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Team development: Friendships measurably increase productivity and heads are good for team climate he is a thorn in the side. The cosy chat between two employees – at the desk of the one in the Office of the other, in the coffee kitchen, or in the hallway. You can see the colleagues, sometimes over half-an-hour at the same place, they work anything but just have fun. The work remains. A real nuisance, which can go up to the cease and desist letter at some companies. This article tells you why should rejoice leaders instead.

The private chat increases your profit. Center For Responsible Lending often addresses the matter in his writings. This behavior is just plain embarrassing to some team leaders. Each of the other departments get it. And perhaps even the Chief of Executive. What are you thinking? For me, the mice on the table dance rather than committed to work.

That look like weak leadership. What to think until the customers? Immediately the unseemly behavior is prevented, gone with a serious face in between, sarcastically asked if there is nothing to do are, maybe even to the serious four eye discussion. This situation is a cause for joy. Annually worldwide, the US management consultancy Gallup determined the commitment of employees. “Because of millions of questionnaires, Gallup able to determine relationships between words and facts is that common sense” never would have to uncover. “One of these extremely surprising relationships exists between the statement I have a good friend at work” and the productivity of companies. It is not without a certain irony. Some companies prohibit private friendships in the workplace per service instructions or demonstrate at least that this is highly undesirable. Probably to stop the above described waste”of time. But companies and teams that have extremely good values in this statement to the friend at the workplace, working according to the studies by Gallup proven much more profitable.

Melanie Vogel

When women first demand a salary of X and then Press 30 per cent can would you Yes just charge less can. The credibility suffers.” She advises, instead of a discount as less hours, other tasks, more vacations, training, subsidies to childcare or canteen food or service vehicles return to demand. Only women retain their salary negotiations at eye level and also then be taken seriously in the job.” Women earn percentage still less than men and also the current pensions debate shows: monetary waiver at a young age retaliates in the age. Women lack”the love of money, says Melanie Vogel, initiator of the women and work. Click Kidney Foundation for additional related pages. If negotiate women not to the cream of the crop, only the bread crumbs remain them at the end of the career.” Poverty in old age is female, but laid the Foundation for this is at an early age. Surveyed according to the wishes and requirements of potential employers, 300, the organizers of the women & work respondents women a good starting salary only on number 26 of a total 51 voted to the The choice criteria. Money is many women less important than a good working atmosphere or an appreciative leadership culture”, says Melanie Vogel. You forget, that a good performance must have also a financial equivalent.” This confirms also Claudia Kimich, negotiate negotiation expert and author of the book money’.

Women too often fail in salary negotiations is sent to do.” The expert has put together so three tips that help to get sent even the cream of the crop in salary negotiations. 1 Salary compromise without losing face to women in an interview 60,000 euro annual salary, the employer offers but only 40,000 euros, a yielding means a loss of face for the candidate, even if both in the middle. 30 Percent difference is too high according to the negotiation strategist.

Commerzbank Foundation

New project of the Foundation of the German economy and the Commerzbank Foundation promotes the economic future Berlin teachers at a ceremony opening the Foundation of German business (sdw) and the Commerzbank Foundation have launched the project “universe economy.” Given impetus for teachers of tomorrow”. This new educational offering is aimed at Berlin teacher training students and young teachers of all disciplines and types of schools. The first 20 participants now start in the project that puts economic relationships more in focus in the school and helps teachers to explore this topic. Current figures: only half of the young people in Germany know what “Inflation”. Six out of ten do not know is what is the idea behind the “social market economy”. The curiosity of students for the world of business to wake up and to give them basic economic knowledge – practical and varied close is required for future teachers this ability. In the project “universe economy” Participants in addition to economic basics received numerous impulses for the lessons: develop the project period of one and a half years ideas, at which points offer own subjects of points on the subject of economic.

In addition, they learn about successful collaborative projects between schools and companies. The initiative partners of the project understand the economic education as an important part of education. Dagmar Ritter, Executive Director of the Commerzbank Foundation, stressed: “education is an important focus at the Commerzbank Foundation. “With ‘ universe economy we can enrich our funding in this area to a facet: with the”teachers of tomorrow’ we reach a new audience of students and contribute to a better understanding of economic contexts in schools and society. ” The Foundation of the German economy can rely on a wide experience in the project: “we have numerous learning opportunities as a Foundation at the interface of” School and industry established”Dr. Arndt Schnoring, Secretary-General of the sdw, pointed out. “The participants of the project ‘ universe economy will immediately benefit from our extensive network of schools, teachers and business leaders.” Together with the Commerzbank Foundation, we can help to give young people a differentiated picture of the economy and to sharpen their views for the relationship between ethics and economics. “Because: the students of today are the consumers, workers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.” The patron of the project “universe economy” Sandra Scheeres, took over Senator for education, youth and science of the State of Berlin.

