Chime Internal

There is a form of internal communication that tells us when we need to act, when we talk, when we have to discuss and even when we have to love.Listen to inner Peal in a visceral way gives us the pattern for action in a precise, synchronized and exact time, in an irrational manner, only following our impulses.You may be wondering with reason, that I am talking about, I mean, there is a very precise internal form of tell us when acting on impulse, with an accuracy in the time and accuracy in the results that could amaze us, in case you are not aware of this wonderful tool that God has put in our body, soul and hearts, and I invite you to consciously integrate into your life.When you feel with your body, from the inside that is the time to act, and without thinking you movilizas towards a particular goal and succeed in the Mission in fractions of seconds or in extraordinary times, those acting subordinate to these interior PEALS, and obtaining results virtually without using logical reasoning. Did it happen you any time that a situation x on which you had to take a particular decision, your body you spoke, communicate with you and made you know somehow if you had or not act? Do you felt a touch, a hunch, a not be than that from the inside you drives to do something that is not very well understood but the inner urgency is more strong, more powerful subordinates the logical and rational thinking, and act to verify that it was good I left you carry by internal momentum and then have acted immediately? Is this that I am describing them in the neuro-linguistic programming called ecological audit, using body sensations with respect to a particular decision, this takes or not performed. When a decision is ecologically correct all your movements and sensations are aligned, are coordinated, you drive a single unambiguous direction, on the other hand when the decision you are taking is not ecologically wise you feel in your inner doubts, conflicting impulses, you have doubts, you racionalizas everything to justify your action. . back Biotherapeutics).