Bernadette Celebrates

Bernadette celebrates 5th anniversary with dimension battle weekend 5 years is a rather stately age for a browser game. Reason enough to celebrate, and a little fun to the players and fans of Bernadette! Therefore, the team by GameArt Studio calls the upcoming weekend for the dimension battle weekend! This means: both on Saturday and on Sunday a dimension battle will take place! The dimension battles where players of all worlds and all languages can participate, to fight against each other in the name of the gods, are an integral part and main attraction of online games for a long time. There are not only the dimension battles that highlighted Bernadette Horde battles and various weekly tournaments as a community experiences from the entire mass of the browser, but it is the steady work in the fantastic world of Bernadette and the new ideas that make the Bernadette a perennial favorite, implemented by GameArt Studio. So it gave last year in addition to the creation of the world groups and new international worlds with Bernadette winter landscapes such as graphical highlights. GameArt Studio Team anyway, looking forward to the next few years and wishes everyone good luck with the next dimension battles and lots of fun with their adventures in Bernadette! GameArt Studio: GameArt Studio GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2006 and quickly became one of the most innovative developers and publishers of online games. All games by GameArt Studio are multiplayer online games, players from around the world can play so together with and against each other. In addition, all games are Free2Play games, i.e. they are free to play.


We refer to a novel epopeyica. Extraordinary choral story, with characters entering and leaving of chilling a scene and a landscape. Characters who only survive in those circumstances, give good measure of his heroism. The battle of Stalingrad in particular, and the second world war in general, give rise to the narrative of the lives of people trapped in hell: on one side the German army and the nazis and another side of Stalin and communism. The extension of the novel and the large number of characters with Russian names, cause the need for an extra effort of concentration in history not to be missed, but at no time is lost intensity or emotion.

The defense of a house in ruins in the middle of a completely razed Stalingrad; the maintenance of a powerhouse ruined by bombings; a birth in the basement of a bomb shelter in the middle of people wounded and dying; the political career of a fanatic catapulted and tossed by the same circumstance: the war; renunciation of the most basic principles for not to lose the position and the status acquired; the soldier and his mother, and death lurking among them everything, absolutely everything under the great ideological eye of communism, that everything it sees it and everything controlled, which makes stifling existence, adding background the fury of the bombings and the scarcity of the war. Needless to say that Grossman was one of the thousands of artists and thinkers who suffered relentless persecution of the Communist regime, than not satisfied with making them shut up, tried to erase all traces of their works. Miraculously, as shown on the flap of the book itself, we can enjoy the reading of a work of this magnitude narrative. Life and fate is another epic tale of the heroism of the Russian people.

Wings Aircraft

Currently the vast majority of the wings have a curvature are small, lack of sustained support in the takeoff and landing resolved by the action of the flaps, which allow obtaining one lift higher during those phases of the flight. Larger surfaces of the wings favor the lift although it is worth mentioning also that how much m? s largest are the wings also something will increase the resistance. Another factor that influences ees the air density, higher densities favor the sustentation. Does the bearing capacity is also favored by the speed of the wind already higher the speed of? ste on profile will also increase the bearing capacity. Provided that there is an excess, the angle of attack increased favor? the stall, although you should take into account that if the angle of attack is too aggressive could cause the airplane to enter in loss. Do so see that there are various factors affecting the bearing capacity, while some of them cannot be affected by the direct action of the driver, as the atmospheric pressure, others if they are controllable, such as speed and? angle of attack. Other elements such as the surface of the wings that do do do sight not be? an influence? two by the pilot in reality s? They are, it due to elements that modify the character? features during the flight, as do the flaps and slats. Force of gravity its direction is perpendicular to the surface of the globe.

Caused by the gravitational action you pushing any object toward Earth. The aircraft has a weight maximum load that must be respected already but the force of gravity will be too big against the airfoil that allows the design of the aircraft. When we speak of gravity we must consider that in reality the force of gravity is concentrated at a single point, the center of gravity. Resistance can be defined resistance as the force exerted in the direction opposite to the direction that takes the aircraft. ACE? This resistance will always be conraria to the path that has the aircraft, acting in the same direction to the relative wind.

Push the thrust of the plane moves the plane in its path by moving air at speeds greater than the same aircraft. This thrust is generated by the plane’s engines, either by the does money h? lices or exhaust gases burned in reactors.

The Lie

Can I give you a friend’s feels well?-the man accepted, not with gesture very friendly, as if you were guessing the lie of Alex. At least that was what it seemed. He gave Henry phone and again returned to rejoice to have thought him when he left Ibiza and having it called as soon as he had done. -I have to talk to him tonight without fail – he said on leaving office but before, I need to buy me a mobile-. He had no fear of having one. In the evening, explained Henry what had happened.This laughed with desire.

-Of course, friend – replied, – you are the rarest of the universe bug to the refuse to use mobile-. -Because already I refuse, I just bought one. I’ll give you my number so let me know if you have any news-. -Can’t believe that at the end you’ve agreed to buy one! -Enrique said amazed. -Because I have already done so, and if you want to jot down the number, you can verify this, calling me-.

Henry took note of the phone’s and promised to call him if had any novelty. By the afternoon of the next day, Alex went to see the Department indicate Enrique. He was of agreement with the price. He went immediately to the pension in search of his suitcase, paid off its debt and moved without loss of time. It was a very similar Department to which Henry lived. His room was the last aisle. She was small, but was well furnished and above all, had a comfortable wardrobe where Alex could hang their clothes clearance and not in conditions that had done so the past two years. During the two days that passed, until Henry called him to alert him that they cited him for a second interview for the post of seller that had applied, he was reading the newspapers was in the bars where he was to have breakfast, in search of a job.

Success World

League of Heroes – browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game is absolutely free and open to all. This is a game that unites people looking fabulous adventure. This is a game in which everyone can be a Hero. From the History of the World Peace Ledraka, as all know, is flat, being located on a piece of the shell of a Dragon-Grandparent. All known zemleopisaniya argue that it consists of a single land on all sides, except the South, washed circuitous sea. In the south of land goes to the roots of his fragile wetlands moisture, and that for them – no one knows.

Description Enter a world of peace Ledrak, you will find: – a complete fantasy world with its own geography and related, based on game events of history – a unique system of fighting based on an intuitive and pleasantly recognizable game – two sets of character development: economic and military – to achieve permit Success in those areas that are most close to you – a lot of guilds, professions, and interesting classes, quests, tournaments, events, and much more – something that will make your new life exciting and memorable. Features – A huge game world – Great Resources of diversity and broad crafting system – A great number of interesting and diverse quests – Tournaments, Marathons, mazes, monsters, PvP; – Clans, forts, castles – Mysterious bogs and ruins – A large number of things which you can select an individual version of the "swing"; Battle Combat system is as follows: You and your opponent put up a fight one of his followers. Victorious sequence causes damage to the opponent. Also, if your character has a nonzero magic attack, then there is a chance to deal an additional blow to the enemy. The battle continues as long as fighting does not end or health, or followers, or one of the participants did not lose a timeout.

Additional information in the Internet game since 2004. Standing in the online game players 800-1000 The game does not require a subscription fee or mandatory installation of special software. The game has a "Guest login". Site: Encyclopedia League Heroes: The Conclusion An article about the game does not tell all, but try to start my life in the world Ledrak nobody stops you. It should be noted that the game is constantly evolving and improving, so that it more interesting to come. I think that everyone will find in the game what he likes, as well as those with whom you can have a good time together.