Charitable Foundation

It is easy to give your stuff when you really do not want them and fill the living space. But let's make it stylish and modern! Gone are the ads on poles, "I'll give the crib will" leave in the past the boring board electronic advertisements. Under most conditions Center For Responsible Lending would agree. There is a new and convenient way of giving you the annoying things on the Internet – a system of "All in the exchange. ru "! First, it is easy to use interface in the style of web2.0, secondly, it is more than three thousand registered users and thousands of visitors every day! Give her something to very simple: Place the item marked "I give you a gift." Received feedback from users registered with their contacts, and an expression of desire veschi.Vybiraesh take it to whom to give and is associated with nim.Proishodit meeting in the real world, and the gift took place! Just four simple steps, and your gift someone did a little bit happier! What's more, you can now to give something to rent! If the rent is symbolic – that can be considered almost a gift! In addition, but it is very important: things, musical instruments and equipment in good condition can now give the gift of Charitable Foundation! "Everything in the exchange," and Sophia Foundation started working in the summer of 2010, the Fund has received gifts from many users. Here, PCRM expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The system of "All in exchange" allows you to concentrate in one place all proposals and all wanting to get your gifts! Spend five minutes, and convert your unwanted stuff to somebody else smile! Give by – it's convenient and fast! Vsevobmen.Ru – this is a very bright spot light and people among the gray sea social networks and boards of electronic advertisements. Welcome – to change or just give a gift it is most convenient for!.

The Priority

Only the women call it love, and men – respect. Do not believe me? That asked women from their princes? – Do you love me? A tough men from each other over a beer? – Do you respect me? Why if men do not ask about it in women? The remarkable fact: for some reason, conventional wisdom, the love of evil and to love for no reason about that, but respect must be earned. In fact, this is a disastrous mistake. It causes a vicious circle: the wife does not show respect for -> the husband can not express themselves and to realize, because he fears that his wife will despise more -> wife despises him even more -> trying to hide the pain, it is fenced off from her rudeness -> she despises him for his rudeness and expresses his contempt for abuse … Etc. Both want peace in the family, understanding and acceptance! Everyone screams about it in their own language! One does not hear the other, because that speaks a different language. It's a tragedy there is in almost every family, relationships with students, teachers, in the relationship business partners. What do you do? Husbands need to understand that most have come to expect their wives.

The man usually thinks so: "Well, what it is not enough? – Earn money, spend a weekend at home, even helping with the housework, and she … ". He does not understand that women in the priority list, all of these things is not the first place.