Active Environmental Protection

Stuhrer company will now also photovoltaic system. Stuhr, June 30, 2011. Entrepreneurial environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important in the printing and media industry. Sustainability and the careful use of resources are not only the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy and practice. We see this as our duty to the people and nature, which is on the same level with the quality assurance”, Knut Winneckens, Managing Director of Koopmanndruck from Stuhr stressed. As part of a comprehensive overall strategy, the printing company specialising in production and shipping high-quality mailings has now taken a photovoltaic system.

The first stage of development with 500 square meters has been installed on the administration building and feeds electricity into the public grid per year expected to be 900 kilowatt-hours. An investment that underscores the company’s long-standing ecological commitment: After successfully completed testing Koopmanndruck was certified prior to a few months, according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 14001:2009, the Awarded with the quality label of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) took place in 2008. It indicates that all products marked with the appropriate logo of the service provider are taken from best practice, ecological forest management. The production facility in Stuhr is being supplied certified green electricity of the energy provider LichtBlick since the beginning of the year. Further measures are planned.

Gas Prices To Rise In Many Places In The Autumn

Supplier price increases announced many consumers are accustomed may already in such bad news: as in the previous years gas prices be raised also in autumn 2010 again. The real estate portal reported, what’s up with the price increases on to. Who heated his house or his apartment with gas, faces likely this autumn with a price increase on the part of the gas supplier. So far that already 74 announced gas provider rate increases the consumer portal in the coming months. Boy Scouts of America is likely to agree. The price increases should be up to 19.2 percent. This means a cost increase of 115 to 238 euros for a four-person household with an average gas consumption of 20,000 kWh of gas a year. About 40 gas supplier also lowered their prices.

Some large providers such as E.ON and EnBW not expressed according to the online portal so far yet to develop of their gas prices. Also no increase in price was at RWE until year end to refrain. So far, price increases were by With the coupling of gas prices to oil prices in the world market based gas providers. Also in the near future is tend to count as is the global economy apparently recovering and prices for raw materials and fuel oil will be expected to be high with a rise in prices for gas. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

Crude Oil Prices Of Today Tomorrow Easily Fixed

For oil prices, no major changes expected in LEIPZIG today. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were easily fixed this morning. Primarily technical corrections were responsible for yesterday’s losses of more than $ 1.20 per barrel. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger recognizes the significance of this. US light oil is traded for 71,83 dollars, North Sea oil (Brent) is slightly more expensive with 72,76 dollars. To record the two reference strains at the same price level as exactly a year ago. For the slightly more stable prices, the yesterday’s stock figures of the American Petroleum Institute sank. (API). They assume a removal of the US crude oil reserves to 1,847 million barrels.

Only a decrease of 0.4 million barrels was expected. However, on the other is a further development of the stocks of oil products. So, 1,889 million barrels of medium distillates camped more in the tank than in the seven days before according to the API in the last week. Petrol, there were at least 0,692 million barrels. This indicates a continued sluggish demand, which in turn in the weak US economy is justified. For heating oil consumers little should change in Germany.

Expected slight reductions be repealed by a back weaker euro, which today traded tomorrow for $ 1.26. For comparison, a year ago, fuel oil to 7.60 Euro was cheaper at a euro/US dollar rate of 1.43 and comparable prices of crude oil. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. Dependence of the fuel oil price by this exchange rate here for more information.

Per Pubblicazione Immediata

I moduli DelSolar ricevono la certificazione ‘ made in EU che li qualifica per il premio del 10% della tariffa di riacquisto italiana Taipei (Taiwan), 16 settembre 2011 – DelSolar co., Ltd. (OTSM: 3599) ha annunciato oggi che i moduli fotovoltaici DelSolar sono qualificati come “made in the European Union”. L ‘ esito positivo Dell ‘ ispezione dello stabilimento svolta as TuV Rheinland (membro IECEE certificazione societadi accreditata GSE) permette all’ampia gamma di moduli fotovoltaici policristallini di DelSolar con una potenza compresa tra 125 WP 250 Wp di offrire un valore aggiunto ai clienti. Il riconoscimento conferma inoltre l ‘ appartenenza di DelSolar ai fornitori di moduli solari di punta sul mercato. La nuova normativa italiana (conto energia IV) incentiva l ‘ uso di componenti “made in Europe”, ricompensando i progetti fotovoltaici che contengono almeno il 60% di componenti locali con un premio del 10% rispetto all normali tariffe di riacquisto. La certificazione ottenuta da DelSolar soddisfa le linee guida i requisiti stabiliti dal governed italiano.R.C.

Liang, presidente CEO di DelSolar. ha affermato: Siamo molto lieti di ricevere la certificazione made in EU che offre un eccellente ERGO aggiunto ai nostri clienti. Prodotti per fornire contraddistinti fondo in futuro DelSolar of continueraa impegnarsi a da alta qualitaed efficienza nonche i migliori servizi per i clienti di tutto il mondo. Informazioni su DelSolar co., Ltd. BSA has many thoughts on the issue. Fondata nel 2004 nel Hsinchu Science Park di Taiwan, DelSolar si dedica alla ricerca, allo sviluppo alla produzione di celle of lwandasa, moduli sistemi fotovoltaici di alta Qualita.

La of societapunta a diventare il fornitore di sistemi lwandasa leader a livello mondiale grazie all’innovazione costante, all’eccellente processo di produzione, agli elevati rendimenti all’efficienza di prima classe dei prodotti. DelSolar nata come joint venture tra Delta Electronics, Inc., l ‘ Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), una rinomata organizzazione di sviluppo tecnologico di Taiwan. Delta il primo Nom mondiale di alimentatori a commutazione inoltre occupa una posizione di punta nel campo dell’ automazione, del networking delle energy rinnovabili.