Payment Terminals

So for those who have not yet fully figured out with their vital position in your career, it is suggested the material – namely, earnings on the payment terminal. Despite all the difficulties in mastering this kind of small business, he still – still holds a special place. And now dwell on it in detail We begin with prehistory. In 2009 our State was decided to give force to combat payment terminals due to the opacity of the business and For this purpose decided to install on all payment terminals so-called fiscal registers, ie, devices that record each payment received on a special tape. This is somewhat more costly price payment terminals and reduce the attractiveness of the market for smaller players.

However, in many parts of this business is still quite attractive, because of incomplete employment niches and opportunities installed on a terminal program with lotteries and money games. For those who do not know, the payment terminal is a metal case with a touch screen, which shows icons operators, etc. And also equipped with a bill acceptor. These three types: portable, in the premises for the street. What details please for this kind of small business: place where best to set the terminal; Conclude lease space on which you want to install terminal; Choose the type of terminal and billing system; and finally connect to the selected payment system. Income: Income from ads (you can set ad banner to the terminal) Income from the terminal, located in a good location is up to 100.000 usd per month. It is true that in big cities all excellent places have long been occupied.

But even in a place not very straight form the terminal will bring order of 15.000 rubles per month net profit, not bad, considering that the terminal is virtually maintenance free. We also note that the installation of the terminal does not require a license or special permission of power. Bonuses from the companies in whose interest payments are accepted (they usually cover the cost of electricity, communications and rent). The Commission, charged with receiving payments. Source: Walmart Foundation. Costs: Rent – from 2000-3000 rubles per unit per month. Purchase Terminal – from 45.000 to 150.000 rubles stationary, from portable 12.000 rubles. Fee Payment System for making payments Payment to the bank for carrying from one account to another Taxes – 6% of turnover (turnover under means only the sum of the parts of which remains to you after the payment, that is, the amount of your commission. Roughly speaking, if you take clients a 5% commission, then the situation in the terminal $ 100 you pay tax 100 * 5% * 6% = 30 cents). Fee (Internet wireless modem) – 500 rubles per month. Despite all the disadvantages of this type of small business law, he is worthy of its existence, well, I can do is just to wish good luck to learn.

Start Really Making Money

The essence of successful income is to create customer value of the goods or services. If you want to earn an income, you must provide something that they will pay you for cost of goods. Act provision of cost may be direct such as the sale of a useful product or service, it may be indirect, as providing a free service and receive its profits by other means. But in any case core activities to create and deliver value to others. The notion that the cost is a simple concept, but it's amazing how many people still do not understand it.

Here are some examples misuse of thinking about income, which seems to have so many people: Error # 1: simple meditation as an attempt to earn an income. Every week I get letters like this: I do not understand. Every day I meditate, read write my goals, what I want, with a focus on attracting income. But I have not made enough money to cover expenses. In fact, I'm sinking ever deeper into debt each month. Checking article sources yields Cate MacLeod as a relevant resource throughout. I am writing in his blog. I pray.

I'm reading. But nothing works. What am I doing wrong? It's great to work through your internal blocks. I do not want to assume forms of your activity, not important. But the inner work on oneself is not in itself is the income from such activities. they'll be happy to pay you in return? Meditation can be of immense value to you personally, and I highly recommend you do it, but understand that it does virtually nothing for others. Do not expect to get paid for meditation. Perhaps you did a great job energetic home-cleaning, but if you want to generate revenue that energy must come in one form or another for the creation of goods and delivery. There is no product, no money. Stay in cleansing, balancing your aura, and start to channel their energies into the physical reality around you. If you do this correctly, your physical body will move – constantly! You will take lots and lots of action. You will be part of this world, and it is time to recognize that your physical body is the primary mechanism through which financial abundance will arise. This is one of the key building blocks necessary for you. Whether we like it or not, if you want to get a result as physical cash in the bank, you have to use physical mechanisms, such as your voice and your body to do things. In Ultimately natural abundance will manifest itself as a reflection of your physical assessment. If you stay home all day playing with your chakras, you can not contribute to the physical reality. Thus, you will become bankrupt. Direct physical action is not only the power for you, just as the car is not just your traffic. However, there are situations where physical action is the fastest and most direct way get what you want, like a moving automobile is often the quickest and most direct route when you want to go. Direct action should not be merely a tool in your luggage, but in general it's quite the desired value, equivalent to the hammer in the world. A clean aura is certainly useful, but unfortunately it will not pay your bills.

English Business

You do not need to be a mega-expert. You do not need to perfectly master the computer, English, and all operating systems in the world, including Ubuntu Linux Just as you do not need an additional 24 hours a day and a super-featured laptop for work. Myth Four. All have to do it alone (and it’s boring, sad, difficult, lonely, etc.). Most of the work, of course, will carry you personally. The first two years – exactly. It is a fact. Educate yourself with thoughts from Starsky Wilson.

