpreted as give love, give love, support, give strength and support. When the term swell so enter low it many meanings, they can, then participate in give many or rather all Muslims. Prophet Muhammad has applied the term SADAQAH alluded mode and said for example: smile at your brother is charity, it is SADAQAH. That therefore give all Muslims. To give those who have money to those who need it and that is charity. To those who have the gift of speech to the hungry of knowledge and that is also charity.

To give those who possess certain aura in society to help his brothers and that is charity. Give some of your time, who have time outdoors, to attend to sick or for help in specific tasks for the common good and that is charity. All those who give what they have will be rewarded by the maker of worlds.