With active listening we created a climate of confidence and receptivity, and most important, we perceived the needs of the client. In order to realise active listening correctly we must: 1. – To be conscious of the other, to concentrate themselves in the message and the gestures. 2. – To kindly watch at the eyes of the client, making clear that him listening. 3. – To observe and to interrogate the meaning of the words that are saying to us. 4.

– To support verbally, without interrupting the speech of the client, with expressions like: if, already, clearly, already I see 5. – To ask to animate the communication. An interesting question demonstrates that we are listening. For more specific information, check out Kidney Foundation. 6. – To detect the words and ideas keys and to write down them. 7.

– To feed back in summary, that is to say, to summarize with our words the main ideas of the message of the client. On the other hand, we must avoid the damages, the filters, the emotional alteration and the physical barriers. Chapter 5: Inquiry of the needs of the client the gestures of the client In all process of communication we have to have present that 70% of the communication are corporal, 20% of the communication come marked by the tone from the voice and only a 10% by the words or the content. Due to it, we must give a great importance to him to the gestures that our interlocutor realises. Next you will find a series gestures and which is its meaning: Annoyance: blow on the table, to aim with the finger, to close the fists strongly. Defense: arms or legs cruzados. Distrust: to watch towards a side, to touch the ear. Nervousness: to clear one’s throat, to cover the mouth when speaking. Decision: to incline on the table, hands on the hip. Concentration: to support expensive on the extended forefinger, to touch the chin.

Wings Aircraft

Currently the vast majority of the wings have a curvature are small, lack of sustained support in the takeoff and landing resolved by the action of the flaps, which allow obtaining one lift higher during those phases of the flight. Larger surfaces of the wings favor the lift although it is worth mentioning also that how much m? s largest are the wings also something will increase the resistance. Another factor that influences ees the air density, higher densities favor the sustentation. Does the bearing capacity is also favored by the speed of the wind already higher the speed of? ste on profile will also increase the bearing capacity. Provided that there is an excess, the angle of attack increased favor? the stall, although you should take into account that if the angle of attack is too aggressive could cause the airplane to enter in loss. Do so see that there are various factors affecting the bearing capacity, while some of them cannot be affected by the direct action of the driver, as the atmospheric pressure, others if they are controllable, such as speed and? angle of attack. Other elements such as the surface of the wings that do do do sight not be? an influence? two by the pilot in reality s? They are, it due to elements that modify the character? features during the flight, as do the flaps and slats. Force of gravity its direction is perpendicular to the surface of the globe.

Caused by the gravitational action you pushing any object toward Earth. The aircraft has a weight maximum load that must be respected already but the force of gravity will be too big against the airfoil that allows the design of the aircraft. When we speak of gravity we must consider that in reality the force of gravity is concentrated at a single point, the center of gravity. Resistance can be defined resistance as the force exerted in the direction opposite to the direction that takes the aircraft. ACE? This resistance will always be conraria to the path that has the aircraft, acting in the same direction to the relative wind.

Push the thrust of the plane moves the plane in its path by moving air at speeds greater than the same aircraft. This thrust is generated by the plane’s engines, either by the does money h? lices or exhaust gases burned in reactors.

Success World

League of Heroes – browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game is absolutely free and open to all. This is a game that unites people looking fabulous adventure. This is a game in which everyone can be a Hero. From the History of the World Peace Ledraka, as all know, is flat, being located on a piece of the shell of a Dragon-Grandparent. All known zemleopisaniya argue that it consists of a single land on all sides, except the South, washed circuitous sea. In the south of land goes to the roots of his fragile wetlands moisture, and that for them – no one knows.

Description Enter a world of peace Ledrak, you will find: – a complete fantasy world with its own geography and related, based on game events of history – a unique system of fighting based on an intuitive and pleasantly recognizable game – two sets of character development: economic and military – to achieve permit Success in those areas that are most close to you – a lot of guilds, professions, and interesting classes, quests, tournaments, events, and much more – something that will make your new life exciting and memorable. Features – A huge game world – Great Resources of diversity and broad crafting system – A great number of interesting and diverse quests – Tournaments, Marathons, mazes, monsters, PvP; – Clans, forts, castles – Mysterious bogs and ruins – A large number of things which you can select an individual version of the "swing"; Battle Combat system is as follows: You and your opponent put up a fight one of his followers. Victorious sequence causes damage to the opponent. Also, if your character has a nonzero magic attack, then there is a chance to deal an additional blow to the enemy. The battle continues as long as fighting does not end or health, or followers, or one of the participants did not lose a timeout.

Additional information in the Internet game since 2004. Standing in the online game players 800-1000 The game does not require a subscription fee or mandatory installation of special software. The game has a "Guest login". Site: Encyclopedia League Heroes: The Conclusion An article about the game does not tell all, but try to start my life in the world Ledrak nobody stops you. It should be noted that the game is constantly evolving and improving, so that it more interesting to come. I think that everyone will find in the game what he likes, as well as those with whom you can have a good time together.