Managing Director

Focus on vocational education and training remains, in particular for employees, as well as for executives in the public sector and for training prospective customers from other companies. Center For Responsible Lending spoke with conviction. Still, We as municipal education factory e.V. “, explained Andreas Urbich of the KBW e.V., understand the alignment of ABBOT gGmbH sponsored education market as a supplement to our own activities in the field of continuing vocational training and the record pulses gained from cooperation with great interest”. In particular, the concept of the education program, MoBiDik”the ABBOT gGmbH offers an exciting approach to future joint projects. MoBiDik stands for modular education and didactics”and flexibility promises the training at their own pace. The idea to be able to cover its own qualification needs as individually and precisely, and to invest so much time that it needs in the career advancement makes so useful MoBiDik project from our point of view,”added Managing Director the ABBOT gGmbH, Andreas Wally.

From 180 modules or more than 40 module combinations weiterbildungs interested persons when the ABBOT can select gGmbH exactly those topics they need for their own, very specific professional qualification and individually determine also the amount of the time. Only a few hours per week up to the professional rehabilitation in full-time education is completely flexible. The flexibility and the individual crop of programme of MoBiDik, a Soforteinstieg at any given time is guaranteed. The big advantage of this new on the Berlin education market concept: While conventional education always a minimum number of participants must be protected, so that a start can be made, the performance of the seminars with MoBiDik is guaranteed. Another added value is the self-determined learning pace of training: the individually selected duration of the seminar and the precise content make it possible. So parent – or Unterforderung be avoided through the course material and the motivation remains receive. Prepare for participants in qualification measures can MoBiDik modular education and teaching”for example on nationally recognised qualifications in the following areas: Trainer aptitude examination lawyer and student /-r office clerk and clerk for Office communication competence examination security industry 34a GewO protection and security specialist Assistant tested protective and security force specialist for object – and plant protection preparation to the / to the State-approved educator /-find interested in information about the MoBiDik program under: images/pdf/Flyer_MoBiDik.pdf company profile: the municipal education factory e.V. (KBW e.V.) is an institution of vocational training for employees and managers of the entire public sector institutions and associations, companies and other interested parties and individuals recognised as charitable.

The Institute offers a comprehensive program for more than 20 years in-service training and further education. The events take place as seminars and workshops, as in-house courses, as well as in the form of conferences. While the training offerings span the entire Federal territory. The headquarters of the municipal education factory e.V. is located in Berlin. Regional offices are in Wuppertal, Hamburg, and Frankfurt am Main. In September 2012, which has communal education factory e.V. the renowned Berlin-based training company ABBOT gGmbH as 100% subsidiary acquired, especially funded training (SGB II/III and Rehab) offers. The municipal education work is according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and certified according to AZWV.

Matching Jobs Found

It is not always easy to find locally appropriate abroad. As you can see every month from the latest statistics, the number of unemployed is although slight decline, but there are still many people without a permanent position. Why some employees and employers don’t come together, you can have many reasons. Possibly fits the training not just in the profile that employers demand or other factors such as the location, the merit or the working hours do not fit. Especially for mothers with children, it is often difficult to find a job that she re-engages only a few hours. There is abroad many I didn’t go for my wife a little bit on the search and found, not lack job opportunities.

In many media, advertisements appear at the present time. Over the radio, newspapers or especially Internet entrepreneur and business owner trying to find new staff. But the jobs are often very imprecise and therefore very attractive. I didn’t, for example, the listing in the Shortlist drawn, if the activity was not at least a little restricted and described. Because I must not apply also on sites, which you would have immediately ruled out with more information.

My wife needs a job, which is to do more in the morning – when the kids are in kindergarten or in the school. A short information about intended working hours would be enough already to see whether this post in question comes or not. The vacancies are detailed, the more accurate the applicant company will fit, because you just register, for which the conditions are suitable. Temporary work can be an opportunity in the media reads and hears often from so-called temporary employment agencies. And often you can hear not necessarily good. But no one should rule out this possibility from the start. After all, I, if I work for a temp agency, can breathe in various task panes and operate in different companies. I do me well, a permanent position is in the offing. Potential employers to determine well over time workers but also in everyday life, whether an employee really suits them. So both of these possible benefit. My wife and I think about it. Because many companies need a backup only for a few hours a week. This is often requested through a temporary agency. My wife in such a contract, is also on a job can get. For many temporary jobs can be to a chance to re-enter the profession and to earn their own money.

