Freeware Versions

Say you’re a French company, and that you need the latest version of software management. Rather than buying in store this software, you choose to download shareware version, on hundreds of websites offering the latest free software versions of the most requested. At the end of the trial period of 30 days, you fail to pay the license for this software. Are you in breach of French law? What are the differences between freeware (freeware), shareware (shareware) and careware? The principle of shareware (shareware) is very simple: One author proposes a full version of its software so that users can safely test. Generally the programs are not restricted. They are perfectly usable. Sometimes the paid version has additional features. Some screens may be accompanied by a reminder that the shareware principle disappear with the payment of the license. Under French law, breeding and distribution, even free, software protected (shareware) is a copyright infringement and punishable as provided by Article L.335-2 et seq of literary and Art. The penalties are imprisonment of two years and a fine of one million Br Repeat offenders are both doubled.

Other penalties are provided as the confiscation of the software, the publication of Judgement … Note: This only applies if you run the application executable file! (. Zip file, exe file ..) You have the right to keep this file as long as you want to vote on hard drive to copy or send to others from the moment you do not execute. If you run without dealing with the author the license (after 30 days generally fixed) shareware software version you may be convicted cons way. Indeed, if everyone has the right to make a backup copy called its software legally acquired, this process is illegal when it comes to copy (or keep on his computer after the deadline of 30 days) software whose license fees are not paid. In relation to penalties, copies of software available on the network lose their character of “free”. Also, download a software leaves more traces that does him credit. By cons you can copy and use without any problems in software or freeware version careware. The author of the freeware software (freeware) does not require a cash compensation but intellectual collaboration and relationships without asking for fees in its software which it remains the owner. A new category of software has emerged recently: it is the careware. The author of the software requires an exchange involving not just money but an effort by type of transaction. The user sets “justly” according to his ability and according to what is requested.