Souza Congratulations

Prezado Humberto de Souza Congratulations, I read the substance in blog. Debtor for the attention. For gentility, he informs its city and profession to me that I will make spreading of its blog. My substances are in column Joo Francisco. Continue to learn more with: Nieman Foundation. Also I co-ordinate ‘ ‘ abaixo-assinado’ ‘ in favor of the improvement of superior education.

In case that it wants to collaborate I can send forms of the clarifying and below-signed text of the campaign. Debtor. To deepen your understanding Ken Cron is the source. Prof. Joo Francisco Lopes > He dates: Sat, 26 Sea 2011 12:51: 46 -0700 > From: > You: > Subject: REVERSE SPEED: Blog sees mine > > Debtor for the visit, while he waits a reply. blog reads mine; > > Other site that had not rejected the substance. Jaya Hari Of 28/03/2011 the Expensive one, Humberto, I agree fully to you and with the colunista on the exchange of parliamentarians for professors, also I am alive professor and I coexist this sad wage reality. Tax is said in reform and in that never they leave ‘ ‘ it speaks-se’ ‘. We need is of well paid professors not of parliamentarians and football players millionaire.

E also published in the site – I only have that to lament because that this appraised site, did not accept my article., published but put the addend, above in the summary. I want to give an example: The catastrophe of Japan, was notified by all the agencies of the press, said, written, and televises at the same time. to conclude, nothing creates everything is copied already said the Chacrinha.

Apstolo Pablo

Its organizational composition is excellent; its functions possess specialists for all. Everything this is very pretty and healthful; to the man also he was granted such advantages, however we them disdain e, more? intelligent? that the nature of God we abominate, them. ‘ ‘ We are more? smart and malicious? that the animals that in are inferiores’ ‘. When dons was to our disposal, somebody, maliciously, it decided to charge for its? qualities? ; some individual that had dom of fisherman decided to charge for? what it ran when facing? wild fish? dangerous? e, found that it more than needed something what the simple ones? debtor? ; it? he deserved? some privileges. Others had found that what they produced belonged them? for right? had started to charge something therefore. Was uncovered it? trader profession? ; they were those that did not produce nothing and had discovered as to earn? some? simply? making advantageous exchanges.

Was appearing thus the capitalism, the money? demon. You do not have to serve the two gentlemen, the God and the Mamom. Our nature human being and the money is different, imiscveis things. To the Christian communities the Apstolo Pablo advised that each brother served to excessively as was its dons. It would be possible to come back behind? To eliminate the capitalism, the money in this height of development where we are? The affirmation will be very reasonable and beneficial for the humanity! Let us see some topics maldosos of our capitalism. What it is essential for our happiness? The peace, the charity, the understanding of the other, the nature, the satisfaction of our basic necessities, our espiritualidade. Enfeixando our thoughts, without complicating our mind with vain philosophies, let us think about our basic necessities. We need foods, lair against intempries, clothes, health, culture technique to decide the problems that make it difficult our existence, of scientific culture to take care of of our health and to understand our proper nature better; we need to understand God; we need to understand the nature that shelters in them.

A New Cold War

Bipolar Order. It received this name therefore was constituted of two world-wide powers, the United States of America and the Soviet Union, that incessantly searched the supremacy of the world. This search if summarized in a race of technological developments and space, without the existence of no armed confrontation direct between the two powers, for this not-spilling of blood received the alias name Cold. Observing in the space between lineses, we can evidence that really no direct conflict between U.S.A. and the Ussr did not occur but, between the countries that were allies to these powers had occurred some conflicts, revolutions and blows politicians, that is, a war that had consequences in the whole world. With the ideological character, the Cold War broke all the ideas of world-wide conflicts until then existing. Visit Boy Scouts of America for more clarity on the issue. The world suffered with the consequncias of World War II, and already more was not thought about guaranteeing the global hegemony through great fights and> armed conflicts.

