Paez Empowerment

Dr. S.P. Robbins explains the tendency to empower employees in the following way: there are 3 forces driving this trend:-workers today are better educated and trained than those of the first half of the last century. -Global competition demands that organizations and companies are able to move quickly to improve the speed and quality of the same. -You are experiencing the effect of dismantling hierarchies organizational, gradually eliminating intermediate administrative positions in order to reduce costs and increase the sensitivity. According to Dr.

Ken Blanchard and its working group there are 3 key steps to successfully empower the workers:-share information with everyone: leaders who are unwilling to share information with their employees never have them as partners to successfully manage the company and will not have an empowered organization. Those who lack information cannot act responsibly, those who have information are forced to act in a responsible manner. -Create autonomies through borders: borders are capable of channeling the energy in a particular direction: 1. purpose in what business is you? 2 Values what their operating expenses? 3 Image do is your view of? future? 4 Goals what, when, where and how? You do what makes 5. Papers who does every thing? 6.

Organizational structure and systems how you support what you want to do? -Replace the hierarchy with teams directed cars: whose members possess skills and expertise. The empowerment of workers provides benefits for businesses because it determines that they have qualified personnel capable of taking decisions to resolve specific problems. This empowerment lowers costs as it reduces the intermediate administrative positions therefore companies are going towards this objective characteristics of companies that have experienced the Empowerment. The post belongs to each person. The person has responsibility, not the boss or supervisor, or another Department. Jobs generated value, because the person who is in them. People know where this stop at every moment. People have the power on the way in which things are done. The post is part of what the person is. The person has control over his work * reference:. Chichi Paez Empowerment, (empowerment).