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Since Soviet times, every house has remained the mass of the shelves with old books. Please visit American Diabetes Association if you seek more information. Collected works, encyclopedias, old directories. Surely every once asked the question – ‘What to do with them? “. Throw a pity the book yet. Present, too, sorry, and no one. Drag on the book market is hard and no time. Correct decision will be selling old books through the virtual book market. Neeman Foundation has many thoughts on the issue.

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History Of Tobacco

One of the first who began to grow tobacco were Indians. At that time already become clear to all that America will be open, though the natives of this still did not know anything, but prepared in advance up the world, who knows what will happen. Sly Indians, they soon became acquainted with the expedition really Christopher Columbus, as was intended – they offered to travelers to test tube. And you know, before she liked members of the expedition, which not long thinking, they decided to grab a tobacco with him. Europe was struck by the discovery of Columbus. Similarity to the well-known cry, "Eureka!" Inhabitants of the European continent singing in one voice the triumphant cry of "America! America ", and yet they liked tobacco. Governor of Virginia brought his longtime friend, first pipe, and since the triumphal procession of tobacco in Europe.

Clever British went even further and before long established mass production of pipes across the country, now buy a pipe was much too expensive, however, as to acquire the necessary accessories for the home in a pipe. Article would look incomplete if there is not heard the names of well-known manufacturers of pipes, which existed at the time. They can surely include such brands as Big Ben, Butz Choquin and Peterson. These guys really know how to make high quality and good things. Unfortunately, history has led us to the fact that the pipes had lost its former status and their place was taken by the Queen with the proud name of a cigarette. Look around, how many brands of tobacco products on the shelves stores? Answer and begs to … but now is not about that. Just all of us it's time to quit smoking.

International Maritime Bureau

From hunger in the 1991-1992 year, killing about 300 thousand people. Entering UN peacekeepers failed to improve the situation. After the death in 1993, 19 U.S. soldiers in an ambush, followed by withdrawal of peacekeepers, the U.S. and then in 1995 all the remaining UN peacekeepers.

Starting with this time, Somalia has become a final base of pirates in the Indian Ocean. Piracy off the coast of Somalia is becoming more threatening proportions. Along the coast of Somalia, the length of the coastline is almost 3000 kilometers. Never in the history of the modern world shipping anything like this has happened. Pirates was actually under the control of the entire Gulf of Aden, is under threat from a major sea routes of the world – Suez Canal. Somali pirates in their bulk 15-16 year-olds, many former fishermen.

In the fully unemployed Somali pirates get in – it’s the dream of every young man. “Each ship is accompanied by several captured small pirate ships. They are very maneuverable, but in fact the seized ship is the protection of a few pirates. If we start to attack, we will lose all the hostages, “- say representatives of the International Maritime Bureau. Pirates usually divided into three groups. One of them is in the sea and over the courts, which can be captured. Two others are waiting their turn. Thus is achieved clock mobility and 100% ready to capture. Money received as compensation, are divided among all, not even involved in this time of the operation. In June, the Council UN Security Council passed a resolution authorizing military vessels from other countries to enter Somalia’s territorial waters to fight piracy, but these measures have not yielded the expected results. Stories always grabs end the same way – pay a ransom to pirates, but they released the hostages. Pirates do not burn the money and invest them in the vegetable trade in the drug “cat” (khat), and other businesses. Most of this money is in the hands of pirates Somali breakaway autonomy of Puntland in the north. Many of the pirates because of trade are enriched. Wealthy pirates have built on the bank similar to the palaces of the villa, driving around in expensive cars and give birth to large harems. They did not care what the international aid the rest of the starving population (each year drought) can not reach the sea, and other ways to virtually none. Experts say the kidnappers are becoming bolder in court. “They have gained experience and now swings to big ships, for that request a lot of money – said Andrew Mvangura, a program manager with sea-going vessels in East Africa. – They are getting smarter and more sophisticated. “Without a doubt, while for captured by the attackers will not stop the ship to get a good bribe, attacks on merchant ships will not stop. Put an end to this war can only be punitive operation in the area or maintenance truck ships warships. The international community can not yet solve the problem of piracy, even so far not scheduled as a significant ways to combat this danger.

Buenos Aires

Early in 1809 a group of merchants and militiamen led by alzaga attempted to remove Santiago de Liniers without success in this endeavour. Saavedra and his soldiers gave a backing very strong the viceroy survived. But not missed much time so that the Government of Seville resolved to dismiss him appointing Baltasar de Cisneros as a new manager of the Rio de la Plata. Moreno, also a merchant and a strong liberal ideology, began his political career a few years before when he managed inter alia, very heavily develop economic initiatives implemented in 1777, by the then newly appointed first viceroy of the Rio de la Plata, Pedro Antonio de Cevallos of open trade in the colonies of the South with the Metropolis by eliminating the absurd and harmful trade monopoly regime. The pressure of the young Creole and desperation of Viceroy Cisneros to get new merchandise not already coming from Spain, which was in the hands of the French, They forced to declare the practice of free entry of goods. This decree meant a great friction with the factories of some municipalities and cities of the interior that could compete, yet, against smuggling, imports or exports of Buenos Aires, which handled the port and the Customs during the stage of monopoly. The areas that lost economically include Corrientes and missions that were adversely affected by the opening of the port of Buenos Aires big. Some years later, these provinces, were relegated from the Argentine general development. Varied historical sources argue that the important loss of their industrial power many correntinas families did not support the movement of Moreno and Saavedra and years later supported Yes, Jose Gervasio Artigas, the Uruguayan caudillo. After the Decree of economic and commercial freedom, Moreno was so well positioned within the Buenos Aires oligarchy, which was transformed into the soul of the revolution of may, but was not the visible head.

