Trust Is

Based on current research results the ZMG newspaper marketing documents society as learn the Germans in financial matters and as they plan their investments Frankfurt/Main, 28 February 2013. The daily newspapers are on the subject of money and insurance”continued the confidence – and most credible medium. That out of the current financial market study of ZMG newspaper marketing society. As a result of the financial crisis two-thirds of the population (62 per cent) feel insecure in money and insurance decisions. To broaden your perception, visit Center For Responsible Lending. So the security of the capital in the foreground is for the vast majority (77 percent) of those surveyed at a financial investment. Total nearly one in three has suffered ever losses at the investment through a financial services provider.

“Credible information there is great interest on financial topics: 42 per cent of the population looking for more information on the subject of money and insurance”. You may wish to learn more. If so, Boy Scouts of America is the place to go. This credibility, reliability, and expert advice are key criteria for the selection of a bank. Only as a second Component conditions and scope of services will be added. Is the daily recommended for financial market communication”, so Alexander Potgeter, research head of ZMG newspaper marketing company. Regional depth, the focus is on information and the high credibility go hand in hand with the communication goals of reputable financial institutions.” Trust in the institution locally, the financial market study shows a clear trend: financial transactions are a local matter. Over 80 percent of respondents want to do their banking at a branch on the ground, more than two-thirds think that only the branch can solve local financial questions and problems. Almost all financial market institutions have lost the majority of the population confidence due to the financial crisis. But mostly locally structured institutions such as savings banks and credit unions cut off much better: you can win even trust at every second respondent.

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Stay Away From

The free Advisor informs about dubious trends and products in the capital market of Seligenstadt September 2011. A new form of asset investment finds its way into everyday sales: the share loan. This variant of participation may be unknown to most small investors, has mainly rogue distributors of but increasing popularity. Good reasons: the share loan requires no prospectus according to the sales prospectus Decree. The free Advisor informs about this questionable product type. Again and again, reported various forms of involvement of free consultants and informs about the risks. Now the free consultant has all common variants analysed for its readers, including rights – seem, silent partnerships and also Kommanditbeteiligungen. Now comes with the so-called profit-participation loan”a new variant on the market.

Hardly an investor has ever heard this word, hardly anyone can explain what it is. Traditionally, provider looking for a Investment that is easy to sell. And that certainly applies to the share loan. The free Advisor knows the reason: providing a profit-participation loan requires not even a prospectus referred to in the sales prospectus Decree of the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin). This saves you effort, cost, and of course also the arduous task to meet the requirements of the State the provider. But what is now actually a partiarisches loan? The share loan is a normal principle”loan, rather than the usual either exclusively, or at least for the most part is granted a revenue share.

The lender is although not involved in the company, its revenue but nevertheless directly depend on company profits. Usually, the company admits a fixed interest rate on the artist in addition to the profit-sharing. In this way, he has the opportunity to achieve more than the usual loan interest, the Companies, however, is only obliged to pay a rate adapted to the company’s profit above the fixed rate of interest.

Credit Cards

Between the benefits of the credit card and the applications of Internet it is that they are better and easier to fill the formal red tape. The life is full of stress and the activities that wear away the people. To be able to rest and soon to complete the information of the best thing of this treatment. Who wants to be estresado and tired after filling fifteen pages of information, many people do not dirian that if. There are interesting things much more that to do with the life that the red tape that takes hours in completing itself. As much she is so the people stop filling the information and nothing is obtained.

They tend to put the papers to a side and say that they are going to fill them later. You know a thing, never he completes themselves then, when it memory, has disappeared. When in the sweepings, he pushes himself underneath another pile of papers that never were finished. And if that is what usually happens when filling the paperHow to eliminate this terrible test? the answer is the Internet. The Web, wonderful world of the things that allows a person to do.

To fill applications means less work by that there is paper no at issue. One eliminates the use of pencil and paper, the errors and never to finish the work. Also it reduces the hours to be seated there trying to understand the financial information. The cards are emitted by the banks that the people trust to pay the amount of the purchase that they give to his cards. For the people with excellent qualifications problems do not habrian to obtain the financial freedom. An excellent thing to have in the today world is the financial freedom, to select and to buy what an individual needs. Many do not have that advantage reason why they are left by chance by themselves.