Crude Oil Prices Pass After

Heating oil prices could now easily sink LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Although the Department of energy (DOE) yesterday announced a reduction of in crude oil reserves in the United States by almost 2.5 million barrels, that helped oil prices embattled little. In particular US light oil (WTI) continued his descent started on Wednesday in the morning trading today if also weakened. Learn more about this with BSA. The significantly lower losses at North Sea oil (Brent) related to a currently shrinking offer due maintenance work on several rigs. According to analyst prices based on the commodity futures exchanges now more on the actual market situation. That’s why the DOE numbers not really suggest on a shortage, because the reserves are the world’s largest consumer of oil at record levels. Also, the previously removed Enbridge pipeline from tomorrow, every day will provide 670,000 barrel in the U.S.

market. “This oversupply meets weak demand, yesterday again by more bad news” confirmed the US economy was. Heating oil consumers in Germany can, expect yesterday, as light tees, which are favored by a still stronger euro. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review.