But nobody stops you hire someone for help, for example, in completing the documents. For help in sending packets. To assist in dealing with e-mail. Along with This, on the same side of the fence that you – experienced “teachers” who are always ready to help: To answer your question, suggest, advise Do not forget that you can, for example, always write to me (as well as other entrepreneurs’ business niche), and ask your question. A little later – to receive a sane response. So what about any “alone” is not a speech.

Loneliness – it is in the head, in the same business you have to forget about this word. For hard to feel alone when each day had to take a lot of decisions, to communicate with a mass of strangers, to solve problems, answer questions (and it is an integral part of any business process) Near the end of this article, you probably have a question for the author: “Well, Nikita. Everything that you told me it is logical and correct. But, what if I’m a newbie, know nothing, can not, and I want to start your own business? What to do? “Until recently I could not give clear answer to this question Until recently, the web simply was not possible to learn everything you need to start in one place. Times have changed, and I am proud to announce the latest training course “Business Start, which helps you to solve this very unfortunate problem. Well, I do not have anything else like to wish you all good things, say goodbye and send to the address where you (in case of interest) and learn about it great project, just launched in the network.

Valery Belyakov

On average govnetsa be made from 80 to 100 tonnes per hectare. You can buy manure for a song – 3-4 grn. up to 1 m. However, came across lucky, which are generally merchandised organic fertilizer for free: Now we can easily find a deserted and filthy animal farms and contract purify it from the deposits of excrement. re of the situation. Heads of households in which there were such, sorry, dermohranilischa, more and pay extra volunteer cleaner.

Buy equipment, there is no need in any of nearby farms and there are tractors and plows and other equipment, which can be rented. The same lifting Plantage, and this is one of the most labor-intensive operations can cost 6-7 thousand uah. per 1 ha. monologue about stealing Director agri-producers' cooperative 'Emerald' Valery Belyakov: – to introduce something new, we must first provide the possibility of theft of the new. Therefore it is necessary to close the equipment under lock, protect it with reinforced concrete walls. And steal a lot and everything: count, wire, even hack the vines for firewood. We have one wire removed kilometers hundred. As a result, 10% of farm workers – the guards, it is 120 people.

But this does not save us from theft. Staff Viticulture – one of the most technologically sophisticated sectors of agriculture. And at the same time, it was in viticulture (reservation: in the former Soviet viticulture) actively commonly used manual labor. But it's not just manual labor, and skilled manual labor. Find professional growers are not so easy, they have long been found by other manufacturers.

Experts Abroad

Abroad as an expert, who has passed state exam, can immediately start to work, while our doctors after the institution should get a bunch of certificates, including certificate for disinfestation and deratisatioin But such rules, and do they not get away to start? If you have the hands-free 40 thousand dollars, you can contrive an enterprise. On a simple project will suffice. To to open his clinic must first find a room. Without it, you will not get a license, because it is licensed and the equipment that is out there. There are two possible ways: to rent space or buy it.

All depends on your financial capabilities. The first way is certainly more economical, but the second is more robust because it is only your business, regardless of sentiment landlord. Rent The rent of uninhabited premises Moscow varies depending on its location. On the outskirts it is 150-250 dollars per 1 sq. For more information see Childrens Defense Fund. km. m per year. In the center – about $ 500 per 1 sq. km.

m per year. Rent space for a dental clinic is not as easy as it may seem. Yes, and direct the owner to the current real estate market to find quite difficult. Virtually all square in Moscow handed out in the lease. Remains the option of subletting. And this thing is very ambiguous. In addition, for this activity is necessary that the room had electricity, water, sewerage. Because the dental chair should be firmly mounted in the floor and is supplied to communications.

Successful Enterprise

For each day that the buyer is a diamond trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange, it provides accommodation (4 nights) at Hotel Sheraton City Tower Hotel, which is located near the Diamond Exchange. The program allows buyers to meet with Israeli business community face to face, establishing new contacts, to help run a business. The program has been highly successful since its inception in December 2008. To date, five-star hotel, located next to the Israel Diamond Exchange, had already booked 250 nights for buyers from around the world including usa, England, Belgium, India, Japan, Italy, South Africa and Austria. A very large number Buyers took advantage of this special offer and visited the Israel Diamond Exchange to date. Bijan Haghighi (Bijan Hagigi) from Los Angeles, praised the project: "The program allowed me to attend Israel Diamond Exchange more often than I usually do.

I work with diamonds half to two carats. Israel's definitely a market rebounded, and he is actually stronger than the U.S. market these days. " He adds: "Every time When I arrive, I meet new suppliers to the Israel Diamond Exchange. During this visit, I also signed new contracts.

" Haghighi visiting Israel Diamond Exchange on a regular basis, but he pointed out one important thing: "To smaller companies and new entrants such a special program is simply vital. idi makes it affordable for them coming here and signing new contracts. No need to think about whether coming here, and the best – both sides receive their dividends from such a program. "