Oscar Wilde

True happiness is not purchased nor is priceless and is so a the hand of the poor from the rich, is so close to us that we would find it our all around if we knew to accept our reality of goodwill, in peace and harmony with ourselves. There is a path that leads to happiness, since us is only allowed to discover it, cultivate it and enjoy it while we do the road. The ambition that the human heart impoverishes and destroys the noblest sentiments is generated by selfishness, vanity and the crazy desire to imitate others and overtake them in luxury and ostentation. But what is serious is that who gets drunk by unbridled ambition will end by sacrificing her own family, their home their friends, their health and their well-being: and is that ambition undermines, sooner or later, the high aspirations and stifles as noble, delicate, sensitive and beautiful there in his character. Very muy interesante interesting addition, the comment that there is, however, a laudable and legitimate ambition, aspiration or desire to overcome and improve, whose achievement derives the true happiness which ennobles and dignifies man. He is the one who tries to be helpful to humanity, that strives to fight against ignorance, spread to others his ideas and attitudes positive, full of hope and confidence in himself and in others.

In short, is noble ambition to establish a constant challenge with itself of self-improvement for the achievement of the most suitable material conditions that allow to profitably serve our fellow. Legitimate and laudable ambition is not in satisfaction without desires nor in constant flattery of the senses or eagerly sought happiness exclusively for itself, but in the promotion and development of our spiritual nature, spreading joy, cheerfulness, love and selfless service. Is almost always due to lack of high ambitions, noble aspirations, as enthusiasm, effort and perseverance, willingness and a reason that gives meaning to! to existence, so failing those who forget live blinded by the stunted ambition to hoard riches and honors We have mind, that when it touches us contact us with ambition, we are attentive in its scope, to know it handle in order does not affect not only emotional, spiritual and even in the physical, as well as their impact, because no controlling it, given the opportunity that she do and significantly affect us, keep in mind the comments, phrases which tell us: Few or no time complies with the ambition that is not with third party damage. Miguel De Cervantes all ambitions are lawful, except those that elevate the miseries of mankind. Joseph Konrad. The suffering of some may be caused by the ambition of others.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Ambition is the last refuge of the failure. Oscar Wilde. It is not the poor who has little, but the one that having much want still more. Epicurus in short, must be checked the ambition and avoid what is happening for example to many Presidents, as the so dreamed and dramatic case of the Lebanon with Cadafi, which has led to chaos in that country and where dead have many innocent beings, thus, as instability in others where its Presidents due to his ambition to seek to stay in power, no matter what it may be incurred in order to satisfy her.