They are Joo Landmarks also had its moments of glory, as if it could perceive through the great production of coffee that existed in its region. Its monuments architectural very called the attention the ones that way passed. It was a city where the money, generated mainly for the coffee, if showed through the constructions. Also possua important places, that generated some jobs and served as source of leisure for the marcossenses. For 1890 return, two public schools Are Joo Landmarks possua; an agency of the post offices; a gafieira; a hospital; a pension; a theater, called Tibiri; two churches of Are Joo Landmarks and pertaining to the brotherhood of Ours the Lady of the Rosary constructed and frequented for the blacks in the time of the slavery.

The church of the matrix, of the padroeiro of the city was still more rich in decorations, with towers already evolving for the Baroque one. Boy Scouts of America contributes greatly to this topic. Its interior one was all decorated in gold; It also had two cemetaries, of the Brotherhood and of the Charity For the Poor persons; two periodicals, ' ' Municpio' ' , that he was closed in 1932 and ' ' The Bandeira' ' , one gives credit that older; stills and until a fabric plant that was transferred to Tame Bar in 15 of November of 1909, as it showed to the periodical Barramansense memory, published in 9 of May 2007. Plant was called Fabrics and Wiring Is Jose and belonged Mr. Jose Norberto de Mello. These are only some more important places that they were found in the city. Amongst them also the clubs are distinguished. It had two clubs: the Marquense Club, with soccer and dances for the associates and the Pleasure of Colored people, more popular and imbatvel in the carnival. By the way, the carnival was one of the main parties of the city.


With active listening we created a climate of confidence and receptivity, and most important, we perceived the needs of the client. In order to realise active listening correctly we must: 1. – To be conscious of the other, to concentrate themselves in the message and the gestures. 2. – To kindly watch at the eyes of the client, making clear that him listening. 3. – To observe and to interrogate the meaning of the words that are saying to us. 4.

– To support verbally, without interrupting the speech of the client, with expressions like: if, already, clearly, already I see 5. – To ask to animate the communication. An interesting question demonstrates that we are listening. For more specific information, check out Kidney Foundation. 6. – To detect the words and ideas keys and to write down them. 7.

– To feed back in summary, that is to say, to summarize with our words the main ideas of the message of the client. On the other hand, we must avoid the damages, the filters, the emotional alteration and the physical barriers. Chapter 5: Inquiry of the needs of the client the gestures of the client In all process of communication we have to have present that 70% of the communication are corporal, 20% of the communication come marked by the tone from the voice and only a 10% by the words or the content. Due to it, we must give a great importance to him to the gestures that our interlocutor realises. Next you will find a series gestures and which is its meaning: Annoyance: blow on the table, to aim with the finger, to close the fists strongly. Defense: arms or legs cruzados. Distrust: to watch towards a side, to touch the ear. Nervousness: to clear one’s throat, to cover the mouth when speaking. Decision: to incline on the table, hands on the hip. Concentration: to support expensive on the extended forefinger, to touch the chin.

History Of Tobacco

One of the first who began to grow tobacco were Indians. At that time already become clear to all that America will be open, though the natives of this still did not know anything, but prepared in advance up the world, who knows what will happen. Sly Indians, they soon became acquainted with the expedition really Christopher Columbus, as was intended – they offered to travelers to test tube. And you know, before she liked members of the expedition, which not long thinking, they decided to grab a tobacco with him. Europe was struck by the discovery of Columbus. Similarity to the well-known cry, "Eureka!" Inhabitants of the European continent singing in one voice the triumphant cry of "America! America ", and yet they liked tobacco. Governor of Virginia brought his longtime friend, first pipe, and since the triumphal procession of tobacco in Europe.

Clever British went even further and before long established mass production of pipes across the country, now buy a pipe was much too expensive, however, as to acquire the necessary accessories for the home in a pipe. Article would look incomplete if there is not heard the names of well-known manufacturers of pipes, which existed at the time. They can surely include such brands as Big Ben, Butz Choquin and Peterson. These guys really know how to make high quality and good things. Unfortunately, history has led us to the fact that the pipes had lost its former status and their place was taken by the Queen with the proud name of a cigarette. Look around, how many brands of tobacco products on the shelves stores? Answer and begs to … but now is not about that. Just all of us it's time to quit smoking.

