Fashion Boots

Some boots are manufactured to walk for the city, while others harm its legs. Some models exist and styles for each occasion, depending on as you to choose its boot, you can leave wonderful its look. A pair of boots can combine with all its clothes, but it is necessary to choose the correct pair for the correct occasion. Boots of Ankle They are very high to be considered shoes, however they are lesser of what the normal boots. As well as the too much boots, them some colors and styles are manufactured in, as well as for each type of heel. Although they to be extremely short, nor all botinhas are recommended for all the types of woman. They are not recommended for women with thick ankles very, because the boots costumam to cover the inclination of the leg until the ankle, making that the ankle seems a mass accumulated in the foot. Unless you are a model, boots of ankles never must be used with polainas because the appearance goes to be disfigured; you go to seem small in low great on.

They with blazer or a short dress try to combine until the knee. Rain boots Lately, the rain boots, that before were only one accessory to protect itself of rain, are being created with alive colors, estilosos models and with attitude. The feminine rain boots are being manufactured of all the skills: with high pipes, average and short. The business is that this new trend of fashion is being reflected in its price, making with that the models are up to three more expensive times of what the conventional boots for rain. A good pair of rain boots costs 70 Reals on average and can be found in the majority of the store of footwear. The prices generally are higher at times of rain, but they start to be vendidas in the winter. You can have some difficulty to find they in the summer, but they are always available online. Remembering that, in the case of the rain boots, rule does not exist, since they serve in first place to protect its pezinhos of rain. Then, it abuses the color and the style and innovates!

International Organization

In 2003 they had been published manual for other areas of knowledge, as hemoterapia, lenders of services of clinical laboratories. (1,4) The Brazilian manual of acreditao of organization of nefrologia services published rendering resolution approving and renal therapy substitute. (1,4) In 5 edition was submitted during four cycles, the tests and Real application in the daily environment of the organizations of health showing to be valid and consistent to take care of the necessities of organizations of different types, profile, transport or characteristics. (1,4) The standards are defined in three increasing levels of complexity and with principles: Level 1 security and structure, 2 Level security and organization, Level 3 security, organization and practical of management and quality. (1,4) Requirements 1 and 2 are applied to the services, sectors or unit (subs-section).

Level 3 is applied to the section, that is, to the set of services, sectors or units. The evaluation process is voluntary. It is co-ordinated by the ONA that acts for intermediary of acreditadoras institutions (IACs), that it has the responsibility to proceed to the evaluation and certification from the quality, believed Level 1, full believed Level 2, believed Level 3 with excellency. (1,4) Another methodology for implantation and guarantee of the system of management of the quality is the norm of the International Organization for Normalizao (ISO) it does not believe, an institution certifys or registers, and its standards can be used by appraisers or external auditors for certification analysis. Its models can be used for elaboration of systems of control of quality for some services with objective to develop industrial standards to facilitate to the international coordination and the unification of the standards. Instead of presenting norms, it guarantees quality of products directly and services to the systems of management with quality, efficiency and improvement it continues. Dr. Neal Barnard is often quoted as being for or against this. (4) the recent version of published family ISO 9000 in December of 2008 cognominadas ISO9001 (2008), consists of three norms ISO9000: (2005), ISO9001: (2008), ISO9001: (2000), ISO9001: 2008 systems of the quality with the requirements, norms in which all the organizations are auditadas with voluntary processes.

General Surgeon

To strengthen our thought we appeal the Bruner (2005, P.2255): In June of 2001, the U.S General Surgeon Satecher published an intitled document The General Surdeon? s Call you the Action in the Sexual Promote Mealth and Sexual Responsible Beharrior. This document argues the impact of the sexually transmissible illnesses and other problems associates the lack of sexual responsibility on public health. This document praises educative actions developed by professionals of health based in scientific knowledge technician with objective to guide on the risks of sexually inadequate behaviors and to guarantee specialized jobs for the community. In this direction Breton and Opossum (2006), they designate that the educative performances if process the individual or collective level, developed in environments such as ambulatrias, basic units of health, schools or in the organized community. With this, these correlated actions must this with the primary prevention, as well as the aconselhamento of the patients infectados with ISTs, together with its partners thus one prevents new contaminations.

