Liposuction improves body appearance and increase confidence in himself, but never give rise to a perfect body. Because liposuction is a medical procedure, there are risks. Some of the complications that can occur with liposuction are: * Fluid imbalance due to the elimination of a large amount of fluid during liposuction and / or injection of large amounts of fluid during liposuction which can lead to shock , heart or kidney disease. * Infections happen after any surgery and some doctors prescribe an antibiotic to patients with liposuction and it is important to keep the wound clean. esting as well. Infections can be life threatening such as necrotizing fasciitis (bacteria that eat the tissue) or toxic shock syndrome caused by bacteria associated with surgery.

* Embolism occurs when tiny globules of fat trapped in the blood stream blocks the blood flow to tissues. This can cause permanent disability. The signs of pulmonary embolism are shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. * Drug reactions or overdose from lidocaine is fatal. Lidocaine is a medication that numbs the skin and large doses of this is used during liposuction. The effects of lidocaine are dizziness, agitation, drowsiness, slurred speech, muscle spasms and seizures. An overdose of this medicine may cause the heart to stop which is naturally mortal.

* Burns caused by the ultrasound probe during ultrasound assisted liposuction. * Visceral perforations or puncture wounds in the organs may require another surgery, and may be fatal. During liposuction, the doctor can not see where the tube (cannula) is, therefore possibly damaging the internal organs. * Death of the skin (skin necrosis) occurs when changing color and fall. This can also cause infection. * Paresthesia is an altered sensation at the site of liposuction. This may be in the form of increased sensitivity in the area or loss of sensitivity. Some cases of this are permanent. * Swelling * Death Since the surgery had no major complications, recovery from liposuction can be difficult. The operative area is larger than before, due to swelling. Special compression garments must be worn for two to three weeks to reduce swelling, bleeding and to help the new body contours. The patient begins to feel better after a week or two after liposuction. Walking is recommended after liposuction to prevent blood clots in the legs. Finally, exercise and diet will help maintain its new shape.

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At this point, people realize the toxicity of many substances that are widely used in cosmetics: lead (in particular – of white lead), mercury, zinc, arsenic, and cosmetics manufacturing passes into the hands of professionals. Cosmetics begins sold in special shops. It starts with the great age of Parisian perfumers. Century "Romanticism" came in the late 18 th century spawned a fashion for pain and pallor. While the men tried to appearance dandy, women excelled in getting the pallor on his face. Even goes so far that some podsinyali circles under the eyes with ink to make them more noticeable. Lip Make-up was considered extremely bad manners and a lot of actresses and prostitutes, and the only decent cosmetics were considered only what appeared Kolda-cream and glycerol. Of course, the real birth cosmetics industry occurred in the 20's the 20 th century with the development of chemistry.

Cosmetics has produced and sold en masse, but true muses cosmetics undoubtedly become a Hollywood star. It is through film Lipstick "Red Kiss" got her fabulous success in the 30's. Then the brothers Charles and Revzon Lechman invent resistant nail polish "Revlon Red" became popular far beyond the United States. Immediately to him in a couple of lipsticks manufactured with the same name. In the 40's cult makeup of Hollywood stars Max Factor launches the first line of foundation, which soon goes out of the cinema world – in Life on the street. Simultaneously, cosmetics packaging becomes the subject of attention and the work of designers. In the 70 years and decorative cosmetics is becoming more sophisticated due to micronization of color pigments and new soft texture. Appear water-resistant equipment.

In our time, in the new century and new millennium, life is unthinkable without makeup. Both women and men want to look fresh, young and beautiful at any age. Research in cosmetics are continuous, and modern cosmetics combines revolutionary progress with active ingredients and natural plant substances. Today, while caring for yourself – it presents pleasure, during which time as enjoyable as ever, combined with the useful.