Bashkir Bolsheviks

” More than three years as head of the Orenburg ataman Alexander Ilyich Dutov its armed struggle countrymen, Orenburg, and united with them Serbian and Bashkir volunteers with the Bolsheviks. His name and his work became better known on both sides of the front that divided the country into two irreconcilable camps. Long time it remained impervious to the Reds, escaping from the enemy’s networks, and again causing an unexpected blow. Dubbed him fight “dutovschinoy, most chieftain, however, like all White Guard leaders, the Bolsheviks tried to provide almost the devil incarnate, blaming unimaginable brutality. Price of these charges is known, especially against the backdrop of the Bolshevik atrocities, but the smoke, as we know, there’s fire.

Bitterness that engulfed the entire country, could not affect the operations chieftain. According to contemporaries, Dutov mercilessly cracking down on sympathetic to the Bolsheviks. When the saboteur-braked locomotive fireman, stoker Dutov ordered to bind him, and he immediately frozen. For a similar misdemeanor driver was hung on the pipe locomotive. Ataman himself explained the cruelty and terror of war as: “When at stake the existence of a huge state, I will not stop and before executions.

These shootings – not revenge, but only a last resort action, and then for me anyway, the Bolsheviks and the Bolsheviks, the soldiers and officers who own and others’. Autumn of 1919 the army of Kolchak, which included the Cossacks Dutova, retreated under the blows of the Reds.

Ethical Vision

Being the human being capable to cultivate the good, also it is capable to cultivate what it is badly. Of that it consists to make good you shrink between virtue and vices, that is, to be ethical or to disdain the virtuous intellect to act before the things. Perhaps we could consider the misfortune choice fruit, as fruit of the bad actions of the human being. The misfortune can be the great villainous of a decayed, poor and needy society. We can think the masked misfortunes with other well known substantives of the human being. Perhaps the misfortune can be nominated of social inaquality, hunger, misery, illnesses and other substantives of this sort. A decurrent desencadeamento of maledicncias of a lack of humanitarian ethics. Either perhaps possible to recognize that the fruits of mazelas of the misfortune are the wars, the misunderstanding, the lack of charity and fraternity between the peoples and enter the people of the same race and etnia.

It can be possible that the misfortune is the evil that devastates the humanity. The world this devoid one of practical ethics, that make more of the human being human being stops with the others. We are needed a reflection on the direction of the life of the other, the importance of the other. It is not more possible to leave that our egoism, racism and religious intolerncia, exclude the other to be part of the society that enjoys of benesses of the minority. This lack of ethical respect is explicit in the governmental layer of our parents. When we come across in them with scandals of senators, governors and others more than this way. The favoritism stops with few and the disrespect stops with the people who works and serves of foundation that supports a minority greedy and without compassion it stops with excessively. We could also reflect the lack of ethics of the proper people when it does not have a critical vision of that it chooses for the vote.

International Maritime Bureau

From hunger in the 1991-1992 year, killing about 300 thousand people. Entering UN peacekeepers failed to improve the situation. After the death in 1993, 19 U.S. soldiers in an ambush, followed by withdrawal of peacekeepers, the U.S. and then in 1995 all the remaining UN peacekeepers.

Starting with this time, Somalia has become a final base of pirates in the Indian Ocean. Piracy off the coast of Somalia is becoming more threatening proportions. Along the coast of Somalia, the length of the coastline is almost 3000 kilometers. Never in the history of the modern world shipping anything like this has happened. Pirates was actually under the control of the entire Gulf of Aden, is under threat from a major sea routes of the world – Suez Canal. Somali pirates in their bulk 15-16 year-olds, many former fishermen.