According to Brazil (1999), the care of nursing front to the carrying patient of the ISTs, becomes necessary one diagnosiss physician and a sindrmica boarding that has as goals to identify one or more syndromes quickly with intention to reduce the evolution of the illnesses and thus to prevent serious complications. Valley to stand out that the nurses can prescribe and apply medicines in agreement the protocol of the Health department, in accordance with the Law of Professional Exercise N. 7,498/86, of 25 of June of 1986, regulated for Decree N. 94,406, of 8 of June of 1987. One knows that the sindrmica boarding follows a flowchart instituted for the MS and for bigger recital of this our boarding SESAB (2005, p.23) assevera that: Such flowcharts consider the etiolgicas possibilities in each situation and consider an immediate intervention, excusing in the initial consultation, and/or interpretation of complex and delayed laboratoriais examinations.

Strategical Planning

Beyond the listed obstacles above the cultural obstacle can be cited, to break of organizacional inertia on the necessity of incorporation of the essential program as part of the business, (PORTER, 1999). The Strategical Planning, independently of its different communications, concepts and standards, consists of a set of mutations that they aim at to make with that the organizations search a competitive performance in the future. Therefore, it shows as the organization creates sustainable value in the future. The great benefit of the companies in having a Strategical Planning is the capacity to balance contradictory forces as the investments in intangible assets, to increase the prescription in long stated period, and the cut of costs, to improve the financial performance in short term. 4. FINAL CONSIDERAES When locking up the present article, fit to stand out that in the moving one where if relates to the tools of quality control, it is verified, that great part analyzes the origins of a problem with objective to guide the management for prophylactic action in the causes of the problem. Working isolatedly or jointly, they search the quality, however none more perfect and operational technique for that is, will have resulted if the levels will not have a full participation of all the components of the organization in all. Analyzing the tools of quality management it verifies? if that these establish the correlation between changeable causes of one determined problem.

valley to detach that the tools of control and planning of the quality do not restrict only the resolution of problems related to the diagnosis. But that its application can occur in the strategical and tactical spheres operational of the clinical organizations. As well as of the too much rendering organizations of health service. Many times, in the implementation of techniques, the organizations face barriers, therefore nor all like changes, believing that the work will become more difficult, or can be difficult or more difficult of what it was imagined to quantify the results.


One of the main problems of practises of the medicine sales is of pharmacies are the self-medication, since it does not have orientation or any control the medicines are consumed by pure indication. In the City of Empress the medicine sales can be verified are of pharmacies in the most diverse places, as markets and boards of ambulant, these medicines are stored and vendidos without any criterion and orientation regarding its use, therefore it does not have responsible druggist, thus being able, to contribute for the increase of the risk of poisoning of people for the self-medication. This article has for objective to verify if the medicines that are being vendidos outside of pharmacies are obeying the current law, giving approach to the storage places, the types of medicines, the forms of sales, the dates of validity and the origin of vendidos medicines. METHODOLOGY In the accomplishment of this article, had been used the methodology that encloses bibliographical research of field/, with the elaboration of questionnaires directed to proprietors controlling of the respective establishments you deal as: mercantile, mercearias that commercialize the calls ' ' Medicines of Livres&#039 Sales; '. The elaboration of the cited questionnaire was made by means of the consensus of the elaborators of the article, whom they had looked to enclose subjective questions I deal to it of free medicine sales destined in its majority to the population of little purchasing power, aiming at to clarify the pertaining mechanisms and artifices to the fiscalization, storages, fracionamentos and exposition of medicines. The attainment of the data of the research was through the answers of the questionnaires directed to some traders for parts of the researchers that had left in pairs that if had directed it strategical points of the cities of Empress and some pertaining surrounding cities the tocantina region. This research is of explorativa character and qualitative, since the intention and the main focus of the researchers are the clarification of the indifference of the competent authorities to the fiscalization deal of it parallel of these medicines and the risk that for happiness comes to cause the health of the population badly clarified on the consumption and self-medication of these frmacos.

National Institute

(MONTORO, 1991 P. 259 apud GIGLIO, 2003, p 33). For Caldas et al., (2005, P. 295) the breast cancer is first cause of mortality enters the women in Brazil, according to statisticians of the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA) …. Molina, Dablen and Of Luca (2003) tells that the mamografia is considered the method most efficient for precocious detention of the cancer, having to be made annually. The disgnostic sensitivity of this procedure varies depending on the age of the patient, density of the breast …. In accordance with the INCA (2005) apud Ferreira and Oliveira (2006, P. 06), the auto-examination of the breasts does not have to change the clinical examination carried through by professional of health qualified for this activity.