Nine Circles

(Creation of the World Church of the Star, that is the conclusion of the World), or 2012 AD God gave people Perun Great Race and descendent of the commandments of Heaven, and warned of upcoming events in the future for 40176 years. During his third visit Midgard-earth, God the Holy Wisdom Perun told people Clans of the Great Race. Our forefathers wrote Belovodye h'Ariyskimi Runes Sacred Wisdom of the Nine Circles "Perun Santii Vedas." In the nine books "Wisdom of God Perun ". (See Dazhdbog Then, on Midgard, the Earth was coming Dazhdbog – God Tarkh Perunovich, God, Keeper of the Great Ancient Wisdom. Was named Dazhbog (giving God) for what gave them the descendants of the Great Race and Rod Heaven Nine Santy (Books). These were recorded Santii ancient runes and contained the sacred ancient Vedas, the Commandments Tarh Perunovicha and his teachings. Santii, in the original, but visually you can name the book, because Santii – it plates of precious metal, on which are inscribed the ancient Rune h'Ariyskie.

Plates held together by three rings, which symbolize the three worlds: the Reality (World People), Nav (World of Spirits and the souls of ancestors), right (MPR Light Slavonic-Aryan Gods). All residents in different worlds (in the galaxies, star systems) and on land, where representatives of an ancient clan, live according to ancient wisdom, tribal foundations and Regulations which are followed by Rod. After visiting God Tarkhov Perunovichem our Ancestors, they began to call themselves "Dazhdbogovy grandchildren." Our ancestors attended, and many other gods.

Bridge Builders

Figure is considered to be allegories of Russian rivers: the Volga and the Dnieper at North Rostral columns, Volkhov and Neva River at the south. The two statues are no attributes of rivers (filled with flowing water). The figure of the Dnieper made master of the Antwerp Kamberlenom. The remaining three – Frenchman F. Thibault. Initially, Rostral columns, height of 32 meters, served as a beacon for ships coming into being when something is a trading port.

In the bowl on top of the resin is poured and set fire to it. In 1957, with gas here, the holidays lights a torch in the bowls. Its name the bridge has received from the former Stock Exchange building, located on the Spit of Basil Island. In 1894, the Exchange was built a wooden 25-span girder bridge, a length of 328 and a width of 21.4 meters, with an adjustable 14-meter span in Center (project engineer NM Mazurova). The route of the bridge took place along a narrow alley zoo. In 1918 it was renamed Bridge Builders. In 1930 and 1947, the wooden bridge was repaired and rebuilt, resulting in width of the bridge was reduced to 18.1 m. In spring 1957, the bridge was badly damaged by drifting ice.

In 1957-1960. built a new 5-span welded metal arch bridge. Central bascule span dipterous, disclose, with rolls back the rotation axis and hinged counterweight. In the river piers are reinforced concrete pile foundations, pipe piles with a diameter 56 cm bridge was shifted 70 m downstream relative to the old wood. Moreover on the Petrograd side were covered with cotton and cotton duct island, to create a bridgehead area. Authors of the project – engineers, VV Demchenko, B. Levin and architects L. Noskov, PA Areshev. Was created symmetrical composition of two bridges – Builders and the Palace. The bridge builders 239 meters of the Palace – 250 meters. The width of the river supports a movable span of the bridge builders of 9 meters, at the Palace – 10,7 meters. Both bridges were the same number of bays – 5, and the river piers – almost the same width – 3,5 and 3,2 m respectively. Legs are covered with pink granite. Handrails are composed of traditional darts, and between twin pedestals included tridents Neptune. Since 1989, the bridge was again called by the Exchange.

Musical Zorro

Baton musical 'Beauty and the Beast' in Moscow Palace of Youth pick up a new production company of 'Stage Entertainment' – a spectacular musical about love, Zorro, who has won the London theater audiences tempted Garrick in the West End and the legendary Folies Bergere Cabaret in Paris. The premiere show is scheduled for early October 2010. Such a 'Molotov cocktail' of Spanish passion, dance, flamenco, mind-blowing tricks, fighting with swords and international hits group Gipsy Kings, as in the musical Zorro, the Moscow scene has never seen! We are now negotiating to participate in the formulation of a number of Russian celebrities, but in the premiere of the musical Zorro in Moscow will be attended by themselves Flamenco Kings Gipsy Kings. Now all fans of the genre can get tickets for Zorro the musical premieres by phone 363-43-73 or visit Musical Zorro Zorro musical Summary: Southern California XIX century. Don Diego de la Vega – young man, charming, handsome, but a little impulsive and reckless, a Spaniard born in the family, an aristocrat, Alejandro de la Vega, returned from Spain and finds that his hometown is under the yoke of tyrants, and tormented by insatiable thirst for profit. The noble gentleman comes to helping the poor people, making his exploits under the guise of a robber Zorro, the cunning and clever as a fox. Striking his sword cruelly punishes the oppressors, and Soon the hero in the mask becomes the only hope of the townspeople. But what will he do when his way get love …? Exciting musical 'Zorro' on love with a gay, witty story, sensual flamenco dancing, fights with swords and a real passion for the Spanish – and all the kings of the music of flamenco GIPSY KINGS! We are waiting for you at the performances of the musical 'Zorro'! Have a nice trip and we guarantee an unforgettable experience!