German Production

Continental expands to production to the European Union provides to high emissions of greenhouse gases, fuel-saving tyres are therefore on the agenda and will be compulsory in three years. But already growing interest in eco tyres. Continental responds to the development and boosts the production. Wendy Howard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Exchange Portal reported the plans of the German automotive supplier. The switch means a major challenge for the company, eventually thousands of tires articles must be produced within a short time.

Tyre manufacturer continental is therefore set around 5,500 new employees by year end. The news could rapidly increase the continental share. Especially, an advance orders is important for the automotive supplier, because the different tire sizes must be in stock. However, expect to supply shortages under certain circumstances. Overall, the company is but convinced to be able to meet the high demand. Now the production is stimulated, about 5,500 new jobs in several countries should arise, 600 in Germany alone.

Compared: earlier this year the leaders went out of 1,500 new jobs. Not only engineers and scientists have good prospects. Also apprentices, lawyers, and economists are looking for. Continental currently employs 160,000 employees in 45 countries.

Vianor Service Center

Therefore, the Vianor Service Center has its own production of wheels. Wheels manufacturing takes place individually and customer for the use of high quality materials. We have the exact composition of the material in many years of research and testing developed and is our secret”, forward Christian Fensel. Therefore the complaint rate is very low, and our customers have little wheel-related downtime of their machines. Thus they, achieve high profitability.” The production is ISO certified, there are only two companies in Germany. By the way, all areas of the company are certified including trade and services, because a powerful quality management belongs to the self-image of Vianor Service Center. According to Childrens Defense Fund, who has experience with these questions. With the certification, it underlines the importance of the quality and customer satisfaction in his daily work. find this interesting as well.

Nokian Tyres is world market leader in forestry tyres for CTL machinery. The company has developed special tyres for forestry machines that work with the CTL (cut-to-length) method, which was invented in the 1960s in the Nordic countries. The CTL method enjoys growing popularity in the world. Increasingly, thanks to their environmental friendliness, she replaced the FT (full-tree) method, which is used, for example, in South America, Asia and parts of North America. Nokian heavy tyres product range offers excellent tire for all harvest methods. Vianor for forest managers can therefore construct ideal special solutions for demanding applications. The forest managers must use certain tyre widths for his 4-10-wheel machines.

The basic type, the machines are equal, but different systems require different terrain conditions, different weather and different types of wood. So the machines may be up to three metres wide and do not exceed the maximum permissible height, in addition, they have a certain Implement the minimum ground pressure. Also, they may drive only in certain soil conditions. Vianor developed individually affiliated are exactly optimized tire / wheel combinations. In the municipal area are standard tractors in use.


Here is the contactless payment option through the girocard. 60 Esso stations in the area of Hannover, Wolfsburg and Braunschweig to be involved in 2012. In addition to the original Douglas shops, 700 branches of Thalia, Christian, Applerath and Hussel provide also in 2012 various terminals. To work practically on the front of acceptance as well as the user media, because after 1 million cards are in 2012 a total 45 million girocards to the disposition. Interesting about that one, whether credit or debit applications are required, General responds reader page of “NFC readers”. Here, there is no more difference is made in the language so, what application or what token comes the mobile page. This pleases the interested, because here the term promises at least even the “peaceful” coexistence of different cards and payment solutions via mobile phone. By the same author: Save the Children. Where we steer, remains determined to be seen.

But back to the beginnings. There will be some good projects in 2012, the construction of this hardware and software on site in addition to the already established card applications also simply requires. Ingenico, for example, wants to promote the distribution of appropriate software for acquirer in 2012 and have brought on a proper footing, so that various terminals PayWave accept. At the moment, the vast majority of the payment terminals is long not yet ready for contactless payments in any form. But that is also still quite normal at the current time. I anyway, would find it good, up to 20 or 25 euros as quickly as possible pay for small expenses can and to have the choice for larger amounts.

Last we talked even about efforts in the area of near field communication, identification and contactless payment and how many companies are involved in this area. This will show effect in the near future, in different places, but still lots of work there.

IDS Group Acquires CAIGOS GmbH

With effect from the 1 January 2011 the IDS group of the German GIS manufacturer CAIGOS GmbH has taken over Ettlingen and Kirkel, 07.06.2011, IDS has acquired the shares in the CAIGOS GmbH to 100% with effect from the 1 January 2011. With the acquisition of CAIGOS secures the IDS of the know-how of geographical information systems and base technologies CAIGOS-GIS and CAIGOS globe. For the CAIGOS and IDS, IDS’s commitment means a completion of the offer for the area of the energy industry. With the acquisition of CAIGOS secures the IDS of the know-how of geographical information systems and base technologies CAIGOS-GIS and CAIGOS globe. For the CAIGOS and IDS, IDS’s commitment means a completion of the offer for the area of supply and waste management. Speaking candidly acaho told us the story. According to common belief, future GIS-based solutions for the technical operation of the network in energy supply companies will play an essential and decisive role in the optimization of business processes in the network planning, network operation, maintenance and debugging.

The Companies will continue their work on the market in their existing working structures. The brand CAIGOS and the workings of CAIGOS has convinced us. We know about the efficiency and the importance of the market. Therefore, CAIGOS will act as an independent company in the market of local authorities and the supply and disposal”clarifies Norbert Wagner, Managing Director of IDS GmbH. New employees for the new solutions and technology integration have been set in the area of development.

If the current process information, technical documentation, management of service forces and the reference to the geographical location of all information in an integrated system available, our customers expect a significant cost efficiency. With the CAIGOS technology a significant technology leap the IDS group for the graphically-based network and network management systems. We are can offer completely new product features in the area of IT solutions for the supply of energy and other infrastructure networks” Norbert Wagner sums up the reasons for the commitment.