However, the examination of the breasts for the proper woman helps in the knowledge of the body and must be contemplated in the actions of education for the health. For authors Karen and Ivo (2002); Miettinen (2002) apud Giglio (2003, P. 33): Although the current controversy how much to the supervened increase of of submitted women the mamogrfico tracking, one gives credit that the mamografia still is an important method for the precocious diagnosis of the breast cancer and, to to allow the detention of mammary tumors in initial periods of training, could, in fact, reduce the mortality associated with the breast cancer, what it would become evident, however, only after some years of pursuing. Diversely in Brazil, advances in the tax of mortality caused for mammary cancer in last the three decades had been noticed. Current data, gotten by means of the National Institute of the Cancer (INCA), esteem the occurrence of 15,6 deaths for 100.000 women/year (MARCHI and GURGEL, 2010, P. 192). In Brazil, an increasing persistence for the mamografia exists as instrument of the Public Health. One of the expressions of this interest is the inclusion of the subject in great national inquiries.


2.1.2.Fatores that influence in the pertaining to school learning Drouet (1990) standed out that, so that the teach-learning process occurs is necessary the respect to the professor, the pupils, the contents and the social environment. The imperfection in some of these serious elements cause problems in relation to the learning. Fonseca (1995), considered as factor of the learning difficulties the integration between a hereditary and neurobiolgica etiology and a partner-cultural etiology and classifies them in biological, social factors, partner-economic factors of envolvement and cultural privation and factors. Souza (1996), related the ambient, psychological and metodolgicos factors directly to the success and the failure academic. The emotional problems and the methods of education inadequate, is pointed by Moraes (1997), as the main causes of learning difficulties.

9 the pertaining to school performance depends on different factors: characteristics of the school (physical, pedagogical, qualification of the professor), of the family (level of escolaridade of the parents, presence of the parents and interaction of the parents with school and duties) and of the proper individual (ARAJO, 2002). According to Stevanato (2003), the learning difficulties almost always present associates the problems of another nature, mainly mannering and emotional, and the children present who it are described as less involved with the pertaining to school tasks that its colleagues without difficulties. As Ciasca (2003), to teach and to learn is slow, individual and structuralized processes, when if they do not complete for internal imperfection or external the riots and the difficulties appear of learning. The learning difficulty not only takes the child the desmotivao, but also to the consuming and reprovao, transforming it into a label inside of the school. In accordance with Pacheco (2005), exists interrelated factors that intervene with the processing of information and the social use of the language. Amongst them, estresse it cites it familiar, the degree of stimulation in the home, the effectiveness of the mothers in the education of its children, the economic limitations, the health, the degree of satisfaction with the life, the available chances for the parents, the social support of the familiar ones among others.

The Patients

Of the convexity they can be linear, gotten depressed, or composed. The linear breakings are common and they do not require specific treatment. However, they are signals of alert, being able to be indicative of that the TCE had certain gravity. For this, the patient with this type of breaking must carefully be observed by 12 the 24 hours in the acute phase. Neurological examinations must periodically be made in this period, and deterioration of the conscience level or alterations to the physical examination can be indicative of the presence of intracraniano hematoma (SARAH, 2001).

The depressed breakings of the skull are fragmentos sseos dislocated for inside, compressing the underlying brain (ROWLAND, 2002). These breakings can determine lacerao of covering the external membrane of the brain or the fabric cerebral. The surgical treatment must be considered, over all if the depression will be greater that the thickness of the bone of the skull. Already the composed breakings are characterized by the lacerao of the bone. The treatment is essentially the same of the simple, linear breakings: adequate treatment of the cutaneous wounds with closing of the lacerao. The breakings of the base of the skull are more frequent e, as the linear breakings, are indicative of that the TCE was intense.

The signals that lead to suspect of breaking of the secular bone include perforation, auditory loss timpnica, otorria liqurica and face paresia. (ROWLAND, 2002). 2.3CONCUSSO CEREBRAL AND DIFFUSE INJURIES AXONIAIS cerebral Official corruption is the brief alteration of the conscience, less than six hours after the impact. The patients can be total unconscious or only stuned, she is common to present retrograde or antergrada amnesia how much to the event. The loss of the conscience happens through the transitory functional disorganization of the reticular system, caused by rotation forces acting on the cerebral trunk.