In the fully unemployed Somali pirates get in – it’s the dream of every young man. “Each ship is accompanied by several captured small pirate ships. They are very maneuverable, but in fact the seized ship is the protection of a few pirates. If we start to attack, we will lose all the hostages, “- say representatives of the International Maritime Bureau. Pirates usually divided into three groups. One of them is in the sea and over the courts, which can be captured. Two others are waiting their turn. Thus is achieved clock mobility and 100% ready to capture. Money received as compensation, are divided among all, not even involved in this time of the operation. In June, the Council UN Security Council passed a resolution authorizing military vessels from other countries to enter Somalia’s territorial waters to fight piracy, but these measures have not yielded the expected results. Stories always grabs end the same way – pay a ransom to pirates, but they released the hostages. Pirates do not burn the money and invest them in the vegetable trade in the drug “cat” (khat), and other businesses. Most of this money is in the hands of pirates Somali breakaway autonomy of Puntland in the north. Many of the pirates because of trade are enriched. Wealthy pirates have built on the bank similar to the palaces of the villa, driving around in expensive cars and give birth to large harems. They did not care what the international aid the rest of the starving population (each year drought) can not reach the sea, and other ways to virtually none. Experts say the kidnappers are becoming bolder in court. “They have gained experience and now swings to big ships, for that request a lot of money – said Andrew Mvangura, a program manager with sea-going vessels in East Africa. – They are getting smarter and more sophisticated. “Without a doubt, while for captured by the attackers will not stop the ship to get a good bribe, attacks on merchant ships will not stop. Put an end to this war can only be punitive operation in the area or maintenance truck ships warships. The international community can not yet solve the problem of piracy, even so far not scheduled as a significant ways to combat this danger.

Nine Circles

(Creation of the World Church of the Star, that is the conclusion of the World), or 2012 AD God gave people Perun Great Race and descendent of the commandments of Heaven, and warned of upcoming events in the future for 40176 years. During his third visit Midgard-earth, God the Holy Wisdom Perun told people Clans of the Great Race. Our forefathers wrote Belovodye h'Ariyskimi Runes Sacred Wisdom of the Nine Circles "Perun Santii Vedas." In the nine books "Wisdom of God Perun ". (See Dazhdbog Then, on Midgard, the Earth was coming Dazhdbog – God Tarkh Perunovich, God, Keeper of the Great Ancient Wisdom. Was named Dazhbog (giving God) for what gave them the descendants of the Great Race and Rod Heaven Nine Santy (Books). These were recorded Santii ancient runes and contained the sacred ancient Vedas, the Commandments Tarh Perunovicha and his teachings. Santii, in the original, but visually you can name the book, because Santii – it plates of precious metal, on which are inscribed the ancient Rune h'Ariyskie.

Plates held together by three rings, which symbolize the three worlds: the Reality (World People), Nav (World of Spirits and the souls of ancestors), right (MPR Light Slavonic-Aryan Gods). All residents in different worlds (in the galaxies, star systems) and on land, where representatives of an ancient clan, live according to ancient wisdom, tribal foundations and Regulations which are followed by Rod. After visiting God Tarkhov Perunovichem our Ancestors, they began to call themselves "Dazhdbogovy grandchildren." Our ancestors attended, and many other gods.

Maira Monam

' ' After this lode another one and in signal of curse it donated tacape to us with which we kill ones to the others; has as much time uses already it that now if we gave up this custom the other neighboring nations would jeer of ns' '. (LRY, 1972. Boy Scouts of America contains valuable tech resources. Apud In Fujimoto, p 4, 2007) Beyond such myth pointed for Lry, another traveller Andres Thvet (1575) in the sample another version of the tradition warrior in such a way perpetuated by tupinambs. Such relation also appears in the end of the myth of the creation, where the children of Sum (according to great Pag and caraba, descendant of the indian burnt for Maira-Monan, as revenge against the men. Maira Monam in turn is son of Irin-Mag, man who was saved of the death for Monam, the creator of everything) would stop a perpetual battle, of a side the patriarch of tupinambs and the other of the Tominous. The war is basic for the social groups, has immemorial origins and was dependent in action of attack of the omens, preceded of the conference of morubixabas aiming at specific periods of the year.

Staden affirms that for tupinambs of Ubatuba, this space of time coincided with the spawning of fishes of pratty 2, or of some wild fruit. For proper times as it affirmed cronista carabas the same became certain women you guess, smoking them and questioning later on the luck in the war. The forecasts were based almost that exclusively in the reading of the dreams of the previous night, preceded of dances and the satiated consumption of cauim. The place of fetichism was the point of meeting for the parties and soon the space where the natives if congregated and counted to the Page the good and bad dreams, thus it was the environment that approached the families of all around malocas of interests in common.

