More Value

The film, ‘ ‘ Capitalism: a history of amor’ ‘ it identifies some forms of more value, more the direct value and the indirect one, demonstrates, over all the perversity of the capitalist system also its contradictions. A leading source for info: Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala. The film shows as more the value is part of the capitalism and exists in any place where it has such independent economic system of being the country richest of the world or a peripheral country any. The capitalist system, as it was clearly in the film survives of its perversities, mainly of more the value that the clearest form represents of as the profit of the capital is gotten by the exploration of the work force and as this system is divided formal or informally between ‘ ‘ the ones that work and what they are patres’ ‘ , even so all they are citizens the variations and inconstncias of the system, ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ the ones that trabalham’ ‘ they almost always finish as if it sees in the film, paying the accounts of the high profits gotten for its capitalist masters. Therefore the poor persons, who do not participate with great part (or almost nothing) of the profits gotten of capitalism is of certain forms ‘ ‘ main mquina’ ‘ of this system. The express film that the necessary capitalism of poor persons, of people who do not have conditions to pay its houses, its loans, its debts to give legitimacy to the system, independent of the economic or social price that these people pay.

Amazon Development

The word ' ' desenvolvimento' ' it estimates: to promote progress, economic development, to progress, to expand, here it is the first point that to valeressaltar, some questionings on its meaning, this concept for sis allows to promote progress? If, promoveprogresso, promotes for who? Who is assumen of the natural resources? Quemusufrui of the wealth produced from these resources? All this perguntasso answered when we see, for example, what these great projects in the Amazniatinham as the objective that in thesis was to take development for this regioe, what in fact had brought, had been serious ambient and social problems. Emverdade the concept development is not configured in its fullness. The ditodesenvolvimento is so only applied to the economic growth, crescimentoesse come back only toward the accumulation of the world-wide capital and with the effective falsonacionalismo during the military regimen, the Amazon region was aviltadaatravs of the Great mineral and farming Projects and the populations tradicionaisno had the right of joy of these produced wealth. In this context, and the heat of the quarrels between osdesenvolvimentistas and the ambientalistas another concept appears ' ' DesenvolvimentoSustentvel' ' (DS), this appeared in function of the countless quarrels conceituaisem who would have to be contemplated, as being the basic one, if the Man or the MeioAmbiente. Here it is that the mediator appears of this paradigm, with the attempt you intermediate quarrels and to chagar to a universal consensus. This shock between desenvolvimentistas and ambientalistas of carterparticularmente ideological that contemplate the aspirations of economic groups, are not in its depleted fullness, still have many quarrels to be stopped, therefore, many conceptual contradictions exist due not the clarity of the same ones. Evidentementeque the said sustainable development is not completely a failure, to vamosdizer thus, therefore, it represents an advance in the use of the sustainable term quandocomparado with the use of the term development in face of the proper evolution. .