Save on children's toys in any case it is impossible! Substandard toys can cause injuries and damage, poisoning, toxic substances and allergy in the child. Toys for children of any age should be of high quality and safe. Most importantly, it is necessary to pay attention when choosing a child a toy, it's her money! A qualitative thing nowadays is not cheap. Now talk about toys for the most small – babies. Newborn to a year is growing and developing very quickly. This is a very important period of his life.

He begins to distinguish colors, shapes, recognize objects and faces, feel, hear, smell. It is at the first year of my life baby pronounces first conscious sounds, the first self-flips, sits down, stands up, takes its first steps. He is teething, developing pen and fingers, trains muscular system. And we have him all this help. Mom's love and caring, cooperative games teach the baby navigate the world around him. All moms know what children are pulled into the mouth. Therefore, toys should be no smell, no color, commensurate with age, the issue is not very loud sounds, strong enough, hygienic ie, easy to wash. A leading source for info: PCRM. All these qualities are confirmed by a certificate (the declaration) compliance.

Certificates of conformity or declaration must be in every store that sells children's toys. For a child the first year of life is the most popular gryzunok or zuboprorezyvatel. His most often made of plastic or silicone, should have a ribbed or surface. Gryzunok can be a single toy or to be its part. For example say, are often found in toys ears – , tail – gryzunok, foot – gryzunok, etc. The kid pulls everything into his mouth. When cut teeth, gryzunok rescue the mother, he would withdraw itching in the gums and take the baby. should be strong enough, no smell, no color, it is easy to wash. Recently, all well-known are soft toys with a musical effect. They are intended primarily to soothe and distract your baby, and that is important – learn to recognize sounds ie, develop an ear for music. These toys should be fairly melodic, not irritable. Soft toys newborns often filled with small balls that promotes fine motor finger and a sense of shape, size. Mom probably knows that developing motor skills fingers, developing it, because area of the brain responsible for speech, is located near the site, which is responsible for the development of the hand. Recall that the stuffed toy should be easy to fade, to be very strong, not shedding, does not exude any odors.

Federal State Statistics Service

According to statistics, over the past 10 years the number of constructed dwelling houses has doubled. However, despite this, the majority of Russians today can not afford this happy purchase. No wonder! As follows from report, the head of the analytical center Oleg “Real estate in Moscow: the script until 2012, even a crisis caused by the correction value of the property does not return the price per square meter to a reasonable level. Salaries in the same Russia continues to remain low. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, every tenth inhabitant of the country receives less than 5000 rubles., And the average salary is about 13,200 rubles.

In other words, buy a new flat for the majority simply do not possible. So, it is necessary to do updating of the old. Dare to rework, we have to consider many questions: how to make the existence in an apartment in luxurious accommodation? How to create a house cosiness and protect the house from drafts and creaking floors? How to fix the shortcomings of planning that we have inherited from the builders, “” and “” panel and brick buildings? And most importantly – how to do it all without the expense of time and money? Everything in order. Update interior walls of the apartment is unthinkable without the repair of the walls. The most simple and economical – replacement of wallpaper.

New KAHLA Collection Studio

The young designer series KAHLA Studio can now be ordered immediately in the official online shop art and porcelain is a combination Studio in its most beautiful form can be seen in the collection of KAHLA. Various artists from all over the world have dedicated the material porcelain. Sophisticated versatility created are fascinating objects that are characterized by versatility. You can use the design wall plates as such in scene or use as stylish square – or pizza dish. While he has also quite everyday qualities, for he is ofen -, microwave – and dishwasher-proof. In the online shop you will find Studio more interesting pieces from the KAHLA series, resulting in the experimental projects at KAHLA porcelain. Only, you must decide whether you want to give away the beautiful pieces or yourself would rather keep. Award-winning design for the tea cup designed by her mind the gap”was Lisa Grahner with the red dot award.

Once we back up Studio with KAHLA “more the high design standards for our brand and our role as a motor of innovation the industry expand another piece”, emphasizes the Managing Director Holger Raithel. At the same time we prove our appreciation for the work of the design schools and of young designers all over the world.” KAHLA porcelain: Platform for creative works in various experimental forms, the Thuringian manufacturer offers creatives from all over the world are: during the annual creative workshops, in the framework of cooperation with design schools and at competitions, which were initiated by KAHLA. The Gunther Raithel Foundation education initiative KAHLA creatively promotes young talents. With the purchase of the products of the KAHLA Atelier collection, you support the work of the Foundation. The KAHLA porcelain shop the KAHLA household porcelain is also online comfortably available since 2008 and is delivered from the factory. In addition, the official online shop of the brand of KAHLA porcelain offers a complete overview of all collections; among these the Series Pronto, Aronda, update, five senses, and Blau Saks. For best decorations and current bestsellers, old series and seasonal articles can be easily found at home.