Baptist Schooling

Sown evangelizao in the south of the Piau, arrived later the Teresina the missionary Baptist E. the Nelson, making conferences to the outdoors, that also visited Amarante and Floriano; At last, it was in 1913 was that the permanent work of the baptists in Teresina, Amarante, Floriano, Jerumenha and Solido started. In 1918, the Severino shepherds Baptist in Amarante and Floriano and. the Brando in Jerumenha and Solido had been in charge it evanglico service, developing it. The Chain Church was isolated some years, without shepherd, being visited rare times for missionary C.J. Jackson, of Rita Saint, in the Bahia, until in 1915 it had its first shepherd, August Mr. Fernandes, who also assumed the direction of the school. In 1917, a mission baptist of the north ordered a meeting of missionaries of which it was part the Dr.

Mairhead, president of the college and seminary baptist of Pernambuco, to travel for the zone of the river San Francisco and south of the Piau, similar to study the subject and to choose the place adjusted for the center of the work; Binding to this mission the city of Chain, was this the point chosen because of its ameno climate, of its geographic position (next to the states of the Bahia and Maranho) and mainly of the predominant influence already of the religion baptist. Established the plan and chosen the center, the Chain Church assisted in 5:00 the $000 enterprise, giving more the fruition of a composed farm of cattle of 200 heads beyond other donations and some lands yielded to the particular ones; Later similar of good organizing the work, for it followed another commission of missionary under the direction of Dr. J.B. Terry there, of which the E. Haye (Agronomist) and Doorming (Doctor) with its respective families is part the Drs., they had established the Industrial Institute Baptist. Although the persecution of some priests catholics, evangelho obtained to all establish in the Chain city, penetrating in Parnagu, Gilbus and Gurgia, Philomena and Alto Parnaba, spreading baptists in the south of the state. The protestant evangelistas had not been limited to practical the religious ones, therefore, they had established colleges for the primary instruction and secondary, they had made special fields of culture, having professors to teach practical agriculture, they had opened proper schools to lecionarem Arts and Crafts; Great it was success the reached, not only for the practical side, but also for the religious side, main longed for end.

Organized the Church, she was necessary to fight the illiteracy thus, exactly because the protestant, in contrast of the Roman catholic, it needs to know to read to examine the Holy Writs, and, for better development of the evanglico work. Benjamim colonel Walnut established the first School Baptist of the Piau, getting a North American teacher, Mis Julieta, organized that it. Times later, was Mis Julieta substituida for the Sandra teacher Saints, and finally, after the being the school directed for other professors, already having the Church its first shepherd, the minister and August evangelico Fernandes, pasou this to direct the school. The Evangelho, thus nailed, penetrated in all the homes, and had its divine light, correntenses had been abandoning the superties and other things, as the vices of tobacco and the alcohol, predominating today the element baptist there, in same way that in other cities of the south of the State.

Hail Politics

Although untiring, the movement had of if recognizing failed, but although this, the revolution had important moral results and politicians. In first place it revealed that the attempts of movements were not impossible, ahead to the superiority exactly government. In according to place, it served to reveal the lack of authenticity of the elections of the coletivista regimen (the state is seen as of all the problems solucionador), carried through in 29 of November before one boycotting generalized, whose votes had been practically the position the policy and of civil soldiers. Although everything, the Blanco Party, under the command of caudilho of the campaign, would resurge in the revolutionary scene in 1904 placing Uruguay commands under it of the weapons, in the last caudilhesca manifestation of the cycle initiated for Hail in 1897. In this context, Uruguay enters in century XX with a notable urban and population growth, to the base of immigrants, and politically dominated, for a capitalist oligarchy of feies agropastoril.

In a panorama of maturity of the conditions for the capitalist development, the leading Colorado was elect in 1903 Jose Battle y Ordnez (representative, over all of the liberal interests of the emergent social classrooms, as traders and professionals) that it established its hegemony in the capital and the agricultural areas surrounded that it. As soon as the Party Colorado assumed the power, a faction of the party saw itself to search an alliance enters the forces politics of the country (Broken Blanco that mainly represented the traditional interests of the agrarian and pecuarista oligarchy) and the end of the armed disputes. This faction of the party, that later lode if to call batllista, had its projects of enraizamento in the power institutionalized politician. As a reformist project, the batllismo intended the normalization of the institutions politics, economic, social and cultural of the country. It accepted in its government the participation of the traditional aristocracy through the Blanco party, therefore it needed ' ' paz' ' politics to make to avenge its project.