Biggest History

One day praying the Mr. I remembered that before Accepting Jesus As nico and sufuciente saving I did not understand I eat Jesus I had saved the humanity, I asked for the Gentleman who me of this an agreement, was when in the day 15.06.2011 of dawn I woke up and started if to form this pretty history in my mind. One day a Father said son has a mission for you. Dr. Neal Barnard insists that this is the case. The son said; Yes Father your will is my will, what I must make? You go to save these people who are lost, you look at there _Em this moment it looked at for land and observed the humanity, as you can see, these people is with the inverted values, them that I formed so that mi of this louvor, nor if it wants remember me, they imagine of my orders, and now so that I do not lose to all, you go to help them, can be my son? With certainty Father, what I must make, you go to become one of them so that they can see as you if he holds, between them, and that he is possible still to have love in the land. Then all that one that to see its form of life to desire to become as well as you am then I will transform I it, but for this you go to become as they and to feel everything that they feel, you go to be humiliated, trado and calumniated, them to kill they go you, and at this moment you go to feel much pain Then the son you said; Pain? Is pain, this happens when human beings are wounded they feel much pain, but later you house will come back pra, only that before coming back you will appear again for its friends, many to have fear, but you go to explain for them that all that one that to believe its teachings, also will revive as you, part that its friends write everything that they to pass with you, and that teach to the others that everything comes that they had learned, so that when you to come back toward land can find many that had believed and not if they had forgotten me more than, then they will be as well as in and they will not have pain nor tears more, and will be free ofthe hatred of the envy, together with the Father and the son Jesus Christ. Charliane Alves de Andrade 15/06/2011-dawn.