Furthermore, the KAHLA porcelain shop offers useful information about special series and exclusive offers. The shipping costs orders already from 49. The monthly newsletter of the KAHLA to current trends can be called in the KAHLA porcelain shop and subscribed to. Contact: KAHLA porcelain shop Bettina Siebert shop management-August-Bebel-Strasse 27 b 07743 Jena Tel.

The Environment

On the question 'What do you want to be when you grow up? " You can also determine which elements are useful for your child. But this question is best to ask children from 5 to 10 years. Later on in their minds begins to form concept that turns out to be a prestigious profession, and there is not much. Here's a short list of professions, who can choose the children, and the elements to which these professions are: Wood – inventor, designer, athlete, cook, teacher, doctor. Fire – fire, the pilot, a chemist, scientist, researcher, teacher, stuntman. Soil – wants something to collect, store, every painstaking work that requires perseverance, as well as agriculture.

Metal – a policeman, judge, lawyer, and any profession where there is direct contact with metal, such as an auto mechanic. Water – actor, singer, dancer, television or radio broadcaster, a sailor. Hobbies of your child. So, on the grounds described above, you are able to identify a useful element for your child. This will help you understand what the section should send him than him to take a free school (or kindergarten) time. Below is a list of occupations and their corresponding elements: Here's a list of professions, who can choose the children, and the elements to which these professions are: Wood – drawing, design, modeling, artistic gymnastics, as well as all classes where there is direct contact with the tree. Fire – martial arts (especially eastern), and home electronics, computers.

All that is directly connected with the work of thought, generate ideas and humor. Soil – Collectibles, work with clay, ceramics, stone. Metal – figure skating, trucks and motorcycles, military and historical circles, as well as all the classes, which require discipline and coherence, organizational ability. Water – a dance studio, choir, music school, drama club. Vocational guidance for your child. When it comes time to choose a college, determined by a future profession, there are two versions of events. The first situation: your child at this age he already decided on how he sees the future, what he wants to be. And even if you think he chose the 'wrong' career, the most valuable thing you can give your child this moment – it's free choice and self-determination. Perhaps then he will decide what to do with something else, but he was no one to blame in the wrong of their choice. This will give your mind greater autonomy and respect to their parents. The second situation: many people to 16-17 years is very difficult to understand exactly what is your vocation, which wants to devote his life. Therefore, your child may be confused and not know what profession to choose. In this case, you'd better apply to his observations on what the elements useful to him and on this basis to help him. Here is a list of occupations and their corresponding elements: Wood – an artist, screenwriter, director, poet, designer, fashion designer, photographer, sculptor in wood, designer, chef, teacher, elementary school, a doctor, a restaurateur, a veterinarian. Fire – programmer, engineer, scientist, researcher, analyst, pilot, a chemist, and as a profession, directly related to the fire. Soil – agriculture, insurance, activities related to storage, warehousing anything. Metal – law and advocacy, all power, power and administrative structures, financier, bank clerk, cashier, mechanic. Water – a specialist in advertising, communications, public relations, tourism business, television or radio presenter, actor, musician, translator, tour guide, a stockbroker. I sincerely I wish you to you and your child lived not only in harmony with the environment, but also with each other!


Is it important to plan? If answered negatively, then now you’re quenching fires, vives saturated with activities and you can not cope with change or unforeseen circumstances. Not planning means low productivity, confusion, poor quality, and add to this stress that produces does not have the situation under control by lack of organization. What prevents you begin to plan? You surely have the false belief that you don’t have time, or that knowledge need you to undertake. If we see it from this point of view, may seem simpler: old habits are part of this journey without output if you start to plan sustituiras the concern by reflection. PLANS and MANAGES the success of your business what having a good planning? Better coordination effective Control delegation high productivity greater personal efficiency.

Plan is a proactive process. Means that you have control of the actions that you intend to exercise, how are you going to reach your goals and what you need to achieve them. This process should help to anticipate what can happen and what will happen. What you need to plan and launch this business project you have in mind? Allows your business to reach success and become a real business owner. The key is to know how to plan, to have the tools so that everything is under control.Not planning means low productivity, confusion, poor quality, and add to this stress that produces does not have the situation under control by lack of organization.