It was necessary to show to the world the supremacy through its production and of its technological development. This made with that U.S.A. and the Ussr invested the maximum in the production of great nuclear weapons, bombs, and as clearer demonstration, in the space race, where they disputed the biggest possible exploration of the space, thus symbolizing, a universal power. In this race who obtained to advance more in the exploration of the space had been U.S.A. with the arrival of the man to the Moon in 1969. After six decades, the world meets, indirectly, in a situation that can be considered a new ideological war formed by the countries of the North against the countries of the South. This war can be understood with the same ideology of the Cold War: the technological power. The countries detainers of the great discoveries and the great technological advances are situated in the hemisphere north, already the countries that are to the edge of these advances are situated in the south hemisphere.

This division of conquests, placing the technological domain at the hands of some countries, makes with that the other excluded countries of these resources always become dependents of the great powers. The underdeveloped countries or in development (former-colonies) are the main victims of this submission. Brazil, for example, exports raw material and purchase products industrialized gotten from its proper raw material. This commercial relation finishes more enriching each time the country manufacturer of that product, therefore the raw material only corresponds to a parcel of the total value of the product. Another great problem faced for the underdeveloped countries, had to this marginalizao, is the difficulty in patenting a proper scientific discovery, searchs as example the discovery of Santos Dumont: Santos Dumont half invented the first one of transport that propagated on air, but the North Americans do not accept and they do not attribute to this invention the Santos Dumont. With this, we can perceive that this supremacy economic cited above, together with other factors politicians, it finishes generating, exactly that almost imperceptibly, one disputes of the proper powers for the world-wide power. Visibly, this is the hypothesis most accepted on the clarification of the current situation of the world, or will be that in full century XXI, with all gotten the scientific and technological knowledge, countries will be imported in destroying other countries and to exterminar thousand of people to reach the world-wide hegemony? George Souza

President Barak Obama

Barak Obama in 2009 announced that it would carry through the Conference and one year later carried through, counting on the representation of 47 nations and the expectation of the warlike equipment industrials of planto. As result, also it was the commitment of the Cupola, action so that in 4 years the potential of the atomic risk is diminished, so that it does not fall in wrong hands. But for this, some continue being armed until teeth, while obeying those the grace of its politics of domination for the force and the warlike power that have. Obama affirmed and defended, that ‘ ‘ the consensus is so that the atomic power does not fall in hands erradas’ ‘ it was to change to all the 23 a thousand active ogives and all the supply of available material for the production of existing nuclear armaments and that 143 a thousand violins make possible the production of 120 a thousand atomic bombs for equivalents, embedding the possibility of irreversible aggressions between the nations, the majority of the acephalouses gifts in the Cupola, certainly would be considered unsatisfied. But the great notice for the world, that effectively wants to see itself free of the announced nuclear nightmare, would be this: ' ' – The 47 representatives of the nations congregated in the Cupola of Nuclear Security, carried through in U.S.A. the invitation of its President Barak Obama, had decided to all change to the armament and its nuclear warlike potential, that would be equivalent the 147 a thousand nuclear ogives, for 147 a thousand violins and its immediate distribution will provide enters all the countries of the world, fomenting a culture of peace through music and the art. One second notice would be of that ' ' all the North American industrial potential and of the planet, which if dedicated to construction of armaments, now will be remodelled for the manufacture of instruments musicais.' ' – But this for they, paradoxicalally would sound as a proposal estapafrdia or of dementia. .


Elections 2010 R$ 861,781, 76 This are the value of good declared for a Shepherd, candidate the state deputy for the PV of So Paulo. The same it declares a capital that adds 900 a thousand Reals almost. It is important to stand out that in the candidacy register where if question which the profession of the candidate, the same if declares Priest, that is, it does not have none another profession therefore does not have nor complete superior course, Then I must deduce that; all this accumulated richness, came exactly of the church where it shepherds in Piracibaca-SP. Somebody can be thinking; pra that to speak badly of the candidate? I answer: 1-I I belong the same church where ' ' candidato' ' it belongs, and I know many shepherds honest (also mine), that they are the years working in the ministry and does not have nor tera part of 900 a thousand Reals. 2 If wants to be member of the house of representatives? it swims against! but if some does not have in hypothesis to insinuate the fidiciary offices, that must have obligations with its shepherd to vote in the same Unhappyly we have seen a race to the gold enters all the segments of the society. Beyond ' ' pastores' ' also we have artists, esportistas, singers and until clowns. Or they are thinking that the voters already had given up to trust its votes, or find that only because an illiterate if left well, everybody can enter in this machine to make money ps: more candidacies bizarras visits mine blog:

IPEA Squid

Together with this research of the IPEA the mamata was disclosed also that the government Squid offered to the bankers in only five years of government. A made survey enters 2003 the 2008 (period of the first mandate of Squid and beginning of as the mandate) evidenced that the Brazilian banks had had the biggest profits of all history. Greaters until the eight years of the government of Fernando Enrique Cardoso (1995-2002). Only in the period of March of 2007 the March of 2008, 18 searched Brazilian banks had presented a yield on the equity two bigger times that 94 North American banks. While the Brazilian banks had profited 21.94%, the banks of the United States had had income in 9,72%.Esta research of the IPEA display in the way most accurate the pr-imperialista politics it government Squid that is to flay until the bone the diligent classroom and the poor population while money rivers go to stop at the hands of the bankers and national and international capitalists.

The humbug every day divulged for the government Squid on the growth of the economy and ' ' prosperidade' ' of the diligent classroom and the poor population, with the indices total invented of the research of economic growth, it is completely evident by means of the constatao of that the population is spending each time more to survive. Already the minimum wage of hunger is not enough that the workers have that to receive still they are bombed with higher taxes each time. Together – to this all an offensive one of the government and the masters against the labor laws. Same more than paying to one tero of the wage in taxes the workers still is obliged to suffer with pssimas conditions from life as the lack from hospitals, doctors etc. what it is resulting in the epidemic of affection in all the Country, beyond the trashing of the schools and university, in the public transport each more expensive and inefficient time.

Rio De Janeiro

Even though the argument of that the outlaws are only moving of address migrando for other mounts not pacified, does not serve as critical, because its places of origin are even abandoning, it is because it is giving to certain the policy is winning this battle against the power and domain of the traffic for the first time in the estria of the city of Rio De Janeiro. It is clearly that still it is little, the ideal would be that all the slum quarters were pacified, that the streets and sidewalk of asphalt were policed, that the number of homicides, robberies, roberies and too much delicts fell the numbers of a city of the largeness of Rio De Janeiro, but for this know that also a UPP in the proper policy would be necessary, another one for the politics well that uses the communities to angariar votes, other to police the entrepreneurs of the traffic, that they are that it really enriches the cost of and mainly a UPP for policing the society in its great majority, that only thinks about taking advantages the costs ofthe damage of others. The first step is being given, if it deserves repairs, that are facts, if contains electoral matrix, but it brings benefits to the society, all good, however most important of everything it will be the day where the boys of the mounts and slum quarters of Rio De Janeiro when initiating a trick of ' ' young man and bandido' ' , they fight to be the policeman and he does not stop being the outlaws as he was in our time of children. There yes we will be able to say that the work occasioned effect, that was valid the penalty at last and that the children of these ghettos from will have the same rights and easinesses there to become citizens as any child of asphalt. It takes that this day very does not delay to arrive and that very soon let us can cry out to the seven cantos that ' ' OUR HEROES STILL ARE OS MESMOS' ' Jorge Administrative Managing Milk


