As you as restaurateur more time to the live win. With Vacu-Cook & chill afraid the shortage. A leisurely stroll is rarely work in a professional kitchen. Constantly high temperatures and almost tropical climate, large quantities of goods have to be moved. While long working hours many cooks often work 10 to 14 hours a day still the mental pressure to work constantly high concentrated joins the physical load. Time, temperature, methods and procedures, nothing should be forgotten. Quality, time and cost pressures are the eternally conflicting contrasts in everyday kitchen use. These circumstances in the future further aggravated by the lack of qualified young people among the chefs and also by the increasing demands of the guests, who are unaware of this.

A catering operation, no matter restaurant, hotel, canteen or Cafe, to operate profitably in the long term will in the future more difficult. The competition from ready meals from the Supermarkets is growing increasingly. Fortunately, in contrast, but also the quality of customers increases. Also wider and the necessary investments for are narrowed in the last few years the technological possibilities. In this article we are going first just, you can more efficiently organize the operations in a professional kitchen by systematic use of modern kitchen technology and compensate for increasing skills shortages. The basic possibilities and approaches are presented. The goal is a consistently high level of quality at low cost of goods and materials and personnel. The methods and techniques of the industry to use make the same techniques, which uses the food industry for their finished products and the methods of the restaurant can be made usable for the individual restaurants. A restaurant can make to its own convenience products according to individual recipes themselves and thereby benefits from the ease of use in the output or Further processing without abandoning the USP’s own.