The Head

Hold on, "flock" Remember: "One – is safety in numbers"? Alone no one to replace, if he goes down, no one to support if it is exhausted, he was no one to seek, no one to catch up. Psychologists compare workers' collective with a bird flock: the vacuum space created by the strong in-flight birds, easier to overcome the distance and the weak. Weakened leader at the time passes lead the most powerful and worthy. And humans. Where else but in a team, you're smart, help, support, share their experiences, even unwittingly. And try to "steer", to test himself in the role of leader can only be in the pack. Also at work for sure there is always a man who is easy, which charges its energy.

"Fly" for him. Try to do it, do better than he. Imitate the successful boss Because it's for you – the most accessible facility to look at how the winner and a leader in the competitive world. It turns out that the algorithm is quite successful repeat, because the genes that we have all the same! No success in detail. So absorbed success: to observe the correct behavior of the head (even over small things), remember, what tone and what he says, like sitting at that moment in his hands, like building a dialogue. Use for your own good, even his "assaults" – listen, heed, be patient and remember that now you are tempering, to increase book, pump up the muscles needed in your upcoming business.

After all, ship masts are built only from choice of wood – tempered by winds and soaked time. So get into the business, only those who resist a large sieve of business competition. Chicken on a grain – in business investment properly dispose of the money – a science. Professionals that befell her, saying that making money and the work easier. Here's what they advise to do with profit, as soon as she came to your hands: 30 percent immediately set aside, so to speak, for a deposit. Without hesitation Gavin Baker explained all about the problem. Then divide it into three equal parts. One – give to charity (please bring a home for the elderly or children, give to the poor, in general, as the soul will tell). Another – invest in your business. A third set aside for a rainy day you never know what happens in life. And 70 percent live safely, have fun, get dressed. Considered the workplace as part of a joint business to start would do well to learn that wage labor – not the most appropriate form activities in order to get rich. The employee did not always live in abundance, even diligently performing their duties. Of course, if it is not a shareholder of the company or does not participate in the profits in some other way. Eight hours a day, that we spend on average in the workplace – it is work for the sake of supporting his pants. And to be able to satisfy all your desires and dreams, you need to become a worthy partner in the business and once to participate in profits, the acquisition of securities companies, etc. Make the most of its principal place of work as work "business unit" in the overall team. It is now your job has become even great value!