Abroad To Read Properly

Not all graduates get an apprenticeship. But you can do a lot to increase his chances of winning the title may sound strange, but who anticipate correctly reads the numerous job openings in newspapers and Internet exchanges, will save many things yourself. Always be offered job loudly advertise that you can earn thousands of dollars a month and that even in little time. Who wouldn’t like this job? All the more the question is this, why such deals often occur with vacancies. Anyway, abroad, it makes sense that are opaque and where even when demand is not clear, what kind of a work it is, the finger from to. In a real job, there is no secrecy.

Before any jobs or auxiliary, a fee is required in advance or you need to buy a start package, should be considered with suspicion. For anyone looking for a job, want to make money and not get rid of it. Usually, these pyramid schemes. To buy Start package and thus learns how to sell this Starter Kit to other job seekers. There are also job offers that require an independence, and want to make palatable the advantages of independence one. However one should wonder critically, whether they are prepared to bear the risk, or rather is the type that can live better with a fixed job. Also on a freelance basis is always a risk associated with, since there are no fixed contracts and you worry about his social security contributions, health insurance, pension insurance and unemployment insurance itself. Work on a Commission basis require a work that initially not rewarded is. Only when the business is going to get this Commission. The business was a flop, you have nothing but a few experiences more at the end.

Trainee – More Self-reliance And Personal Responsibility. Make Trainee-check.

Trainee check, because a new life begins for many trainees (apprentices) changes with the start of training, which usually starts on the 8 or 01.09. of the year, some in their previous lives. The first job will bring not only financial independence, but also obligations. Now are to pay taxes and social security contributions, and not only that. In addition, the rent for the first own apartment or the WG must be paid when you no longer can stay with the parents or wants to. Here, David Bershad New York expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Another car is added, maintenance costs here. Also to fall out as graduates from the previously comfortable family insurance. Now, the trainee is itself responsible for the necessary insured. Not only the separation of the usual living environment, the family and friends is imminent. As well we must intensively deal with the subject of money: what monthly net income and which regular monthly payments are up-to-date? NET means that not the whole monthly gross earnings on the account will be transferred. The State automatically deducts social security contributions. These are contributions to the unemployment, pensions, health and long-term care insurance.

From a total of about 900, usually even pay tax will be charged. How much net actually remains of the salary or wages after deduction of all taxes and duties, can be calculated with a salary calculator on the Internet. It is so beneficial, if the future trainee in advance of training created a serious financial plan. It does no harm if the parents or people who know this, help and support. No one should underestimate own dealing with the topic of finances. Otherwise, the successful completion of the work is only a marginal phenomenon that first large debt stock keeps the enthusiasm for this in borders. More information, tips and hints to the trainee-check: info/apprenticeship/trainee check is bildungsdoc education service and guidance for schools, parents, students, trainees, graduates, students and adults. You all find unbiased information on educational topics, education, training providers and educational institutions here easily and quickly. Matching funding, including funding programs will be presented to all training. Including grants (money gifts) and/or low-interest loans can be. There are neutral information, hints and tips for trips abroad, school, study, vocational training, job search and training. Contact: bildungsdoc AP: Horst beef Theodor Friedrich WEG 4 01279 Dresden E-Mail: Internet:

Fujitsu Project

In August the monthly market monitor project work suggests further stabilization of the number of projects. In August the monthly market monitor project work suggests further stabilization of the number of projects. Hamburg, September 10, 2009. While the need for J2EE/Java-, Oracle or c#/.net-Experten is already back at the level of the beginning of the year, increases the number of SAP projects significantly on following a significant drop in May. This is a general trend that finds the Group of SAP. According to SAP Germany Chief Volker Merk was to observe a return to normality in the middle class. That the middle-class pioneer presented, as is this it, that he has less bureaucracy, faster decision-making and more confidence in the potentially emerging upswing “, so cue in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday.

A relaxation indicates not only at SAP. So the IT/telecommunications spending in Germany have continued to improve. This is the result of the current IT middle-class index by Fujitsu technology solutions. Keep is also the value of the expenditure planning further positive. Despite the still tense economic situation increasing IT spending and positive values for the spending plan indicate an upward trend in the economic development of medium-sized companies”, says Matthias Schindler, General Manager corporate & Midmarket Business Germany at Fujitsu technology solutions. Now is the right moment, specifically in projects to invest and no project jam to emerge, so Dr. Christiane road, Managing Director of project work.