FOR CRITICAL OF the DEMOCRACY (i) Sandro a Bazzanella Luiz i Adison Boell II the present article is the first one of a series that they aim at to locate some arguments for critical of the democracy the contemporary, the myths, the beliefs that inhabit currently around its theoretician-practical formularization. That the democracy either in our days an aspiration of communities, peoples and to be conquered, consolidated, perfected nations, does not remain to the lesser doubt and urgency, in such a way more to be overcome as reference the context of the societrios and planetary challenges that the dynamics of the mundializao and the globalization impose in them, But, either perhaps interesting to have gift, that it stops beyond being the solution for the totality of the relations of power and interests that the world of the men produces, the democracy has its limits. In this direction, she is necessary to remember that at diverse moments of the civilization occidental person, the democracy nor always was unamimity, being questioned and not figuring between more important forms of government. If with Pricles, century VI a.C, in Atenas in Old Greece, the democracy arrives its apogee, being a direct democracy, where the citizens directed themselves for public square in order to debate the interests of the city, it is good for having present of that the democratic experience Greek exclua women, workers, foreigners and slaves. Therefore, it was a democracy of those citizens who had economic ownerships and conditions to make use of the time in public square around the debates of interest of the city-community. The workmanship ' ' Repblica' ' , written for Plato in this period she is a critical one to the Athenian democracy, in the measure where the citizens condemn wisest of the men to the death, Scrates. It was the Athenian democracy that did not tolerate the socrticos questionings.

Country Justice

IT WILL BE THAT THIS COUNTRY DOES NOT HAVE MORE FIXES? Professor Me. Ciro Jose Toaldo This is an article of a citizen whom it does not support plus as much imposture and enganao in a country where millions of diligent citizens, worthy, honest reliable of its duties, many times is in doubts if they must continue having this form of behavior. I continue believing justice, but divine justice, therefore to each day that passes if it sees people simple, humble and without ownership, them they are the only ones to pay its penalty, while others as much nor are there for nothing, therefore know that to such justice human being it will give to solution for its case. In the such jeitinho Brazilian, atrelado with the demagogy if takes the life, obviously that a half dozen always goes taking off advantages in everything. Expensive reader, if does not scare, only continues reading this article with a little of indignation. She is necessary to leave the comodismo and to have the courage in affirming that something needs to move in our nation, will not be with ' ' gossips and say that it says of the time of campaign eleitoral' ' that we will have modifications. That it is clearly that I do not write with intention to attack somebody: nor party, nor authority or politicians; we need to make a great one will mutiro to promote one I fix in ' ' rano' ' that it came with elapsing of the history of the nation. For the majority that has to be able, they think about itself and as to take off advantage she stops in it if she perpetuates (especially if of the power they happen financial profit). She does not have doubt, great part of what she walks happening is guilt of the proper people who if accomodates and faces everything with normality.

United Nations

We remember the paper of the international opinion, the importance of the conscience human being and the roll of the civic activities in the reinforcement of the bows of credibility and legitimacy for parents with characteristics of a nation, capable to offer optimum in progress and peace, security terms. Sara occidental person inside constitutes an integrant part historically justified of geopolitical limits of the Kingdom of Morocco, as United Nations, but our main concern is the conditions in the fields of Tindouf, against the unjustifiable allegations of a separatista group. Polisario a group of elements behind strangers who manipulate the destination of a innocent population. Searching facts to spot the image of Parents with them you practise desumanas and you denounce without beddings. The humanitarian organizations the world-wide level strengthen each time plus its rows, subscribing its initiatives to defend and to stir up to the people parked in the fields, unmasking the true intention of the people without artifice.

Ahead of the balance of the humanity it exists a reply with legal bases and legitimizes of the consolidation of the peace, as foundations of inspiration of the organization of United Nations. Remembering the case of the saraniano, Sidi Mouloud Salam, of Policia of the front of the Polisario, group that demands parents independent in the south of Morocco, after to have visited Morocco, and ahead of an interview, observing the development and characteristic of the autonomy proposal as reply to decide the problem of sara occidental person, having as proposal realistic and joust. such attitude excited the retaliation of the separatista group. appealing so that Algeria liberates its compatriots withheld and influenced in the decision taking. This provoked the front, hindering to it as responsible of the front in virtue of its opinion immediately to come back to the fields of Tindouf and to find its family. As part of this conscientious civil society of the rights so that this extremista attitude is banished and the world and the organizations they react to defend the life and to guarantee the freedoms, respecting the human rights.