Resume Work

Companies in which you worked, are listed in reverse chronological order. In this case, the name of the company, the direction of its activities, the number of employees, the period of work in the company (eg, September 2004 – May 2006) and job title. Also need to detail and briefly without admission of phrases to describe the duties performed. Skills and achievements can be distinguished as a separate item or combined with the previous one. It contains information about the professional skills and achievements of the applicant, of interest to the employer. Since the summary is sent to a company, it is necessary to transfer only what is relevant to the vacancy.

Remember that describe the achievement preferably in the form result verbs of perfective aspect (eg, "reached", "done", "implemented", "improved" rather than simply "doing"). Despite the fact that the transfer of personal qualities of a resume has become a common formality, the absence of this item may cause the employer's suspicion that the applicant has difficulty with self-esteem. At this point, it is desirable to avoid the standard definitions of the "neat", "punctual", "ambitious", "stress-resistant" and etc. Do not attribute to itself qualities which do not have, because in the interview you may be asked to illustrate them with examples from your experience. In addition, not all definitions from this list may be suitable for the desired position. For example, the accountant does not need to be ambitious, and "team work" does not necessarily those who are focused on personal achievement. The last section is a summary of additional information. Here we can note information, not included in the "education" and "experience" that might be useful professionally.

Here can enter information about you received awards and titles, public activities, membership of an association, presentations at forums and seminars, publications and even the presence of a personal car, if it relates to your future posts. Most employers require indicated in the summary of the expected level of monthly income. In order to determine the numbers, you can seek advice from a recruitment agency or conduct mini-research on the Internet, knowing the average "cost" of specialist in your area. Be careful, as too low salary expectations lead to the fact that you do not perceive as a professional, but too high will characterize you as overly pretentious applicant. Getting started writing a resume, so decide what parts of your working biography should describe fully, and which reduce to a minimum. Remember that a resume – it's your calling card, which should show you with the best hand, demonstrating skills and abilities that match the position for which you are applying for.

Cargo Transportation

Companies that do not curtailed trucking operations, even taking into account the global crisis and the difficult economic situation. Numerous news from various sources in the media have reported that transporters actively carry cargo on international and regional routes. That's just changed the price of services transportation organizations. In fact, to earn in the current circumstances, when the market transportation drastically reduced, the owners of firms are on a variety of tricks and apply new measures to preserve their own business. Reshaped the state employees and reducing salaries.

Even the fleets reduced. By the way, especially in the lease is not in a hurry to buy the car. In connection with the decrease in orders also sold off unprofitable automotive equipment. Loyal customers like gold, and many of them it's fine understand and take advantage of this situation. For example, sometimes delayed payment. The cost of changing the unit of transport, it does not matter tractor rental or gazelles, since last year, declined markedly. Adding to this reduction total number of orders we can say that transports today are working at the same level of profitability. Possible unless the grace to remember those times, about 5 years ago, when the haul was necessary, but no one, and scope once hauled freight Ekaterinburg carriers from other regions.

Cargo transportation in Russia were also not as profitable. Dumping and competition there was a huge turnover. Although a benefit for our customers here conversation does not go, because, as general rule, the cheaper ones do not guarantee the security of transported cargo. There are, of course, good news. At the end of the year had been suspended many large-scale construction. Especially it concerned commercial construction. By the 2 nd quarter of companies have re-emerged finance and construction resumed. To the delight of our customers are now renting the building of transport costs by 5-10 percent less than in the year. You can also win on the transport if ordered him on the weekends. At the weekend the cost is sometimes more beneficial than on weekdays. Transport companies want to earn at least some money, if only technology did not fall on simple. Repairs and vehicle diagnostics additional obstacles for drivers was the increase in the cost of repairing vehicles. Special transport needs continuous maintenance. The extensive list auto parts comes into our country from abroad. Due to the rise of the dollar increased the price of spare parts. Keep in mind, and customs duties. Because of this, many organizations have refused the services of large stations maintenance services for the benefit of its own or inexpensive workshops.

Auction Organizer

7. Preparation of the text notification. 8. The transfer notice to the organ, putting up notices on the website or mailing of the notice (notice must be published no later than 30 days before the announced date of the auction) 9. Adoption applications from applicants, checking the documents attached.

In the case of bidding closed on the proposal form, the application must be accompanied by a proposal in a sealed envelope. 10. Signing agreements with applicants deposit. 11. Checking the receipt from applicants of the deposit (checking account statements from the Auction Organizer). 12. Consideration of applications and documents of applicants (notarized copies of constituent documents, registration certificate, certificate of registration in tax authorities; balance sheet of the last reporting date, the protocol on the appointment of the executive body; authority's decision on participation in auction, or a certificate that such a solution is not necessary), finding receipts of the deposit to the account of the Auction Organizer.

13. Decision on the recognition of applicants bidders registration appropriate protocol. At this preparatory process and the bidding can be considered finished. Working directly auction includes the following stages (hereinafter will focus on the auction, as the most frequently encountered method of sale): The auction was held on the day and hour specified in the notice and place specified in a notice. Prior to the auction participants are registered. Each participant may be two representatives of which performs a function solely of the observer. At the auction may be made of photo-and video-shooting organized the auction, bidders can make a shot after obtaining the consent of the organizer.