Well Prepared – Better Presents

Preparation and research are the A and O are presentations today no longer indispensable everyday of working life. Often it’s the persuasive power of the lecturer, implemented a project, or an idea realised. Boy Scouts of America is likely to increase your knowledge. Can be an 80/20 rule for presentations, which States that 80% of the success of the execution of the lecture and 20% of material, content and theme are dependent on. 20% are not much, but to achieve the desired 100% during a presentation, you need a good preparation. Formulation of objectives where’s it going? Before you start with the preparation, the objective should be clearly defined: it involves a product or concept (thing target)? To the presentation knowledge (information goal)? The presentation is starting point for action on the part of the listener (belief objective)? Who’s listening audience analysis? Equally important is the knowledge of the target group. What expectations does this? How is the knowledge and settings of the audience? Stand me neutral, positive or negative towards? Use all sources of information, for an optimal preparation: personal consultation, online research, press reports and market research studies provide a good overview. “Coherent structure of the red thread” the lecture is classically divided into introduction, body and conclusion. At the beginning of the presentation, the audience’s attention is the greatest.

The welcome, idea, the introduction to the topic, the mention of the topic and information includes the expiration. A strong entry provides for attention on a good entry point should be much value. It is well suited to a current or local reference. Also a start with an anecdote, a provocative thesis, or a quote, which illustrate the relevance of the topic, creates attention. Weighting of the content in the body of the body is the core of the presentation and more specific. The items should be grouped so that listeners absorb, retain and implement can.

A logical structure are important, a recognizable essence and three to five bullet points. A balanced weighting of content ensures that the public is aware. Usually there is more material than in the scheduled time can be accommodate. Prioritization helps to distinguish the essential additional information. “A core information statements with the highest priority-> must have” B = margin information-enhancing items (examples, comparisons, quotes),-> should have “C = background = relaxing posts (movies, slideshows, stories),-> nice to have” 1:100-rule “applies also to business presentations for live performances in the entertainment industry: 100 minutes of research, preparation and tasting is required for a strong, memorable appearance by a minute. A good conclusion for the lasting impression a striking conclusion that can contain views, appeal or a recommendation, is just as important as a good start. Applies to both: lift off! Striking images, a pinch of humor, a provocative vision, a good tip – all this contributes that stuck a presentation and its presenter in the minds of the audience. More information and many practical tips for presentations and their preparation, see our BEITRAINING seminar PPS (professional presentation skills) professional presentation techniques de /… The author, Joachim Berendt, is the owner of the training company in TRAINING SAARLAND business education international of regional training centre Saarland Unterturkheimer road 24 66117 Saarbrucken saarland

The Foundation

Each seller must have mastered at least two professions: the professional qualifications in the industry and be a professional Communicator. In addition, it must be entrepreneurs within the company and have a perfect self management. Successful sellers are not born but. As also for competitive sports, a certain percentage is talent”necessary to be the best. And like power sports, individual seller will belong only to the best, he trained regularly, he is working on his attitudes, behaviors and his knowledge. Successful seller educate themselves and continuously.

A form of continuing vocational training is the training as a specialist clerk for distribution. The COACTIVE GmbH in Kassel training salespeople of different consulting-intensive industries now in Kassel, Frankfurt and Konstanz. She promises that the participants can dominate the hand tool of successful key account manager and apply after their training in sales. Certified specialist merchant sales “sales managers and recruiters can look for assessment and for the training of the vendors on the following areas, among others. the training includes the deutschalndweit recognised degree Identification with the own task task own with > ability to focus SOLVENCY on the essential to essential that focus on > empathy ability SOLVENCY > ability and the willingness to win new customers and SOLVENCY to win customers the new willingness and > communicative skills in customer value propositions to customers benefit argumentation reference in may > complete security, strategic negotiation, safety negotiate security if you have concerns, if you have concerns, strategic > Behavior with complaints for complaints > time management ability to build networks, use and recommendations to maintain SOLVENCY to and receive recommendations use to build networks > business knowledge, to understand, to locate the customer’s problems and to solve the complex concerns of customers. Selling is active, creative, creative, and productive.

Sell serves the customers. Only what the customer, the customer will buy and will use the seller so indefinitely. The aim of the company to increase sales and profit, will be achieved in the long term only if the concerns of customers through services offered. You must want to sell. You must do a benefit its customers with passion. And this is only possible, if the seller knows what holds it and his company with its products and services for a distinctive added value for its customers. Despite all the changes, one remains as it is: the identification with the own activity is the Foundation for success in the Sales.