The Patients

Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) agree that the accomplishment of this stage does not offer to the patient great risk of infection, therefore the professional act as vector in the process of transmission of illnesses. The laudering of the hands is one practical one of simple asepsis that continues being the main form to prevent and to control the infections, without significant responsibilities for the institutions, beyond generating extensible benefits to those involved ones in the care process, having to configure itself as a habit that all the health professionals must carry through before and after any procedure, either invasive it or not. (GONALVES, 2009 apud GENZ, 1998; TIMBY, 1996) Gonalves, (2009), apud, Brazil, (2007), agree despite the laudering of the hands is essential in the hospital routine. The control of infections in the sector of health, englobando the practical ones of hygienic cleaning of the hands, concurs for improvement of the quality in the attendance and assistance for the customer and takes care of the legal and ethical requirements. The improvements of this practical are unquestioned, therefore it assists in the reduction of the morbimortalidade of the patients and also it reduces costs related to the treatment of the infectious pictures. In the item to explain the procedure to the patient, was gotten a percentage of 94,44% (17 technician) that they had not carried through the explanation to the patient.

He keeps the conscientious patient about the invasive procedure, facilitates the accomplishment of this, therefore the patient being calm the sanguineous vases presents itself dilatados congratulating the visualization of these diminishing the risk of errors in the handling. In the requirement to pave the gloves, was detected the percentage of 94,44% that it indicates the accomplishment of this stage. It stops Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) ' ' it prevents the exposition of the nurse to the blood of the patient and the patient and nurse to ltex' ' In the phase of election for the place of the puno, it was gotten 83, 33% (15 technician) had carried through correctly.

The Arterial

The cerebral aneurisms occur much more comumente in adults of what in children, but they can occur in any age. They are a little more common in women of what in men. The rupture of the aneurism in general provokes collapse, ‘ ‘ bigger migraine of vida’ ‘ vomits for the bleed around the brain, being able to cause death. This situation is one of the types of hemorrhagic cerebral spill. Cause rigidity of nape of the neck in more than the half of the cases, fellow creature to the infectious meningite. The death can occur will have the comprometimento of vital areas as of control of the breath or the arterial pressure. The treatment must be fast is surgical, being complicated had to the difficulties in the access to the place without injuring more the brain, and as to keep complete the sanguineous circulation of the part before irrigated by this artery.

Depending on the place of this aneurism in the brain, the surgery can be more or less risky. It is treated by the neurosurgeon. Two basic forms of treatment exist: for micron surgery and for it saw to endovascular. When the aneurism is discovered, before occurring ruptures, a called surgery microcoil thrombosis can be carried through. The process of the embolizao balloon alone is recommended in patients where surgery can very be risky. During a picture of aneurism rupture, the symptoms allow some previsibility of evolution.

1 Degree: Light migraine and has taken sensitivity to the light. 2 Degree: Strong migraine, fort sensitivity the light, small laziness. 3 Degree: Strong migraine, fort sensitivity to the light, strong laziness. 4 Degree: Start of vegetal state. 5 Degree: It eats Deep, dying. The prognostic for a patient of cerebral aneurism depends on the size, if the format is irregular and of the position of the aneurism, of the age of the person, if the person is smoking, if she had rupture of the aneurism, time of the disruption, if she has complications and occured rupture (diverse complications, mainly, vasoespasmo, hidrocefalia, cerebral isquemia secondary, hipertenso intracraniana, etc.), of the general health, reserve functionary of too much agencies and systems (pulmes, kidneys, liver, heart, endocrinolgico), of its current previous neurological condition/. Half of the individuals with a cerebral aneurism ragged dies of the initial bleed before arriving at the hospital (for example: in house or the work) before they can be given any aid to them. She is one of the cause most frequent of sudden and unexpected death in adults between the 25 and 55 years of age. Of that they arrive livings creature to hospital 50% will have fatal evolution (mainly those that they arrive in eat moderate the deep one). The majority of the individuals that arrive conscientious and guided to the hospital, that serious complications do not present you add in the internment, nor new bleed, in general recover with almost no neurological deficit.